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Fizogen Lean Tab Reviews

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Lean Tabs is a cutting edge advancement in fat loss science that utilizes sophisticated MSHT (Multifaceted Systematic Hyper-Metabolic technology), which may help to dramatically speed lypolysis and greatly enhance muscle tone. Nine highly potent and inherently unique mechanisms of action are employed to attack fat-loss from multiple biochemical pathways.

fizogen lean tab reviews



Fizogen Lean Tab User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.8 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 18

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review program
they work as long as you- January 03, 2014
Reviewer: Jamie from san diego, california

Excercise!! This is ny second time taking fizogen lean tabs and they work thats why I came back to them. I gained 20 lbs since I stopped working out. These pills will not only suppress your hunger but when you eat you fwel like stopping half way through your meal. The downside is beinf thirsty and feeling a bit dehydrayed but the best way is keep drinking water ao it pushes you to drink more water. I lost fat and gained muscle strentghand definiton. It all depends on how much cardio and your weihht training plays a big role in how defined and lean you look. Dont take them before bedtime.


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The Best June 02, 2009
Reviewer: LaTia from new york

When I started the work out binge I was 18 and 200lbs. I used ephrda and it supressed my hunger s bad that i dind't eat and did minamal workout.I lost 40 lbs. But my clothes size was only down from a 18 to a 10. Than ephdra was band. I jumped around to every diet pill that was made. Nothing but jittering and headaches. Than I saw this bottle locked behinde glass lean tabs at this time they were 89 dollars. I purchased the bottle . I never saw anything work this well with by body chemstry not only did i lose weight I dropped inches and gained lean muscle. This time around I was 150lbs and a size 4 not 150lbs and a size 10. This pill made it able for me to become ripped and lean and have the beach body i was looking for. 3yrs later i'm looking for this bottle again and it is hard to locate in stores only online. I am now 27 and need to lose 30lbs to go back to my fit lifestyle. And lean tabs never let me down. I recommend trying a diet pill first all pills have herbs and other things in them that do not wrk well with certin people. dont get discourage its not the pill its your body rejecting the formula. Ensure to keep all reciepts and know the return policy after 1 week you know if your body can handle a diet pill.

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CANT YOU READ!!! February 06, 2009
Reviewer: Stacey Wilde from Sebring, Florida

I know i can read, it says right on the back of the bottle to wathch your diet and to WORK OUT! Your not going to lose any weight setting on you ass. I used just one month supply anlong with a good diet and a 3 hour a day work out plan and I lost 30 pounds. Its not the pills fault your not getting the results your looking for, your have to put in some work. I think there the best to take if you are serious about lossing weight.

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Lean tabs February 04, 2009
Reviewer: Lean Tabs from California

I have been taking them for a few weeks now... I use to have great skin with no ance, now i have bad acne. The only thing this has done for me is make me eat alot less and nothing else. Its complet shit! Try toky winni v

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Absolutely worthless July 22, 2008
Reviewer: Jules from Florida

I take 3 in the morning, 3 at lunch. No changes in appetite, energy, etc. Complete waste of money

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Work for me September 15, 2007
Reviewer: Steve from Mass

My goals are a bit different from others on here I think; to lose fat but maintain my weight. These tabs accompanies with an increase in protein have help me see very noticable results. I do 2 tabs 3x a day and they are part of my daily supplement regiment. Make sure you work out (I notice a nice increase in energy when doing cardio) and drink TONS of water. Drinking TONS of water is key. I do agree with the one poster about the taste. Especially first thing in the morning, they are NASTY!!

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Lean Tabs work!! June 19, 2007
Reviewer: Suzanne from Chantilly. VA

I work out religiously and have tried numerous low carb diets that have worked well for me but after a while I would fall back into old habits. Lean Tabs have helped enormously. I only use one tab per day ( sometimes two on certain days when I am really struggling with carb cravings) I think some people may be having a problem because they have systems that are sensitive like mine. I decided to take only one to see how I felt. One was enough for me. Obviously you can't take it too close to bedtime because of the caffeine, but I also would tell people that on previous diets when I start to lose fat, I find I have more energy (fat is an excellent source of energy) and this can cause me to not sleep as many hours as I have previously. Last year after the frustration of not being able to lose weight I maintained strict records of every thing I ate (ate 200 calories every two hours 5-6 times a day, as advised by my trainer) I took an O2 class 4 days a week and trained with a trainer 4 times a week. After 6 months I went from 180 to 175. I am 5'7". I wanted to lose about 30 pounds. I had dropped some percentage points in body fat....but still....5 pounds in 6 months of intense training???. That's ridiculous!! My doctor sent me to endocrinologist and he found low Vit D and nodules on Thyroid. Nothing he suggested or gave me made a bit of difference and I felt like crap.

Fast forward to this year...began taking Lean Tabs three weeks ago and I lost eight pounds already and I feel great!!

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Nothing yet April 13, 2007
Reviewer: Lisa from Denver, CO

I am on day 2 of taking Lean Tabs. The second nite I did not fall asleep until 6am, it was horrible. I will see what happens tonight. My appetite has been seriously supressed. I have no ambition in eating more, which is what I need. My meals are also far smaller, as I already feel full before I eat. No weight change, however it is too early to tell. I do feel very bloated though. I find if I drink a ton of water with the tabs I do not get dizzy or nauseas. I am hoping to lose 20 pounds by June....we will see what happens!!

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JUST STARTED March 29, 2007
Reviewer: Donna from Bradley,IL


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hopeful January 12, 2007
Reviewer: Carolyn from biloxi, ms

hey guys, this is my story to date, this is day 5 of taking the lean tabs @ 2 three times a day. so far it has not suppressed my hunger at all, I sleep very well though and have not had any shakes or tremors, although yesterday I did not eat for 1 hr after taking my 2nd dose of the day and I did feel nauseous for about 3 hrs so I did not take any last night, I woke up ravished! I have lost about 3 pounds and can tell my body is changing. I want to try 3 instead of 2 but have concerns that it may be too much. the down side of lean tabs is that they taste and smell like cigarette tobacco and sometimes it makes me gag!

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suppresses appetite November 08, 2006
Reviewer: Cindy riley from Knoxville,tn

This is day five with not much result, hoping for results next week. No jittery feelings and can tell that appetite has decreased significantly. No weight loss yet. I am a female and I weigh 120 and would like to lose 10 pounds. I was told that with this product I would see quick results. I am expecting some weight loss during the second week. Not giving up yet.

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So far so good. September 21, 2006
Reviewer: Gio from Seattle, WA

Sept 21, 2006.

I'm on day four and I already feel the difference. I did feel nausea and very mild GI discomfort on day one, which is slowly dissipating. I'm using this plus CHEAT tabs and CLA. I read about sleeplessness as a side effect so I dosed as follows: 2 capsules each (6 total) at 6:30am, repeat at 1:pm, and 1 capsule each at 5pm, and I manage to go to sleep at around midnight. I feel full all day long. Appetite has decreased dramatically. I now smell great foods and feel no desire to taste them. No hunger pangs whatsoever, and I got plenty of energy during morning cardio sessions. I'll update in a month.

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Works great with caution August 21, 2006
Reviewer: Ed from USA

Tabs work great if you take two at one time. I took three at one point and my hands began to shake. I recommend taking two three times a day. This stuff is better than Hydroxy though.

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Will be buying a second bottle... August 06, 2006
Reviewer: Lisa from Los Angeles, CA

The first day that I took them, I couldn't sleep at all that night, but the next day I was fine! I'm on day 4 and I've already lost 5 pounds. My energy levels are phenomenal, but I am not very shaky. Also, the appetite suppressant is fantastic. I feel full most of the day. This is the best diet pill that I have ever tried!

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Just starting out May 03, 2006
Reviewer: Kelsey from Harrisburg, PA

Today was the second day of taking the lean tabs, and already I can feel a difference, especially during my workout. I have more energy and feel great when finished, not lathargic and fatigued. A fas as the appetite goes..noticed that when I eat, I do get fuller faster but it seems that I am hungry more freguently.

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Bouncing off the walls April 29, 2006
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I did feel more energetic and my appetite was suppressed, but I couldnt sleep at all. My mind is going crazy and my hands are shaky. The stuff does have an effect but be ready to lose some sleep

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Sure suppresses appetite January 09, 2006
Reviewer: Bob from Mich

Sure Lean Tabs supress my appetite. But I haven't gotten any sleep either. I have become a maniac. Uncontrollable anger are not words that I would use to describe myself but on these things I am raging. I have been on them for a week. I will give it another week to see if this is just temporary. Crazy stuff man!

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amazing results August 18, 2005
Reviewer: Becca from Chicago, IL

Alright I was down right suspicious of something this talked about. So these have been my results- I started at 142 and now am down to 133 after about two weeks of taking these and a complex containg CLA, Omega 3-6-9. Need I say more? Yes I am sure I dropped about two pounds of water weight but the appetite suppressant in these tabs is great (remember to eat enough). It really kicks in right away.

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