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Sensa Weight Loss Reviews

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Sensa is a new method of weight loss that is designed to help you overcome the biological urge to overeat - thus helping you reduce your calorie consumption and lose weight. Sensa claims its weight loss formula is based on 25 years of research and testing. Sensa is sprinked on to your food that makes you feel full faster. Sensa has been tested in a 6 month study involving over 1400 men and women, and was found to be effective in promoting weight loss.

Sensa Weight Loss Reviews User Reviews
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Number of Reviews: 32

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review program
Sensa works for me. December 14, 2012
Reviewer: Kathy from Fresno .CA. USA

I edited this once and lost it so I am sorry for the missed grammars.eI purchased a 2 month trial from the Sensa Web site. I was so pleased with losssing 10 pouonds in 4 weeks that I purchased the New Years Special from the web site by phone. The girl was very helpful and she did not have a probllem with me sending back emptyies and getting me the best deal for the interent price, on the phone. I am very pleased with the ease, I have given and recommonded this product to several of my friends. I told a girl at the store about it , she happens to be a personal home fitness and nutrition trainer. I did not tell her I was an RN. She told me Sensa is like Rat poison. I said how do you know that? She said it was really bad and binds the intestines. I asked her how is that like rat poison? ( Rat poison is a lethal does of blood thinner. ) I Asked her how she thought rat poison and sensa were really the same. She says "Well not Rat posion but it is bad for your body." I asked how is it bad? She said it binds your interstines... and that FDA has not evaluated it yet and in 10-30 years they may find it does something bad to you. I am thinking Ok???? I worked in surgery for 10 years, I worked in stomach and colon, endoscopy for 3 years, I will just talk to my physcicans and look in the Journal of gastroenterolgy for any problems they has seen due to Sensa use. I found nothing on the use of Sensa and it's effects on the human intestines. Look up "Olfactory Bulb" on wikipedia. Sensa tell this bulb in your nose your Done eating. And it make sense and I believe it is safe.

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Doesn't Live Up to the Hype July 29, 2012
Reviewer: Sharon from Hutchinson, KS USA

Wanting to lose between 10-20 lbs and not having a lot of will power, I thought Sensa sounded right for me. I really do not load my plate, and only occasionally eat dessert. Using Sensa made me feel extremely full AFTER eating my very reasonably sized meal...too late for appetite control, unless you consider that I wouldn't have dessert after the meal. To address another review, though, it did not affect the flavor of my food. It sounds like the crummy customer service would be enough to discourage a potential customer anyway.

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She works for Sensa May 27, 2012
Reviewer: Bob Pates from Tucson, AZ

She obviously has something to do with Sensa. Folks there's only 3 ways to Lose BodyFat:
1) Good Eating Habits
2) Strength Training (build lean muscle)
3) Cardio 9no more than 45 min/day)

There's no magic pill, pwder, machine or life coach. Good ole hard work folks. Thank you.
Bob P
Personal Trainer and Running Coach

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Reviewer: Anna from USA

Sensa is the biggest disappointment I have ever bought... and believe me I have shopped online and over the phone PLENTY!, not only did the product have no effect on me whatsoever, but the customer service was the worst! In their so called "Free Trial" I ended up paying S&H for the product to get here, not work and then postage to send it back and in the end they charged me for the product anyway!!! It was the biggest HOAX... You know, the fact that I got scammed out of my money isn't even what saddens me the most, but the disrespect they showed me, just because I no longer wanted to be a costumer, shows how much they are just out to make a quick buck and have no regard for people who are genuinely looking for solutions and not more problems... I rated this a half star only because it will not let me submit my comment with NO STARS at all.

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November 16, 2011
Reviewer: Gloria from Chicago, IL

Whew!..........glad I read all these negative reviews. I will not put myself thru all the misconceptions with a company like this. Save your money - cut down on food by yourself. Once a company like this has your cc number or your debit card, it's really difficult to stop them from billing you.

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Wouldnt buy from the website October 20, 2011
Reviewer: Jana from The beautiful Pacific NW

Yeah, I don't like the idea of getting 'roped' into some auto pay deal under the guise of it being a "FREE" trial. Where I come from free means: 'you don't have to pay for it'. Soooo since I am going to Maui Dec 1st and I need to lose 50 lbs. total, I decided to get it on Ebay. No rebilling, half the price and if it helps me shed the fat? Great...if not- Meh, it was worth a try and won't cause me any extra stress in the long run.

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Satisfied September 26, 2011
Reviewer: Lauren McLean from St. Louis, MO USA

I am actually having success with Sensa (and NO - I don't work in the company). If you do what it says, eat slowly and pay attention to when you feel full, you really eat SO far less. I feel like I've had gastic bypass lol. A friend of mine is going to be starting soon because she's seen what it's doing for me. Now the whole billing thing worries me a little. No problems there (or at least yet-fingers crossed).
I do want to clear up some misconceptions people have started out here tho. 1st: The MSG thing-this product could not have MSG because I'm allergic and I'm not dead (but MSG is in SO much food now, so please don't say that it's such a "dangerous chemical". 2nd: there is no "bitter taste" (unless you pile on a thick layer which you aren't supposed to). And then to Ms. Brusen: My blood pressure has not budged at all - and it most definitely does not raise the heart rate. I have MVP - I can not and will not take products that raise my heart rate. I showed the ingredients to my cardiologist before I even started - he had no problems. And I have had a stroke in the past - there is no risk here!!! People - please don't be the hypochondriac and bring everyone else down with you. And risk of cancer, OMG LMAO - and what brought you to that conclusion I wonder. Now the bleeding due to this - that is impossible... not only did my cardiologist look at it (which bleeding is a real issue for me so I can't take things that thin the blood) but my primary care physician did too. Again, there is nothing in this that could cause those kind of issues. Just everyone remember that some people have previous medical issues that cause problems and they will assume that it's the new product that is doing it. But if there is anyone that couldn't take something that would cause a stroke, chance heart problems, or bleeding internally etc - that would be me ... and I got the go ahead from more than one physician.

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Gave me Hope September 23, 2011
Reviewer: Disappointed from Southern region of the U.S

Sensa gave me hope for an alternative rather than taking diet supplements. I saw an ad for sensa on the internet, so I went to the site to check it out, and hearing that it was on different media outlets such as CNN and people magazine and that Patty Stinger from Millionaire matchmaker lost 20 pounds with it made me more intrigued with the products, after receiving the product in the mail, I tried it one day and realized I rather take a pill rather than this, reading the back of the package I realized that I was consuming 75 additional calories on top what I was already consuming in food, plus eating anything I wanted and just added this seasoning was too good to be true. That being said I switched to Lipo 6X which received excellent reviews and seems to be working. I am glad that I didn't waste my time on sensa, also I found in the terms and conditions that keeping the free two month supply that they give you for more than 30 days you are signing up for a $89.99 fee to be taken off your debit card every 60 days for the use of this product.

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Thanks for the warning about sensa and high blood pressure! September 16, 2011
Reviewer: N. Green from St. Louis, MO USA

Thanks for the warning about sensa and high blood pressure!. I have high blood pressure and very, very cautious about taking weight loss products. Especially the ones that you cannot return or get your money back! I was so tempted to try sensa but something kept holding me back. I tried a weight loss product before and my nose started bleeding everyday without any warning. It was very frightening. After reading this review, I know for certain that Sensa is not for me. Thanks!

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Awful Stuff!!! August 19, 2011
Reviewer: Annonymous from New Jersey USA

I ordered Sensa and found it bitter (ruined the food)and tasted like medicine.
I tried to cancel the order (billed me 89.95) and sat on hold for 20 minutes for 3 days until someone finally picked up. When I wanted to return the order, they said I had to do it within 30 days or no credit. However, if you read the bill it says you have 30 days to cancel your order, nothing about returns.
I asked for the corporate mailing address to write a letter and they said to look on their web-site and the mailing address is on the bottom of the page. OF course, it is not an address you can write to! No street address, etc. The whole thing is terrible!!!
Awful customer service!!!

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it sounds like it sucks August 15, 2011
Reviewer: Lisa from chicago ill usa

I thought about geting it but after reading the things, hell no. I weighed in at 160. and went on weight watchers, that I got the books on e-bay, and followed it to a tee, I now weigh in at 150 I lost that much in a month. I would just say work out. I work out at home everyday with gilad, I do a alrubic and a sculpt exersize that only cost me 20.00 I would say if you stick to what you wat and exersize tou will look great,

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Caution June 23, 2011
Reviewer: Cheryl F S from Fontana,Cali

I already have hBP & would not want to be subject to risk of stroke.I will continue to lose weight the old fashion way although it may require a little physical actions. Only trying to stay 10 lbs lighter. 5"6 160 but prefer 150 to minimize health problems from increasing.44 yrs of age & just want to lose stomach roll/bulge. I hold it n when I walk by habit.
Thanks a bunch for educating us about the unknown.
Very helpful review,,

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Sensa Side Effects and Double S&H Issues April 16, 2011
Reviewer: Charlene Brusen from Deltona, FL USA EST

Ordered Sensa through an insert from a national contest mailout. Called in and ordered the 60-day trail for $7.95 S&H. Was immediately billed double S&H with one box delivered in about a week, and due $89.95 within 30days (auto-debit). Product tastes bitter (product taste soon dominates all other flavors in the sinus), sprinkles go everywhere (only shaker option and should be able to dip). Side effects for me are sneezing, dry throat and nasal passages, product bitter taste that will not leave, lightheadedness, increase in blood pressure enough to cause night sweats and awaken with need of Tylenol or similar product to slow the heart rate. Feel strangely that this product may have a cancerous effect on the sinus with long-term use, or perhaps increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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Bad side effects and lies March 23, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous from USA

My experience with Sensa has been a drama. I started out losing some weight at first but having stomach issues, constipation, headaches, naseau and eventully bleeding from the bowels. After 2 trips to the ER for stomach and bleeding issues the Dr. convinced me it was sensa. when I tried to question the company I was told the products in sensa were safe, found in regular foods and there was nothing that could have caused my issues eben though I found others with the same complaints. Yet when I researched the known ingredients I found a list of effects like the ones I had plus, increased thirst(dehydration)decreased appetite(suppresent) MSG (which they deny)$25,000 in medical bill later I am no longer using sensa and although I lost a little weightin the first couple of weeks eventually that it stopped working at all! The company is horrible to their customers. The online community is the absolute worse with lies and tricks to keep people buying and using the product. I hope no one ends suffering down the road from this product. I think it is dangerous.

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February 20, 2011
Reviewer: Lilly from Novi, Michigan

After reading the reviews on this site and the problems with customer service, shipping, and the whole mess, I won't be ordering. These people are not "crybabies" as one review said ( probably written by a Sensa employee) but people with a legitimate gripe.

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second month on Sensa January 27, 2011
Reviewer: Lora Deitrick from Geneseo, Illinois USA

I did some research and ordered Sensa by the month from GNC on line. My first month I just learned to sprinkle everything, even sweets. I found I ate less in the evenings, which is a problem for me. First month I lost six pounds without changing anything.I reordered and am starting on the second month. I have added smelling my food up close after I sprinkle it and that may help it work faster. I can see where an emotional eater or fast eater would have results slower unless you can remember to hold off on big portions for 20 minutes or so. It has helped me. How, I'm still not sure. I have had no side effects at all. I will see how my weight loss looks at the end of this month. Six pounds is six pounds!!!! I had a doctor at church look it over and she saw nothing in it to hurt you at all.

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What chemicals are in this stuff? January 27, 2011
Reviewer: Louise from Florida, USA

Why aren't the ingredients listed? The complaints of headaches lead me to believe it contains MSG, a popular flavor enhancer that is actually a dangerous chemical. It is found in many pre packaged foods, but not in this large an amount. Prepared meals (diet or reg), canned soups, and fast food are the worst.
Truth be known, there is no easy way out to weight loss. Increase energy output (excercise) and decrease energy input (calorie consumption). Stick with healthy whole foods, drink water (at least an equal amount to any other beverages, ie, one glass water for every cup of coffee, beer, tea, juice etc. Do not drink soda. Veggies and Fruit should be your mainstay, along with lean protein like fish, chicken etc. Eat well, drink water, live healthy. The only intelligent way to lose weight. It IS worth the effort. :)

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Haven't Tried December 23, 2010
Reviewer: Ritu from USA - CA

Hi, I just ordered Sensa, and your right they did send me a bill of $89 if I choose to use it more than a month. When i called them and asked them to cancel the order since it was expensive, the lady directly reduced the price to $45 for 2 months. Now I am thinking why did I even take the product. Even if I go on a normal GM diet i lose atleast 4 kgs a week. I am not sure if this works in the first place. Still debating if I should return it now or 2 weeks later.

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SENSA IS A SCAM December 22, 2010
Reviewer: TAMMY from TEXAS


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Sensa is a Scam! December 03, 2010
Reviewer: D. Rowan from Spokane, Washington, USA

I ordered Sensa from their website. It was one of those special deals. I read the fine print to be sure I wasn't signed up for an auto-ship program, and when I saw that it was a one-time purchase, I bought it.

The product arrived, but immediately upon using it, I got horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. After several times of this, I decided to not use it anymore. About a month after my purchase, $89.95 was debited from my account. I cancelled immediately, but they will not refund my money.

They are a horrible company to work with and their product doesn't work. Snake oil-type product and in 2010 no less! NEVER buy this!

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It's Working for Me November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Janice from Cartersville, GA

I am currently on Month 4 of the Sensa program. I have lost 43 pounds since I began. I also watch my calorie intake and cholesterol (my cholesterol went from 236 to 168). I also walk several times a week for 30 minutes. I keep a journal of everything I eat and drink, and exercise each day. You may think I could have done this without Sensa, but I'm here to say that it has helped me to eat less, and feel full sooner. I feel it is a good purchase, especially when you price programs like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. With those programs, you have to buy veggies and fruit to supplement it. To me, Sensa is a much better buy, as I receive a two-month supply for $89.95. That includes two shakers for each month. The cost comes out to $45 per month, paid bi-monthly. A scam? Not to me!

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November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Jenna from memphis,tn

Did not notice any weight loss nor a decrease in appetite.

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useless info November 29, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

most of these reviews dont deliver information on the products results and performance. just alot of price and shipping complaints. lets hear about the product details and results. jeez

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s&h scam November 19, 2010
Reviewer: Ofelia from California

I was interested in sensa after I saw the infomercial. After reading all the reviews, I pass. It happened to me twice, once with a beauty product, they would send me the product that I ordered in one box, and the "gifts" would be sent separaterly, they were 6 and it would cost me 9.95 each for S&H, even though the items were small enough to fit in the same box. Second time, with Space Bags, I ordered an extra bag for a "bargain" price, and charged me 9.95 extra just to put the bag in the same box where the others where, when I called and asked why the charged me 9.95 for extra S&H if the bag was in the same box, the said, that the action of putting it in the box, was considered a separate shipping. This is a common practice in all these companies, they "give" with one hand, and "take" with the other, the worst thing? they don't tell you or they wouldn't have any business. Let's get smart, call and ask before you order!!!

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Hoping it works November 02, 2010
Reviewer: Georgea Muschel from Santa Moncia, Ca.

I'm on week 2 of Sensa and so far I have noticed a decrease in appetite but it's not magic. If eating is emotional for you then you'll push beyond the full feeling and have that ice cream or pastry anyway.
Unless you do major behavioral changes (types of food, exercise, changing your thinking, maybe getting therapy) I don't know if you'll keep the weight off once you stop Sensa.
Or, do people just stay on it for life?
So far I haven't lost any weight but I FEEL thinner.

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telephone ordering July 16, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

For those of us who actually order over the phone, they do "gloss" over a lot of the legalities like extra charges and rush shipping even if you do not ask for it. Truth of the matter is that any reputable company would tell the truth and offer better solutions to customers when the mistakes are the fault of the company, and not the consumer. They do not actually tell that you will receive extra product, which I probably would not have minded if I was informed about it first hand. I don't like surprise charges on my accounts and if someone decides to not tell you something, it is considered a lie by omission of the facts. Most people are not "wanting something for free crybabies" as someone on the review site put it, they would just like to be well informed consumers.

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Horrible Service July 16, 2010
Reviewer: BreAnna from Springfield, Mo USA

I decided to try the Sensa since it was A "free trial" and the s&h was only "1.95" according to the company.I also thought well it was worth a try. I was never told about the extra product that was sent either, and when I questioned why my s&h charges were 9.95 I was told it was for the rush (3-5 day) shipping that I never agreed to. I was so pissed that I told them I just would like to cancel my order (less than 24 hours after ordering) and was told that it was not possible because my order was already shipped. Yeah Right! After almost three weeks I finally received my "rush shipped" item. I did get the 8.00 refunded but I'm still fighting with them about not paying for the return shipping since this is all a big scam anyway. And don't even get me started with their customer service people refusing to cancel this crap because that in itself is a freaking joke! I am going to have to dispute this just to get it off my card. What fun!

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SENSA results June 27, 2010
Reviewer: Patricia from Hawaii, USA

A friend bought me SENSA Month one. The first week was great. I had very little appetite and lost 3.5 pounds. The second week, 1.5 pounds. Week three and four, the effect wore off somewhat and I wasn't careful what I ate. No weight loss. Still, five pounds in one month is pretty good, so I ordered Month 2 from a seller on Amazon for $20.00. Will report back in a month!

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Can;t seem to get product after ordering June 21, 2010
Reviewer: Marla Hutchison from Beach City, OH USA

I ordered this over a month ago. I had to buy the whole 6 month plan because of a pre-paid card. I am still waiting for the product for month 3,4,5,6. I've called the company three times so far and each time was told it was on the way. The last time, a week ago, I was told they would give me another month 1 and 2 for the inconvenience plus the others that I had not recieved. I recieved an empty box in the mail. All it had in it was a packaging slip for the 4 months I hadn't recieved. I am not kidding. That was all that was in the box. A piece of paper. I called again and was told It would be here on the 18th of june. Guess what, today is the 21st still no product. I spent over 200.00 for this stuff. Anyone else having this problem? I/ve also told them several times to just put the money back on my card and they won't do it. Marla Hutchison


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Sensa is a very expensive scam June 15, 2010
Reviewer: Beth from CT, USA

Hello Everyone, don't buy into the Sensa diet scam. I used this product for 6 months and didn't drop any weight. I did however wake up with dry mouth and mucus in my throat.

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Part of Clinical Trial May 23, 2010
Reviewer: Paul from NJ

I was part of the clinical trial of Sensa (it wasn't called sensa then). I received a bunch of different flavors of things to shake over my food, and tried it for about 6 months. I'm guessing they were evaluating which of the scents were the most effective.

Ultimately, I found it all a waste of time. I experienced no weight loss, thought the whole concept was silly (I'm a psychologist, and have done research as well). I don't know whether others found it useful, but I saw nothing.

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waste April 09, 2010
Reviewer: Brittany from Va, usa

I used this product for a month WHILE working out 5 days a week...and saw no extra results from this product. It was a waste of money...i'll stick to good old fashioned hard work in the gym.

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weight loss March 28, 2010
Reviewer: Janet from FL USA

My husband and I have been on the product for two weeks and it has made a difference. I have lost 3 pounds and we are eating a lot less. We will continue our monthly shipment.

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Bad Experience March 24, 2010
Reviewer: Nancy from Dallas, TX

I'm usually more careful about avoiding scams, but I blew it on this one. I must not have read carefully enough. I had no idea I would be recieving extra product and a bill for $89.xx along with my supposedly free 30 day supply. Even the "free" supply wasn't free, because there's no way it cost 9.95 for shipping and handling. Now I have to deal with the hassle of sending it back and paying that postage. I don't trust the product, because it's obvious to me that if you have a good product, you don't have to resort to sleazy marketing ploys.

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PURE BUNK!!! March 18, 2010
Reviewer: Dorothy from Grand Terrace, Ca.

I have been on Sensa for a month. Absoutely no results. Don't wast your money.

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Started off badly February 27, 2010
Reviewer: Ann from Morristown, NJ

I saw a Sensa offer online and I went for it. It is the typical "free" offer. It's really not free. You have to give them your credit card, and after 30 days if you haven't returned the Sensa (following an intricate set of return rules exactly) your account is billed. You are also charged for postage, and if you decide to return the Sensa the return postage is on you.

I was suspicious when I ordered the product. If Sensa is offering such a remarkable product, and if it actually works as well as they represent that it does, then why would they have to make it so difficult. Surely if the product works as represented, customers would be reordering it like crazy, without any special offers.

What really makes me even more suspicious, is that I eventually learned that the "30 day free trial" begins the moment you place your order -- so it really isn't a 30 day free trial at all, especially since it took 16 days for me to receive my order.

My friend ordered Sensa from ShopNBC on a special deal where she was told that if she paid up front she would automatically receive the entire 6 months on an auto-ship program. When she checked the bill, she found that she was charged the specified amount, but that it was only for a 2 month supply. When she contacted ShopNBC, she was told that the person who entered her order made a mistake, and did not sign her up for the prepaid autoship deal. After putting her on hold several times, he said the only way she could get the order she was originally offered was to send back the Sensa she already was using and they would place the order as it was originally represented, but when he went to place the new order he told her he could not place the new order because his computer was indicating that ShopNBC had put a freeze on new Sensa orders.

Why would a company that has such a wonderful product have to resort to fraudulant sales practices???

I will be trying the Sensa, and I hope it works, but I really feel the entire Sensa experience started off badly.

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focus on the product not the return policy February 20, 2010
Reviewer: Herman from New York, USA

I am reading the reviews and anyone who claims they did not know about the trial rules is simply putting their head in the sand and needs to take a first grade reading course- don't blame the product, blame your own lack of reading skills. If not, I have some land in Vegas I want to sell to you. These claims are not hidden, they are in the video, in bold face type on the package with the simple return details are all over the place. Let's focus more on if the product works and less on the return policy. can someone please write more on if the product works- that is, not after 30 or 60 days but has anyone tried it for six months or more? everyone wants something for free and when that runs out after 30 days they are upset. All I see is a bunch of cry baby's wanting something to be free for life while they want it to be a wonder drug. A good product CAN offer 30 days free to lure a consumer in and then expect to be paid thereafter. However, from all the reviews no one is stating feedback from trying this product for six or even three months. Shame on us as consumers- you people are a bunch of idiots.
SO I ASK: has anyone out there tried it for more than three months- I won't hold my breath for an answer as I bet the answer is 'NO'. Thanks for giving me no REAL benefit from reading the reviews.

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There are other places to buy Sensa February 20, 2010
Reviewer: Pam from Alex.Va.

I'm not sure why there are so many claims of scam. You can buy Sensa on and on just to name a few. My advice to those who are interested in a truly remarkable product is to go to these sites and read the 100's of reviews. Then just order one month if you're so inclined. There is no product that is going to work or even help every one. I can say this one works for me. I feel full on less food ,not hungry between meals, and NO cravings. I'm in month 2.

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don't be fooled by "free trials" February 17, 2010
Reviewer: Mark from tx

Hey fellow internet browsers...
look the plain and simple truth about "free trails" is they get your credit card info and charge your account over and over again.. i tried 2 of these "free trial" and the first one the company refunded all my monies.. the second company was'nt as easy as making a phone call.. i had to fight them and threating leagal action before the refunded my monies.
Look face it and reptual company dose'nt need to use such hidden practices.. the best way to lose weight i have found is to eat healthy and eat smaller portions...

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SENSA is a scam, my opinion January 08, 2010
Reviewer: Linda from Austin Texas

The bottom line is that this stuff needs more than 30 days to even begin to see a result -- IF YOU EVER DO. By the time you realize it doesn't work at all, you are past the 30 day return policy, which is extremely well hidden in the paperwork and on the website. (Do YOU follow every single link and asterisk on a website?)
89.95 + the "free" opening offer of 9.95.
This was an expensive lesson to learn, and embarrassing for someone who prides herself on being able to spot the scams.

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Beware of Sensa Company January 08, 2010
Reviewer: Constance from La Plata, MD

Sensa had no weight loss effect whatsoever and, in fact, seemed to have the opposite effect. Beware of the free trial claims. Before finishing one container, the company sent me another batch. Wanting to give it a chance to work, I did not return the second package immediately. Upon returning the second set, I received an e-mail confirming the company had received my return and a credit would be issued to my credit card w/in 14 days.
This never happened. Upon calling Sensa, I was told that I had returned it too late and had not gotten an RMA from them. Consequently, I do not have the product and have to pay the credit card charge in addition to the late payment charge because the account was never credited. This is definitely buying a "Pig in the Poke" in more ways than one!!!

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In response to Billing Scam January 06, 2010
Reviewer: Sus from Far far away :D

I have been on the website and on their defense.. If you take time to read the terms, it does say that if you decide to keep the product you will be billed the $89.00 so it is not a scam.

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Sensa scam December 18, 2009
Reviewer: Ocmacman from Phoenix, AZ USA

Sensa sends you a 60 day trial for very little money. You have a 30 day trial and 30 days to cancel, if you cancel you must send the package and any of the product back or you will still be billed $89.00. If you pass the 30 day period which you will if you use the full 60 day supply then you will be billed the $89.00. When I canceled my account they offered 30% off then when I said no they offered another chance at 50% off. This is a big billing scam, not sure if the product really works because I figured out the money scam and canceled. With this kind of money scam the product has little if any credibility. They lock you in to big bills right off the bat, how can you trust anyone with this kind of marketing tactic. Its your call Good Luck!


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