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Beverly Muscle Provider Reviews

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Beverly International Muscle Provider consists of a very unique and exclusive multiple protein configuration. This superior blend of five top of the line protein substrates includes whey protein isolate through cross-flow micro-filtration, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, lactalbumin (the major component of all whey, with the biological value of 100) and egg white albumin.

beverly muscle provider

The high percentate of whey hydrolysates and the addition of 100% egg albumin are what really set Beverly International Muscle Provider apart from all the rest of the remarkable new proteins on the market. Whey hydrolysates are actually predigested peptide bonded amino acids.


Beverly Muscle Provider User Reviews
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Best of the best in quality and taste!!! May 07, 2007
Reviewer: Alain from Indianapolis, IN USA

This is the best shake I've ever tried personally. I'm 34 and I've tried all kinds of shakes out in the health stores since high school and nothing taste as good. It doesn't leave you bloated and no after taste. It's mixes smoothly and none of that gritty taste in most protein shakes out in the market today. Mixing it with a couple spoons of heavy whipping cream makes it taste as if you were drinking melted ice cream. The only downside is that the shake doesn't come cheap compared to what's on the market. But if you ask me it's well worth it overall!

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Best Protein Powder Ever! November 07, 2006
Reviewer: Alain from Indiana

The shakes taste awesome!!! It's even better when mixed in with heavy cream. It mixes well in the shaker. It doesn't upset my stomach or leaves me bloated like other protein powders. It's a bit pricey but it's well worth it for the quality.

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great product July 09, 2006
Reviewer: Tim from orange park florida

again beverly is a great company and delivers a top notch product right now i am off of it because of the price. but when i take it. my bench press easily goes up 90lbs. like 315 to 405. mind you i work out with 315. cannot lift 405 in only workout phase. but it is a great product.

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Muscle Provider #1 March 03, 2006
Reviewer: Tina from PA, USA

This is a quality protein. tastes better than any other brand i have tried. i love the vanilla... infact its so great i ordered the entire line to retail in my vitamin store. my customers love it as well. theres no embarrasing side effects, no bloating...and mixes perfectly with water and or milk. you can also make pancakes and brownies with it.

before muscle provider it was chore to drink protein. now i look forward to my two shakes a day.. it really helps supplement my work outs

Check out the rest beverly has to offer.

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