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Biotest Alpha Male Reviews

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Biotest Alpha Male is an extra-strength hybrid of Biotest Tribex and Red Kat, made even more potent by Biotest's Nano-Dispersion Technology. Alpha Male utilizes the highest grade of Tribulus Terrestris to naturally support increased testosterone levels to maximize muscle growth. From harvest to encapsulation, Biotest makes sure that its strict extraction and manufacturing protocols are utilized to the letter, yielding the highest potency possible from these rare plant species. If you're a fan of Tribex and Red Kat, Alpha Male will blow you away.



biotest alpha male


Biotest Alpha Male User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.7 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 15

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review program
recently trying to bulk up February 28, 2014
Reviewer: Javo from La USA

Oh my I'm tired of all these bs I get better results with creatine and protein, there just out to make money specially with secret blends d bol is the best.

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good stuff April 09, 2011
Reviewer: Greg from Houston, TX

I'm 33 and have been lifting since 12. I've used some of the test boosters and some of the pro-hormones but I responded to this stuff in a similar way I did to halovar. The only difference is that using this stuff, I feel a lot of action in my head, pituitary, too instead of just in the body like the prohormones. That's a good thing.

After reading the reviews, I think it is fairly obvious that due to different hormonal profiles and personal differences, everyone responds to these boosters differently. You won't know if it will work for you until you try it.

I think the younger (25 and under) people won't get enough benefits from boosters to make them worth it. That's probably why they aren't responding good to it.

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worst supplement January 02, 2011
Reviewer: John Parker from Dallas, TX USA

This is the worst product i have ever used and even the employees at supplement shops told me it 's crap .... don't believe everything they say

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Good stuff September 21, 2010
Reviewer: Jon from UK

One week in and weights/reps up noticeably, definately feeling firmer even when not training. Libido up marginally. 32 years old, training for 2 years. Good stuff.

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Best Test Booster April 17, 2010
Reviewer: Jason Beale from UK

Best T-boosting supplement ive tried. I've tried all of them from different companies but could really feel the differance with this one. My libido has shoot up, and im lifting more in the gym, little pricey though. But will definately be buying it again.

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Small gains, big price = worth it? September 29, 2009
Reviewer: S from Vancouver

I tried this t-supplement, out of the range of products, because of the carbolin-19 ingredient which supposedly mimics (wait for it . . .) one of the milder anabolic steroids. Quite frankly, considering how much AlphaMale costs, you might as well go to the dark side and buy the real gear.

Because this stuff is outrageously priced, even in comparison to the other potions that claim to boost t-levels.

I went through a full, bottle, however, and I can't report anything spectacular. I did truly notice a boost in my overall sense of "well-being" for the initial week, but that gradually changed into a general level of tension. Nothing major, nothing problematic.

Workouts were about the same, and, while I dig not experience any significant weight, my overall physique was definitely more toned and hardened. That just could be from the workouts and good food, however.

In short, I really can't say that this product contributed significantly to my goals.

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Strong sh"t July 22, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from London, UK

This is strong stuff.

It took me a few months to actually clear a bottle.

Clearly increased aggression levels, and to some degree confidence.
Increased libido, yes definitely.
Does improve the quality of the workout, but there is a price....

After a few weeks on this stuff I discovered the muscles around my mouth started to clench and twitch occassionally, and found it harder to pass number 2's. Its not constipation, but my ass felt constricted!

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how long does it last? June 14, 2008
Reviewer: Big Z from Canada

hey guys, i was just wondering, i havent been able to find my answer, but how long does 1 cycle of alpha last on an average person?

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Solid product January 22, 2008
Reviewer: JT from Raleigh NC

I've been through a couple of bottles of Alpha male back when I had the money to spend on it. I could definitly notice a difference while on it. For being a very layed back guy, my agression levels definitly jumped up, my workouts were definitly better.... and I thought i couldnt keep my hands off my gf before but A.M. introduced me to a whole new level. After saying that, I dont think ill be buying anymore. Good product in my opinion but id rather spend my money on protein/creatine/fish oil

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Nothing Wroks As Prohormones ! January 05, 2008
Reviewer: Supplements Advisor from Saudi Araibia

I purchased 3 bottles of Alpha Male from a shop in Kuwait and ristrectly followed the labeled instructions.It did little to nothing for me and I'm 33 and exersicing since 1992.I may said the same for some other trash supplements which are

heavily over hyped like Attitude,Estrodex,

Acetabolan and Nanox9.To conclude , I really felt

the potency of prohormones which have been band like MusclTech Anotesten and EAS Andro-6 in addition to some other brands. Favor your self and don't waste your hard earning income on those

over hyped T-support supplements. I tried most of them...

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Alpha Male February 24, 2007
Reviewer: Bob from Western Australia

I have been training for years, 10 of them at competition level, slowed down heaps now, but I do have a low Testosterone levels due to abuse in the early days I guess (when things where legal) Anyway I started taking Alpha Male as directed and after the 3 week I found huge results both in and out of the gym. I had muscle pump all day long and the pumps while training where massive, After a while I started to get stomach cramps so decided to take a break and try another supplement but not in the testosterone booster, found my levels of training dropped, started taking them again and things are looking good again. I read some reviews and understand that this may not be for all but I swear by it. The body fat % dropped big time and comments from others in the gym says it all.

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Nothing yet, but.............. November 28, 2006
Reviewer: Sebastian from Southern California

I bought this product because of a recent decline in my t-value, but I was also given medication for my high blood pressure, so as suggested I stopped. I got a little nausea and experienced some dizzyness, but nothing that would prevent me for taking if I did not have to take the BP medicine. I do agree, if you are young you are wasting your money. I bought this product to see if it would increase my testosterone levels, while increasing exercise activity. Now I am waiting to see if exercise increases the levels naturally.

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Age Matters October 25, 2006
Reviewer: Lee from The World

If you are at the age of 30 and below, FORGET buying Testosterone products!

Your Testosterone is naturally high before that age and maybe at it's highest when you are around 18 to 25 years old.

It will NOT ever get elevated beyond your wildest dreams if you happen to be in that age group.

Please be educated about Testosterone before buying these Testosterone products.

Get it only when you are older not younger. This is the time WHEN your Testosterone levels start dropping.

Wrong usage does not mean the product does not work.

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Alpha Male June 26, 2006
Reviewer: Ross from UK

I purchased Alpha Male about 6 weeks ago from a local suppliments shop. Ive read alot of posative reviews on the suppliment and i was told that it would result in a increase in muscle mass and lower body fat levels due to test increase.

I was really excited to actually try this suppliment. Overall i think this suppliment is overpriced and overrated. I would not advise anyone to purchase this product for muscle building reasons. The product possibly increases natural test level to a certain extent but nothing majour.

When takin the product i stuck to the max dosage so i could receive the max results. I took 3 mid morning with water and 3 tabs six hours later. On some occassions i received some acne breakouts over my face/back etc. However based on the fact i get acne breakouts on a regual basis due to my age (19) and my test levels being high, I cant state that this is directly linked with the product.

On some occassions I felt more aggressive. But once again i cant state this is linked to the product. I only felt more agressive when i was stressed out due to my workload.

I did not receive the the results that biotest or others state that I would receive. The suppliment is simply overrated and overpriced.

Do yourself a big favour and dont beleive the hype that companys like biotest, maximuscle, muscle-tech etc state. In most cases they just sponsor juiced up bbers like ronnie coleman to say these suppliments go them to where they are. In the end its all alot of bull ****.

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No Benefits June 01, 2006
Reviewer: from Detroit

I was optimistic, based on the information on, that alpha male would fill the gap left by the removal of 1-AD off the market, but unfortunately, the results were non-existant. I have been lifting for over 20 years (started when I was 13) and have tried many supplements over the years (remember Hot Stuff and NSP products). I've had decent results with Creatine, Nitrix, and just Amino's (over a long period of time), so I feel qualified to say that Alpha Male did absolutely nothing for me. I did not experience any benefits or side effects. I purchased two bottles and followed the instructions (cycling 5 days on and 2 off) and again, did not experience any benefits. Do not waste time and money on this product.

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