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MuscleTech Cell Tech Reviews

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Muscletech CellTech provides 10 grams of HPLC-tested pure Creatine Monohydrate per serving! After ingestion of Creatine Monohydrate, the human body experiences a 50% creatine receptor-cite downgrade, peaking after approximately six hours. As a result, large does of Creatine (up to 10 grams) will need to be consumed over a period of time to maximize cellular uptake.

muscletech cell tech

Read our review of Muscletech Cell Tech here.



MuscleTech Cell Tech User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.8 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 46

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review program
Great January 31, 2011
Reviewer: Daniel H. from Columbia, Mo

I'm 17 and have have used this product for about 3 months, and I have gained 40Lbs on my bench from 205 to 245. This is one of the best products, but a very bad side effect is that you dont just want to quit using the prodoct right away or you will lose most of the gains made over the period of time, which this happened to me a while ago. Now i learned how to take care of my body and not just taking Cell-Tech. Great Product though!!!!

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creatine has risks January 19, 2010
Reviewer: Ryan from ohio

creatine can have great upsides and results but there are also risks.
my brother got a swollen liver and had to go to the hospital for it and they said the creatine did it over an amount of time.

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Toheed from Pakistan September 05, 2009
Reviewer: Toheed from Pakistan

hello to all my frnds what the fucking going on guys com on i advised u that cell-tech is a superb and unbeliveable mass give to you i think no one creatine in this world who compiled with cell-tech hardcore its amazing creatine BSN No Xplode is also good but i have tken size and shape only from cell-tech its my best,,,you guys tell in its alot of sugar its not sugar too much its the taste of chromium and pohsphors from me cell tech is best and a amazing size gainner in the world the guy who goes gym i advised to him take only cell tech hardcore with nitro-tech too..... thanks.............


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Muscle Tech's Cell Tech April 30, 2009
Reviewer: Matt from AL, USA

Hello, my name is Matt, I have just gotten back into working out sense i graduated from high school in 2007. Im now 20 years old and i am trying to back to the shape i was in when i played football, I tried alot of products that gave me moderate gains and got me back to what i did in high school but Cell Tech is the best by far i have tried. While on Cell Tech my max on bech jumped from 245 to an outstanding 285! in just over about a month and almost a half, and my squat jumped from about 425 to over 460, now i only weigh about 197lbs. so I would recomend if nothing has worked for you yet try cell tech by muscle tech, Thanks

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Super Hero Juice April 15, 2009
Reviewer: Smitty Suits from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, N.Y.

This product is great I dont have any of the post digestion problems gas or sh!ts. It taste great, and i don't feel any burning sensation. I've been on this product a week. my weight has gone up btw 3-5 lbs so far. I dont follow the instuctions on the label, the sales rep in GNC told me not to. Instead he told me to take it 30 mins pre workout. I drink a Muscle Milk post workout. My workouts are 1-2 hrs a day a minimum of 4-6 times a week. That does'nt include the days I play basketball and I ride a bike to my gym which is a total of 2.5 miles back and fourth. You cant drink this stuff and sit on your ass it won't work. I will update you guys in a month.

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Great Product February 27, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I used this for a 1.5 weeks and I have gained 8 lbs. I have also seen the amount I lift in the weight room increase. I am also drinking Myoplex protein shakes too. I started out with just myoplex and saw a couple of lb gain but with this product and myoplex the results are being seen a lot faster. I have the lemon lime and to me it tastes somewhat like gatorade, and i have not had any probelms with gas. This product is working great for me and cant wait to see my result in a month or two.

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Gas and Stomach Aches February 14, 2009
Reviewer: Superman from DC

I hated this product. Due to the high sugar content, I got a stomach ache and always had gas and diarrhea. Just buy regular creatine. Save your money.

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Loved it!! January 10, 2009
Reviewer: Slim from Louisville, KY

I took celltech months ago, and within a week I saw results. Not only did I see results but I gained as much as 9lbs. I only went through one cycle of the poduct and I have maintained the weight. A manager told me that the loading stage is not necessary, its just so you will go thru it quickly and buy more. I did it the first time so I wonder how my results are going to be this time. I am hoping to gain more muscle and lift more. But I absolutely love the results.

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ok product - not if you want to get big September 13, 2008
Reviewer: PRIME from UAE- DUBAI

This product was ok. it helped little bit but not good if you wanna get big and strong. its just acted as a normal creatine which you could buy 10 times much cheaper.

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Not Bad July 25, 2008
Reviewer: Toni tone from LA, Cali

Celltech is great and it will make u bigger and stronger. If ur a 150lb wisp and dunt work out regularly obviously ur not guna gain any size. You cant start out a workout routine taking supplements all your results will DISAPPEAR! If you go to the gym 3 times a week for 20 min and put in little girl workouts ur guna get nowere. Getn a nice cut body takes months of dedication and hardwork and an overall lifestyle change. I was working out for 5 months with basic whey protien before I used celltech. You should already be in shape before you even consider taking celltech if you want your results to stay. You should also keep in mind ur not guna become super ripped and huge from this product it will give u above average strength thats it. I took cell tech for one month and my size and strength are the exact same. Im 6'2" 190lb bench is 275lb 4-6 reps before I took cell tech I could bench 235lb 4-6 reps all my results have maintained constant because I workout 5 days a week and eat healthy. Its a simple formula so dunt blame a product that does its job for your laziness.

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cry babies April 14, 2008
Reviewer: Jk from wv

First people need to learn some bio chem. The product does what it does and results are going to vary. The sugar content of this product is ok because it helps to push the creatine into the muscle. It also helps push additional nutrients into the muscle that with a good diet should be consumed. Carbohydrates are sugars and your body deals with them in the same way. The difference is in rate of metabolism and insulin production. If you eat 15grams of sugar and wheat bread containing 15 carbs. Your body will respond with a higher insulin spike with the sugar than with the carbs in the wheat bread. This is because the complex carbs are slower to digest and do not produce and insulin spike. YOu need a good insulin spike to fuel muscle.

Post work out is when the majority of carbs should be ingested. 15min to 2 hours post work out. NO difference than eating a bunch of fruit. I encourage increasing protein at the same time.

I personally ingest 145gm of carbs post work out. Including 30grams protein pre workout and at least 40 grams post workout and maintain 1gm of protein per/lb of body weight in my diet or above.

Yes this product is expensive However noting good is easy or cheap. So big tough weight lifters quit crying and get lifting. Modest weight gains will occur with this product but once you stop you will drop some weight because of water loss. However Creatine does this. The truth is that in independent research. You do gain muscle because of increased reps and workout intensity

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Results February 08, 2008
Reviewer: JR from Texas

I gained 1.6 pounds the first week and 2.4 the second, a total of 4.0 pounds in two weeks with no loading stage and only half a dose with only upper body workouts.

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Waste of money January 07, 2008
Reviewer: Ididitwontdoitagian from fl

I used celltech for a month and i had weight and strength gains threw the roof,but as soon as i stopped taking it all of it went away.When i say all i mean all.i went from 165 to 185 my benching went from 185 to 255,now i am back at square 1!!If you have the money to take this for about 5months then i dont know but as far as the common person its not worth it.

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it was ok January 06, 2008
Reviewer: Ran from New Jersey

ive taken it a couple of times and ive seen some change in my body but not much. my biceps have gotten tigher and my bench went up a couple of reps. it has given me some zits on my face and idk about you guys but when i sweat it makes me stink alittle bit more lol. i would say buy some other stuff

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Decent Results, Not Worth $80 September 05, 2007
Reviewer: Matt from Wash DC

I paid $80 bucks for Cell Tech Hardcore, (6.7) pounder and took it for a couple months (over the summer June-August) and I wasn't taking it religiously or anything. A lot of times I would forget to take it, but when I did I could feel the difference.

I stacked it with GNC no name whey protein and it worked pretty well. It wasn't a miracle powder or anything but over the course of the summer it helped my muscles regroup after a workout and made it so I could work 3-4 days in a row.

I would work out in the morning, and then go to work (working on cars 9-10 hrs a day) and I was still able to go to the gym the following morning, I was lifting more at the end of the summer without having a spot on bench or anything.

Unless you can find this stuff for like $30 I wouldn't fork out the dough for it. It works like it says it does, but if you're gonna spend like $240 over the course of a few months on just this, you might as well go buy some steroids.

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It's a joke September 01, 2007
Reviewer: Iron Fist from Gym

Don't use this product, no change, no nothing, not to mention the price is sky high!!

Better get kre alkalyn, it works, period!

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Cell Tech "Hardcore" Review August 08, 2007
Reviewer: Mike F. from Niagara, Ontario

Whats going on people;

I have been currently taking Cell Tech Hardcore for 4 days now and honestly, it kicks some ass. I've used regular Monohydrate, and even BSN's Cell Mass (CRAP... the whole taking a dose after a workout, then not until another 6-8 hours later is extremely difficult if you have a busy schedule) So far I can say that Cell Tech delivers as far as muscle recovery, I rarely have any muscle soreness the next day, feel great after taking it (ex. no upset stomach, GREAT taste... and hell I don't get that burning sensation like the older Cell Tech) I here people saying that 75 grams of Dextrose is way to much, but after an intense weight training session, it is essential to consume those "fast carbs" A.S.A.P. (Just pound some Whey back 20 mins after the Cell Tech)

Anyways, I'll give another update in 2 weeks after using this, as for now I'll only give it 4 stars. Remember people.. there's no such thing as a miracle powder or pill.. so without proper nutrition, adequate rest, strict training don't expect supplements to work on there own..and/or overnight.


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Cell-Tech...not too good July 21, 2007
Reviewer: Scottie 2 Hottie from Seattle, WA USA

I didn't like results! I highly recommend getting bsn's No-xplode and cell mass for amazing gains.

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Diabetes June 09, 2007
Reviewer: Dr. Adrian D. Thomason from New York City

I just purchased cell tech from my local GNC (it was on sale for 15.99 off the 30 dollar price tag so what better time to buy), As I read through the reviews of it I am surprised at how many people rate it negatively because of the sugar content and risk of becoming diabetic, I am a practicing neurologist and through I do not specialize in diabetes and such diseases, what I do know is that most scientific research indicates that diabetes is not caused by a diet high in sugar, though obesity is, and diets high in sugar can and do lead to obesity, but I am assume we are all bodybuilders here and that prospect shouldn’t be too much of a worry

So, taking cell tech will not increase your chance of becoming diabetic, However, I am not advocating diets high in sugar as they are unhealthy but there is a method in the cell techs high sugar content as it ‘forces’ an insulin peak which leads to greater absorption of creatine, It certainly is worth a try!

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Doesnt Work May 23, 2007
Reviewer: Furiousracer313 from Dallas, TX

It doesnt work!! its water weight when u get off it u will lose all of it!!!!!!!!

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sugar content May 10, 2007
Reviewer: Arnold from ontario

the sugar content in the cretine per scoop is not a bad dose at all it helps transfer the creatine in to your muscles for use other wise it just sits there and gives you a stomach cramp. if you read the sugar content in any of the juice or pop you drink you will come to a conclusion that everything except for milk and water has from 60 - 80 grams of sugar. you can take this very safely just get your vitamins from other sources rather then apple juice ... and stop drinking pop.

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Cell-Tech Review: Part 1 March 18, 2007
Reviewer: "The Dripper" from Brick, NJ

OK, here's the skinny on Cell-Tech.

I've been training for 25 years and decided to give Cell-Tech a try. A buddy of mine told me it is just basically Dextrose and Creatine and would be better off making my own. I.e., don't waste your money he told me. He bought his own Dextrose, Cool-Aide and plain old Creatine.


I'm gonna give this an honest review.

I'm coming to the end of my fist cycle (6 weeks on, 2 weeks off).

I have noticed massive strength gains and minimal fatigue when I am training, including huge pumps. So much so I have never felt in my life! Also recovery time seems a lot quicker. Never had any diarrhea. As far as the bloating, I'll see if I really am bloated when I come off my first cycle. There is no real barometer to compare it to since this is my first time cycling Cell-Tech.

I like all the extra little ingredients Cell-Tech adds that gives it a synergistic effect that the home made version doesn't have.

I'm gonna spend some time experimenting with different products this time around and post honest reviews as they work or not for me.

I bought a couple of bottles of Creatine Ethyl Ester, which I'm gonna try next. There is no loading phase and with the ethyl ester molecule attached, it is suppose to break the barrier and be more readily absorbed by the muscles.

But Cell-Tech is expensive. I can't believe some places are actually charging $70 bucks. I can get this at a place near me for $48. Still expensive for about a 30 day supply. And which is probably the reason I won't buy it again even if it does work. Too expensive!! Are you listening Muscle-Tech ?!?!?! I'll be forced to make my own home made concoction for a whole lot cheaper.

I mean are these pinheads for real. What person can afford that month in and month out. And I was love these bodybuilders that take this and all this other crap and then suggest we do the same, except we don't have sponsors to mail us this stuff for free.

Anyway, the real test would be when I do my cycle of Ethyl Ester and even when I try plain old Creatine with grape juice. So look for another post by me in a few months.

In closing, give it a try, but the cost is gonna kill you.

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RIP OFF March 14, 2007
Reviewer: Chris from rockford,il

Creatine Monohydrate is terrible, causes bloating, needs insulin to be effectively stored...Too bad insulin cant go where theres no insulin receptors, ie) the large intestine) thats why u need 10 grams of this crap, to be able to store less than half. Anybody would be better off going with one of the new forms of creatine, such as ethyl ester, or akg.....Basically muscletech took creatine monohydrate added 75g of sugar and other additives and quadrupled the price

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explosive March 14, 2007
Reviewer: Bob from cambridge england

cell tech works very well & even better stacked with nitro tech.always take nitro tech at lunch if you train at tea time & then take cell tech after you work out & then nitro tech 1 hr after that & if you dont gain at least3-4 lbs of muscle a week then you either dont train hard or your just one of those unlucky people who dont grow.not saying all muscle tech is the best but cell & nitro-tech stack is the best on the planet

as ive spent hundreds trying others ,im just about to try the creakic,leukic & gakic stack for 15 days expecting 6 -8 lbs ill keep you informed.i know its all expensive but you need to pay for fast results or wait a couple of years

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Started with just NITRO now giving the Cell/Nitro a try March 06, 2007
Reviewer: Karl S from Geneva IL

A started just taking the NitroTech, a 2lb chocolate tub, and went through it in about 3 weeks and saw some definate results, people said I look much bigger since wrestling season which was 3 weeks ago. Than I heard that Nitro with the Cell tech is even better and better results, so of ocurse I want to get even bigger and I tryed CellTech with the Nitro. Of course havent seen results yet but ill keep updating. Also I took celltech before I worked out and Nitro After si this right????

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cell tech February 05, 2007
Reviewer: Chilla from pa, usa

fills your muscles with water and results its really expensive

6 of 9 people found this review helpful
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pretty good results January 19, 2007
Reviewer: Eric from Pennsylvania

This supplement really helped my workouts greatly. In taking it I gained about 6 pounds in the first two weeks. The gains were in lean muscle, and I noticed that it allowed me to work out much longer. As far as cramps etc. I didn't experience too much of this as long as I stayed well hydrated. I can't say that I've tried any other creatine supplements to compare this one to, but I know plenty of other people who have tried other brands of creatine with poor results. The amount of sugar found in it is pretty rediculous though.

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Did nothing. January 12, 2007
Reviewer: Shawn Ta Life from STL

Not very good. Alot of sugar, no increase in weight or size, and looked bloated. I would suggest BSNs Cell Mass for a creatine. Gained about 5 pounds the first week.

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Looking bigger January 09, 2007
Reviewer: Complacent from LA

I've been a big muscletech fan for about 7 years now. I recently quit drinking cell tech. I cycled it through the years 4 weeks on, 4-6 weeks off. I've been off of it now for about 3 months. I have noticed an incredible increase in the amount of weight I can lift. I've also noticed a decrease in size of muscles. I won't be taking cell tech again...might be better to take some capsules. The bloated feeling, diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea, and overall sick feeling while drinking cell tech is not enough motivation to look bigger. And noone on the face of this earth (aside from being crazy) can tell me it's healthy to ingest that much sugar at once with an insulin mimicker. Really, sit down and think about what you're doing to your body. Hey diabetes here I come.

3 of 5 people found this review helpful
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Reviewer: Brendan from Denver, CO

There are so many people saying, "It's just sugary carbs blah blah blah". I guess you don't read the label and see that it is DEXTROSE,next best kind of sugar/carbs to glucose (which is impossible to mimic)that you can get after a workout to give you an extreme insulin spike that you need after a workout to push the creatine into your muscle. This is good for a monohydrate, but if you don't want to bulk and then loose results (size- mainly water retention, not strength) take a gluconate or ester, personal opinion, but if your looking mass and stregth take this stuff with a good protein and NO. I love the guy from the U.K. who has worked with dancers... well if dancers don't use this I sure don't want to... keep lifting hard and do your research!

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Repost to Zaid Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan December 02, 2006
Reviewer: Deal from usa

you should be takeing it after work outs that is most proteins recommend useage after work outs.

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any one notice a slight feeling of bloating December 02, 2006
Reviewer: Deal from usa

i usally take cell tech during the winter months and no explode before the summer for awsome results but i feel bloated when im on cell tech just wondering if any one else feels the same.

3 of 5 people found this review helpful
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in response to your question... September 14, 2006
Reviewer: Michael from California

in my personal opinion..i would say dont take the cell-tech at all because first of all, it has A LOT of sugar. and too much sugar can lead to diabetes. i would say just take the Nitro-Tech right after your workout for now and see how that works.

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Need help September 14, 2006
Reviewer: Zaid Hasan from Karachi, Pakistan

I just turned 16 at 122 pounds. I just bought Nitro-tech and op 100% protien. I dont know whether I should take it before the workout or after the workout. And should I combine Nitro-tech with cell-tech or n-t with cell-tech. Or get the muscle tech small creatine. I am confused with combinations

12 of 16 people found this review helpful
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Ok... Just ok... April 16, 2006
Reviewer: Ben Norris from CA

Ive been taking cell tech stacked with nitro tech for three weeks now and Ive seen some pretty decent gains, Ive gone up on bench 20 lbs which is more than twice the results I was getting before I started taking it. As far as side effects, there are no side effects whatsoever, I even took a serving right before bed and slept like a baby, after all its just creatine. The only thing though, is that it has a lot of suger, 70 grams which is very hard on your pancreas, and might lead to diabetes. In addition, with all that sugar comes carbs, lots of carbs, hhich is exactly why I have switch to cellmass. It uses Ethyl Ester Creatine instead which uses a different delivery system than the Creatine monohydrade cell tech uses, which is why it contains no sugar and has 1/5 the calories that cell tech has and you dont have to worry about becoming a diabetic.

18 of 19 people found this review helpful
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Cell-tech really does work November 10, 2005
Reviewer: TA from Elizabeth,NJ

Cell-Tech is excellent. I gained significant gains in the first week alone. Many people talk about the water retention which does occur especially in the first week of loading. I would recommend some cardio exercises to prevent this. After the first week I noticed larger but softer muscles. But I definently was impressed with the results especially when you stack it with Nitro-tech. My muscles were larger and more defined.

One thing you have to remember though is that this product contains a large amount of sugar, so you should intensify your cardio and ab workouts since the first place it settles is your lower ab region. The price tag is high so its best to buy in bulk when its on sale. I paid around $40.00 for the 7lb tub. If you dont want to deal with the water retention, then you can get a form of CEE. I would recommend CE2. However, I feel it doesnt give you the same gains as Cell-Tech. I also dont recomend the homemade version of Cell-Tech. Its way more to it.

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IT WORKS BUT......... October 20, 2005
Reviewer: Hassan Ali from Mandal,Norway

I am 23 and working out on and off for about 3 years.Along the way i have tried many food supplements and one of them is CELL-TECH.I heard a lot about it from mags and internet sites thanks to Muscletechs hugh advertising campeign.First of all its realy expensive and when you pay that amount of money you expect the world from a food supplement.For me it has to taste good as well but that i cant say about CELL-TECH.Infact its tastes like shit.I can understand the burning sensation that i feel every time i drink it[alphaliopic acid]but what i cant understand is why the hell it tastes so poorly.I have bought the orange flavour both times i used it and belive me if oranges tastes that bad then i would have stoped eating oranges all together but does it works?YES IT DOES!my streanth and body mass both go up imediatly after only using it for 1 week and that is something i cant say about many other food supplements.The thing is if only they could make it taste drinkable,i would have given it 5 stars and a hearty recomandation but now all i could say is buy it if you need fast results and have the money but try tasting it first.

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The worlds biggest skeptic October 15, 2005
Reviewer: Shadi from Toronto

I've been ignoring the muscletech products hype for a few years now, I read some books and always believed in the cell-tech formula (10grams of creatine+75 grams of dextrose) , I never thought it was worth paying the high price tag so I just bought both seperately and mixed them in my shaker after my work outs along with 2 scoops of protein, anyways while I was on vacation I bought a small tub of cell-tech and another of nitrotech, I am very lean and averaged less than 8% body fat for over 2 years now, I have to admit that using the stack made a big difference in terms of Mass, I already drink over 1 gallon a day so I never had the bloating problem some people complain off, I gained a little less than 5 pounds in a 8 weak period, to me this is a lot given by body fat, I know that is probably mostly water retention however I don't feel that I have lost any definition, I am still very cut and very pleased with my results, this product works, the biggest and only problem I have with it is the outragouse price tag. Again don't try to buy creatine, glucose and alpha-lipoic acid and mix them on your own like I did for 2 years , lol, you won't see the same results.

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Creatine October 12, 2005
Reviewer: Derek M from Indiana

I have just started taking a creatine supplement, and I chose Cell-Tech. I have done alittle research and have noticed some side effects include upset stomach, and diarria. For the past few days I have had both of these. Also I have excercise induced asthma, and tonight when I ran (about 2 weeks after started taking) I was incredibly out of breath. My recovery time for my breathing was alot worse and I was breathing much harder. Is creatine right for me since I already show 2 possible side effects? Also does creatine induce asthma effects?

6 of 7 people found this review helpful
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Reviewer: Alex. from UK

First off, let me just say other than holding a degree from the UK's top Sports Uni and now a Masters I have worked with some of the best and most sucessful dancer and athletes in the world......and none of them use this.

Look before you buy please read what it is your putting in you. This overhyped and overpriced junk is just a simple carb, i.e. sugar (and too much sugar at that), creatine and an insulin mimicker, ALA.

Just go to the health food store and pay their ridiculous prices for a bag of dextrose, creatine and the superior r-ala and you hace already saved cash. Do your research on the web and you will beable to make it for at LEAST a third of the price for cell tech. Why pay for Muscletech's marketing? You tell me. The previous reviews are either:

1. Ill-informed

2. Mad

3. Work for Muscletech

Thank-you for reading an honest review, I hope I have save you money. A.

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Is it hype or is it fact? May 08, 2005
Reviewer: Erik from Madison, WI

I am a competing natural bodybuilder, and had just competed nationally and was obviously ready to experiment with this self-proclaimed "miracle" supplement. I had previously taken regular creatine with grape juice, but did not gain muscle mass, but I did realize a small increase in power- although regular training without the creatine might have had similar results. At the time of my show I weighed 187 with 3% bodyfat. So, obviously, eating as I did in the off-season would sky rocket my weight. I took cell-tech two weeks after my show, and realized a 4 pound increase, and after 8 weeks my weight is now 205 stripped.

But granted the pros and the CONS..

Pros: Obviously I power-train a lot, to break plateaus and also for diversity, but my lifts went up dramatically. Example: I can easily rep 85 pound dumbells for shoulder press, but had previously been stuck at 75 for quite some time.

Cons: After a few weeks the water retention kicked in to full gear. I'm 205 solid right now, but my arms feel like water balloons and the definition is lacking due to the creatine's need for water. Many bodybuilders love the feeling of being huge in the off-season, but I always yearn for the leanness I have pre-contest; but obviously I know that taking creatine will, to a degree, make your definition less visible. But this is merely my opinion, I have seen others on cell-tech that retain their definition from pre-contest training.

Why doesn't it work for others??

Well, frankly, creatine will work for those with a naturally low creatine phosphate level. I have taken tests that measure my CPL's and it is quite low; and being an ectomorph has always been hard- due to slow muscle gains. Most likely the people that post--"Cell-tech is *#$#" are not immediately aware of the current creatine phosphate levels in their body, and the others will gladly share their progress with you knowing that their body is suited perfectly for the supplement.

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FAST RESULTS...leaves others in the dust! April 01, 2005
Reviewer: Michael Brolin from Vermont

I'm 20yrs old and I began using CELL-TECH in conjuction with Nitro-Tech at 18yrs old when other creatine supplements simply produced no results. I was already in a regular weight training routine but couldn't get past my 135lb body weight and mediocre muscle gains. After using both supplements in ONLY 3 WEEKS I EXPLODED TO 155lbs and gained substantial muscle definition and strength!!! But this is the part that sold me on future purchases of this product is the fact that I stopped using the supplements for almost a year (financial issues) and I never lost any of my gained weight or muscle mass.

My recommendation on flavors are:

Cell-Tech: either Lime or Fruit Punch, both quite tolerable in taste and ingestion intensity. I never tried orange but I hear its very intense to ingest, probably because of citrus acid.

Nitro-Tech: Chocolate because the strawberry tastes like an antibiotic and the vanilla was too bland, besides anything chocolate tastes good.

Hope this helps all as good as it did for me!

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It actually works January 19, 2005
Reviewer: Matt from USA

I've been lifting for about a year and a half and I finally hit a plateau on bench press. I'm the skinny guy who only weighs 165 pounds. I began eating right and lifting with different techniques, although I couldn't get passed my embarrassing bench press of repping 155. I looked at cell-tech and began using it. I only used two scoops after a work out and one scoop on off days. Immediately after one week I noticed some big gains. I was amazed at the results and just wanted to lift some more. My bench went up to repping 175. I'm the guy who doesn't have any patients and when others say it will work for you(me) it doesn't. Cell-tech definitely has worked and I'm very happy with my gains.

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Pure crapola! December 07, 2004
Reviewer: DAN from Phoenix

Total joke, Only sells because of thier ads to the neophytes. Pure sugar the only weight you gain is from water and fat.

Go with pure creatine...ANY other brand and mix it in a protien shake.

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creatine transporter - insulin November 12, 2004
Reviewer: OJ from San Luis Obispo, CA USA

Cell tech is a very solid creatine because of the high glycemic index sugars it contains (dextrose). I used this product when it first came out and I still think it is one of the better creatines out there. The reason why is because of the amount of sugar and creatine in this formula. You can't go wrong with 75g's of dextrose and 10 g's of creatine monohydrate. Anyways, its a bit pricey and you can get the same results from buying regular creatine monohydrate, dextrose, and alpha lipoic acid. I would recommend this creatine if you have tons of cash to dish out, but if you're on a budget, you can definately go with EAS's phosphogen HP which is a cheaper alternative, or just make it your self. Hope this helps you guys.

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Cell tech results November 04, 2004
Reviewer: Rugbyhaka from USA

This is about cell-tech since lots of people are into taking it nowadays. My experience has been similar to that of those posted by others, but overall here are my pros and cons:


gained about 6-8 pounds the first week I was on it (obviously some was water weight b/c I was drinking a hell of a lot to flush it through my system). Faster recouperation time, less soreness after heavy workouts. Found myself able to get that extra rep in as well during final sets. I did see some gains in the gym as far as weight goes, but what was cell-tech and what was natural I don't know, b/c I wasn't really at a plateu in my workout.


Pissed my brains out while I was on it, due mostly to the amounts of water I drank to flush the cell-tech through my body. Too sweet, almost disgustingly sweet unless you use a ton of water to mix with it. After about a month and a half it started to burn my throat every time I would drink it. Stay away from the orange flavor at all costs, fruit punch is actually alright.


Do I think it works: yes, I have never tried regular creatine before so I cannot compare the two in effectiveness, but if you have the money to do it, i'd say go for it. Maybe it just turned my stomach, it may not do the same for everyone else. I'm getting ready to start using MHP's TRAC creatine so we'll see how that goes, and if it is just a bunch of hype then i'll probably go either to monohydrate or back to cell-tech.

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