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Biotest Spike Reviews

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Biotest Spike can give your workouts a major boost each time you take it without the jitters. According to Biotest, spike gives you the energy of ephedraine with the jitters, achieve mental clarity of amphetamine without using a controlled substance, enjoy best workouts of your life everytime you use Spike without negative side effects. Whether Biotest Spike really does what it claims, you, the user will decide. Share your review of Spike below.


Biotest Spike User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.8 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 5

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Spike = GOD December 15, 2008
Reviewer: God, yes, im god. from the leading rest, position.

Gotta love this stuff. It helped me get through Med School and still have enough ass-kicking energy to rock my workouts after a busy day of class. I noticed that it worked great if I took one pill before a big breakfast and then one after and just kept eating all day (it helps the b-vitamins do its work). Also, try the drink!

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The best energy pill September 25, 2007
Reviewer: Sergio from Philadelphia

I've never had a better energy buster than these. My muscles fell relaxed and full off power and not shaking like with redline or other pills. Improves my focus as well. It's a great product.

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Rubbish May 01, 2007
Reviewer: Steve from Australia

This product is a complete waste of money. I took one pill in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 days without noticing any affects. I upped my dose to 2 then 3 on an empty stomach. Still nothing. Out of frustration I took 3 one morning then swallowed another 5 that afternoon. Guess what happened? NOTHING AGAIN!!! I am fairly let down by this product because I had faith in Biotest, Spike is WAY over-hyped. I gave some to a friend to see if it wasnt just not working for me. I didnt tell him what it was to eliminate any chance of a placebo affect. I gave him 2 pills on an empty stomach. He didn't feel a thing. Dont waste your money, all this product does is create expensive urine!

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It's OK December 01, 2006
Reviewer: David from LAKELAND, FL USA

Spike was a different kind of energy. I notice while I was working out, I was stareing at the weights and focusing better. But It didn't get me pumped or anything. I think if you have a fear of energy supplement, Take spike first to break your cherry.

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Spikes OK November 07, 2006
Reviewer: Tim from Raleigh

I am 46 yo, weigh 270, workout on a regular basis. I have used Spike on and off for a few months. It is basicly another energy product. Take it right before you workout, your energy levels stay up. If you have never taken quick energy products, the first couple of times may make you jittery. I like the pill form, for convenience. I haven't tried the new liquid. Biotest claims that this product enhances concentration. I think that is true, but that kind of thing is hard to quantify.

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