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BCS Labs Beta Alanine Reviews

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Beta Alanine works by increasing muscle carnosine levels which works to buffer Hydrogen Ions (H+), which in turn allows for power endurance.

- Helps to decrease lactic acid build up
- Helps to increase aerobic efficiency
- Helps to enhance oxygen transport
- Works synergistically with Creatine


BCS Labs Beta Alanine User Reviews
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Best Beta-Alanine out there! July 22, 2012
Reviewer: John from Houston, Tx.

I have tried many different companies , but this is the best that I have found by far. I take two of these pills with Arginine, Caffeine, creatine (I use Con Very) and a scoop of Amino-X. I have found that this is all I need to experience a very high level of clean energy and mind blowing pumps. I have tried almost all of the popular p.w.o.s, and this mix has kept up with the best of them, only without the cracked out feeling I get from products like jack3d and muscle marinade. The beta tingles from this product I have never gotten from any other beta alanine besides this one. This is a solid product , and at a good price.

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