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BSN Endorush Reviews

Index > BSN > Endo Rush User Reviews

ENDORUSH is an ultra-premium energy and performance drink, designed to support:

Mental Focus
Electrolyte Replenishment

NOX Fusion™ is intended to support NO production, particularly in the brain and skeletal muscles, where it serves as a catalyst for the performance and energy enhancing effects of the ENDORUSH formula.


BSN Endorush User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (4.4 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 30

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review program
WOW February 03, 2011
Reviewer: Brandon from Lorain, Ohio

I am a powerlifter, and sometimes need an edge to want to lift multiple times what my bodyweight is. Sometimes just staring at a bar with 3 times my bodyweight on it is extremely intimidating. SO to counterarct this i bought some EndoRush at GNC. The first bottle, I didn't read the warning labels before drinking the whole thing. I crashed before I hit the gym. All i could do was sleep. lol. So the next time I tried Half the bottle instead. I was able to deadlift 615 pounds raw for 4 sets of 8. Normally I only pull 4 sets of 4 at my goal weight of the day. THis stuff works. and is DEFINITELY not for Pregnant, or nursing women, or anyone with a heart disorder. You may die. lol

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Honest Opinion June 12, 2010
Reviewer: Mike from Vancouver,B.C. CAN

This stuff is pretty weak compared to actual pre-workout supps... And will make you feel like shit after taking the whole bottle.. I ended up not being able to eat @ a fancy restaurant after having this stuff like 4hrs before, same with my friends from the gym.... Its harsh so watch out it will destroy your appy yeoow. I wonder why cayse N.O. Xplode by bsn doesnt do that to me : O

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This will kick your ass. December 18, 2009
Reviewer: Doesn't matter. from USA

I took the entire bottle in less than 30minutes. I'm 5'8 120 pounds...male. I am very awake and jittery. I don't feel like myself...don't take the entire bottle. I did this last night, and started shaking intensely about six hours after the workout. My resting heart rate was 110, and working out it was 190. This isn't good, take suggested serving.

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Kicks A$ August 08, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I have been consuming Endorush since it first hit the market and have been drinking it since. I have a good caffeine tolleranceso I always down 1/2 of the bottle along with my Animal Stak before my workouts and it works wonders especially if I'm a tired.
I also at times drink 1/2 a bottle in the mornings as soon as I wake up to make sure I don't lay back down and be late for work.
My wife also consumes this but she only drinks 1/4 or less and is gets one hell of a work out.

READ ENTIRE LABEL BEFORE DRINKING!! Dont be brave and think you can handle a full bottle because you wont

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greatness. July 31, 2009
Reviewer: Mickle from louisiana

i am 14 years old and i have been taking endorush every day before workout, and it has worked miracles, increase in endurence, mental focus, and energy. i think the problems most people have is they down the whole bottle and wonder why they get sick, i only take a fourth of the bottle 30 mins before my workout and it works, hands down. you should be fine drinking it, as long as you follow the directions. and if you dont feel it right away, be patient. it WILL work.

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great product July 19, 2009
Reviewer: Matt from Los Angeles, CA USA

this stuff is awesome, really helps you pull through your workout with a little extra everytime. not much of a crash after, its the real deal imo.

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ENDORUSH IS SICK!!!!!!!!! June 26, 2009
Reviewer: Harry Twatter from Oprahs Vajayjay

The best pre-workout drink on the market. I've tried everything out there and had been a fan of REDLINE until I tried ENDORUSH.

I'm on a OFF cyle of NO-XPLODE and seriously had a hard time finding motivation to get to the gym today. I sipped a 1/4 of Endorush and ran two miles no problem. Hit the locker room, sipped another 1/4 and pounded my back and arms with weights... It's a great energy boost. It helps prevent fatigue and helps you life more, longer!

CAUTION: if you haven't used these types of products in the past, I suggest trying something a little milder. Try coffe first, or a redbull. Anybody who has taken these products before knows all possible side effects. If you're still complaining anyway, leave the gym and head over to gymboree because you're acting like my 2 year old son.



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Pretty good, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! May 20, 2009
Reviewer: Liz from South Carolina -USA

I only drink this sporadically - when I am not in the mood but really need to make it to the gym. I have had different experiences with it. The negative ones are completely my fault though. When taken as directed it does give me extra energy and the drive to keep going. I am female, 5'4" 115 I only drink the recommended 1/4 bottle and it works well for me. The times that I have had bad experiences with it were both from basically not following the directions. Once I drank it on an empty stomach, and I felt weak and naseaus the whole time and had to go home early from my workout to lay down. (and get food in me!) The other time I just drank too much. I'm a small person, so the minimum is really enough. I don't drink caffine except for my morning coffee, so I have a low tolerance. I drank about half a bottle once and felt really shaky and sick. It does make me sweat profusely! And occasionally I will have moments of dizziness or feeling jittery...but it's very quick, coming & going. Otherwise I'd stop drinking it. It's definitley helped me stay motivated at the gym. I would recommend it...just, as with ANY supplement, BE CAREFUL! Read the directions IN FULL before consuming.


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I Cried April 16, 2009
Reviewer: Me from Maryland

I had never heard of endorush. I went to the gym and decided that I needed a bit of energy before working out. Without reading the directions, I drank the entire bottle in less than 30 mins.

I was sick throughout the workout and almost passed out. Turned out I was two months pregnant and did not know - I lost the baby... I also could not sleep throughout the entire night...

This stuff is potent. It must work wonders for the body but I encourage all to read labels before cosumption of any product. I wish I had read the directions.

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trubo energy April 09, 2009
Reviewer: Christopher S from houston,tx

i work 12 hours a day and am not a morning person by any means. i drink 1/2 a bottle of endorush when i get to work and in 15 minutes or so i am ready to run the mile and for 6-7 hours i am going. and there is no crash..flavors arnt bad either....fruit punch and lemon lime are the good ones.

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everyday user March 31, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I use BSN Endorush everyday before my work out and it is as good as you can get without taking a N.O. supplement. I drink 1/2 a bottle (2 servings) right before getting in the sauna to loosen up and from the time i get to the weights i do not feel fatigue until about 45 minutes into my workout and even then still have energy to keep doing what i need to

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Tastes great, works great. March 19, 2009
Reviewer: Johnny D from Chicago

First of all, Endorush tastes great. It does good things for your workout. The recommended serving size is 4 oz. which is 1/4 of a bottle and it is a good idea to start there. I take 1/3 of a bottle right before my workout and it couldn't be better. This is a great product to use if you are off of a cycle of a pre-workout supplement like N.O. Xplode.

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advanced, but great. March 17, 2009
Reviewer: Juan from Georgia

I am a personal trainer and amateur bodybuilder. I have tried everything in a gym as far as preworkouts, proteins, gainers, cutters, etc...

this is the only preworkout drink i have stuck with for more than a week. Cycle it, bc you will adapt to it. Granted i down the whole thing before a workout ( maybe right at the begining of the workout sometimes ) and it makes me feel great. I do 1 month on, one off. The difference you feel after 3 months is VERY noticable.

If you are a beginner, stick with something else. It WILL tweak you out.

But i love it and the results I get. You add this drink to your basic supplement package of protein, a good diet, and good hard work, and you get amazing results.

Happy Hunting.

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Tweaking March 11, 2009
Reviewer: Aubrey from Atlanta, GA

Ok body composition is totally important to note here... We all come in different shapes and sizes. I am 5'9" and weigh about 145lbs +/- 5. I am around 12-14% body fat (estimated from last test and my current loss trend). Maybe you say... "Who gives about your size dude" but if you are 6'3" and a tank this stuff is going to hit you differently than my 5'9" lean self.

Before I started eating healthy I could pound 2 red bulls and it'd be like a regular coke to me. I decided to get fit and have been off of caffeinated drinks (including tea) for about 2 months.

Ok, the cons:

I drank a little more than a 1/4 but not quite a 1/3 of the drink on my way home before my workout. I do circuit workouts (non-stop for about 50 minutes) and i had to take frequent breaks to prevent throwing up and lightheadedness. I'd get dizzy near the end of my reps and instead of just jumping to my next session, I'd sit and let my heart rate go down. I was definitely above my zone even after just one set (that is unusual for me for this day's workout). I feel like I did more reps but I had to take too many breaks in my opinion.

Let's end on a good note... the Pros:

For those familiar with P90X, that's my circuit training and I am in the late 7th week. In week one Legs and Back I did a total of 41 pullups over the hour long workout (11 were assisted with a chair) which was quite sissy. This week I was at 132 with the last 4-5 being semi-sloppy form. I had a 22% increase in pullup reps and my legs barely burned during any of the leg movements. I killed it, and it is undoubtedly because of this drink.

Bottom line:

This stuff works, but it comes at a price. I think I will really limit my intake (less than a third) from now on.

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EndoRush Running March 06, 2009
Reviewer: Angel Rook from Oak Harbor, WA USA

I'm a 35 y/o female in the Navy who loves to run. Earlier this week, I went to GNC looking for some powerbars but the girl behind the counter recommended EndoRush. I read the bottle's Caution statement and was hesitant in taking it out of fear of an accelerated heart-rate. This morning, I took the rocommended 4 oz serving 30 minutes before my workout. Well, let me tell you, I felt great during and after my 5.2 mile run! I did not feel like giving up or slowing down after the first mile. At the end, I still wanted more! I would highly recommend this product, and I can't wait to run another five miles again tomorrow!

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Awesome February 17, 2009
Reviewer: Helena from Spain

I am a 35 year old female, big into fitness, hiting the gym 6 times a week, tried pretty much every sup out there and this one kicks ass, loving it!

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ENDO January 12, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler from Orlando, FL

Endorush made me super hyper but made me work out like a mad man. On the bottle it says to drink 1/4 of the bottle, listen! I took drank half the bottle and after I finished my sets I would feel dizzy and lightheaded. If you are sensitive to caffeine take in smaller doses and It will still help plus you will save money!

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best workout to date January 03, 2009
Reviewer: Nick from Boston, MA USA

I'm not one to typically write a review, in fact this may be the first time I've written a review about a product. I can honestly say this is the first drink that actually worked for me. I had more energy then I ever had working out. I worked longer, harder, and felt very explosive. When I get back from my workout I felt like I wanted to go back and work out even longer. The only negative thing is you will have some jitters, but in my opinion it's completely worth it.

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Watch Out December 09, 2008
Reviewer: Rob from New York

I take EndoRush on days where Im specifically working out Bies, Chest, and Shoulders. So it varies between 3-4 times a week. There very expensive. I split one with one of my buddies. He drinks half, and I finish the rest. The cashier actually ID'd me for this product. But if I take an Endo anytime past 7-8pm, I feel like I'm unable to sleep. Sometimes I get servere Diarrhea. It taste awsome, and its hard to put down. Grape is my favorite fix.

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"Be careful" November 17, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous from Spokane, WA US

I'm 18 years old and I work for OZ fitness. Today I took endorush for the second time this time I took it during my workout despite several trainers warnings about this stuff. I began sipping on the drink with one of my buddies we consumed about a 1/4 of the bottle in the first fifteen minutes. Then played 1 on 1 basketball for a good half hour then continuously sipping on the drink we hit the weights for a good hour and a half. By the time we were nearing the end of our workout we both felt like we were gonna hurl and sweating like crazy. We both went home and I began getting real jittery as if I just pounded 2 monsters. My heart was racing and my body temp dropped and I began getting cold sweats. My workout ended at 5:00 pm it is now 1:15am and I still feel jittery and my heart has not yet returned to a normal rate oh ya and I only consumed 3/4 of the bottle. If u plan on taking this stuff I would first reccommend take only one in a day drink it damn near when u wake up after u have breakfast and don't drink any more caffein at all that day as my body is very used to it drinking about five cups a day and this stuff kicked my butt. As for me I will NEVER consume this supplement again if u want a scare go for it as well my buddie had the same problems and is still up as well so much for getting sleep for work tomorrow.

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Not your ordinary energy drink. September 22, 2008
Reviewer: Paulp from Seattle, WA

I weight 170lbs and killed the whole bottle in 2 mins before going to play beach volleyball and was light-headed the whole time. I came home 2 hours later and was still feeling light headed and sick. It takes a while to wear off, don't kill the bottle in one serving...

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Im still feeling it hours later! August 23, 2008
Reviewer: Julia Gulia from FL USA

I'm a 21 year old female...145 lbs...extremely active and in the gym every day. I took it before my didnt hit me until about an hour later. I just felt like really hungry and light headed and then I was fine after I ate something. Now its 6 hours later and for some reason my heart is speeding up its still in my system...I feel very anxious and a little "out of my body". I liked the taste, but its probably too much for my body to handle I guess.

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Good stuff August 01, 2008
Reviewer: Brion from London, UK

Took Endorush for the first time today before my gym workout and I must say the results were pretty impressive. I'm 220lbs and had a 1/4 bottle as directed 20mins before. Didn't think much was happening so after 40mins(20mins warm up) had another 1/4 bottle then hit!!!Strange pins and needles feeling all over,heart felt as though it was sped up somewhat and the only way i could get rid of 'it' was to hit the weights whether or not i was ready for my next set to begin. This carried on throughout my work out and up to about a hour after i got home, which was kinda strange sitting on the couch wanting to tear the walls down.

I'm usually very sceptical when it comes to supplements having such bold claims however, this is the real deal. Use with caution!!!!!!

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Endorush for MMA training May 27, 2008
Reviewer: John Hubbarth from Lansing, MI

I have been taking endorush for my last 6 workouts and I feel like I've never had a better workout without taking it. I work harder, have more energy and more explosiveness, work longer and take less time for my rest periods. I've never had an adverse reaction worse than feeling a little bit jittery if I was standing still or not working. I have the energy and the stamina to push for hours at a time in the gym when taking it.

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Not for the faint hearted April 21, 2008
Reviewer: Rhys from UK

Had the best workout of my life on it, but felt SO SO sick, and still feel jittery/ill now. Probably not going to sleep tonight!!

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Wow - what a rush January 18, 2008
Reviewer: Tony Wood from Birmingham, AL

Tried 2 oz the first time with just a light work-out. Saw a real difference. Did 4oz the 2nd and MAN, what a workout. I realize results may vary but I think I experienced all of the marketing claims - energy, focus, strength, and even mood. I was dancing instead of resting between sets. Then I punched a bag like a mad man. Not for the kids or grandma for sure. I would hate to take it and then miss my workout. But if you can get set aside some time to really hit the gym, try it! No ill effects so far. I noticed an increase heart rate but my BP was steady as a rock.

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Rush August 21, 2007
Reviewer: Rich from South Florida

I am 27 and I have been working out since before high school and endorush has been great. I have tried many workout drinks and this is the best that is out there right now and one of the top three ever. I only have half a bottle per workout and that is plenty. My workouts increased from a little over two hours to almost three plus hours every time. Bottom line my workouts are more intense and overall just flat out better when I drink endorush.

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Holy moly July 14, 2007
Reviewer: Natasha from Tallahassee, FL USA

To start off, I am a 21 yr old female, intermediate work out level. I am looking to shed fat and gain some decent muscle.

Wow, I used this for the first time today. I did 4oz about 15min pre-workout and then another 4oz 35 min. later during my workout. I did Dance Dance Revolution for cardio for 1.5hours at a medium intensity, tough for me, and stationary bike for 30min at level 6 for 17.5mph. WOW... I have never been able to do level 6. For the past 2 weeks I did level 5 at 15mph. Talk about a rush of energy and endurance. I felt like I was on a serious work-out high. I was unstoppable! I still have ridiculous amounts of energy right now.

My only problem with it is a feel a bit fidgety right now. and my eyes feel sensitive... that may be my weird eating today or the drink or a combo. But I will probably do just half the dosage from now on. For someone that feels like they are missing something when working out... this may very well be that thing they need. I'm not much for supplements but this is a go for me!

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Go Triscuits! June 30, 2007
Reviewer: Spencer from texas

I'm 14 and used this a couple of weeks ago at the gym and would want to warn other teenagers before they drink this. First I drank between a fourth and a third of the bottle because normally small amounts of anything wont really effect me. After 30-40 minutes I still didn't notice any energy although it helped me see better. Then I drank another 1/4 of the bottle and in about 5 minutes my heart started beating about 15bpm faster and there was a ton of energy. I didn't notice any strength benefits, but it made me alot more endurant. Before I left the gym, I chugged almost the rest of the bottle. I rode home on my bike alot faster than I normally can, but after a while there was a freaky feeling in my chest. When I got home I had a scoop of syntha6 with milk then stretched for about an hour. I measured my heart beat and it was almost the same as it was while I was working out, which I don't really think is supposed to happen. Because on the Nitrix label it said not to eat too much glutamine, I tried to think of everything that I could eat that might help. So I ate 2 peanut butter sandwiches, 30 salt crackers, a bowl of cereal, a bowl of carrots, a peach, a banana, 2 boxes of olive oil triscuits, and 100 oz of water then it went away.

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Strong Stimulant...Not for the faint of heart!! June 16, 2007
Reviewer: Ultra-Fit Josh Dorr from Greenville, SC USA

This is another great pre-workout supplement. Fot those days when you haven't got enough sleep and you've been training clients all day long before you ever get to train yourself. I have to admit that I thought I had a high stimulant tolerance before taking endorush but after ignoring the dosage warning and guzzling the whole damn bottle I turned into an animal and had one of the best workouts I've ever had.

WARNING: do not take this within four hours of bedtime because you will not go to sleep. But as fot its energy boost it is incredible.

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Works for me June 11, 2007
Reviewer: Rex Kwan Do from MN

Took it for the first time and it did get me pumped. I've been taking No-Explode and having good results. Endorush is great because there's no powder and it's cold right out of the fridge. It did give me a noticable energy boost about 25 mins after drinking 4 oz. I could still feel the effects 3 hours later. Do not take later than 6:00 PM if you would like to get to sleep at a decent hour! I got the grape flavor, it's actually pretty good. For the taste, pric and convenience, I would take BSN's Endorush over No-Explode.

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