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Isatori Lean System 7 Reviews

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Lean System 7 is a new dietary supplement scientifically designed to promote fat loss (not to be confused with weight loss, which is normally mostly water and muscle loss) when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. Lean System 7 provides users with a precise synergistic blend of powerful ingredients that have been shown in recent studies to help get and keep you lean—safely and effectively, without the use of harmful stimulants.

isatori lean system 7


iSatori Lean System 7 User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.2 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 25

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review program
This is product is bulletproof. November 06, 2010
Reviewer: John from Norwich

This product works brilliantly, if you eat a high protein low carb low fat diet and have an intense exercise regime....if it hasnt worked for you, you must be doing one pushup a month supersetted with a wrist curl....if you drink alcohol..u get pissed...if you take a will hallucinate...if you take this and exercise will shred fat...its not just going to wonder through you system doing shit all

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amazing April 28, 2010
Reviewer: Michele from San Jose, CA USA

this pill is pretty amazing. it gives me tons of energy to work out harder at the gym and just more energy in general. it also makes me less hungry. but downside is it has an unGODLY amount of caffeine in it which wreaks havoc on your body and i can only get around 5 hours of sleep now. this pill is not for lazy people who expect the weight to just come off magically. you have to actually exercise it off like you normally would. difference is, this pill gives you the extra energy you need to run more, longer, and faster than normal. i doubt you would lose any weight by just taking the pill.

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Did Absolutely Nothing For Me March 11, 2010
Reviewer: Bryan from Missouri/Afghanistan

I went through a bottle of this stuff. I followed the directions and didn't lose any fat. Cardio, heavy lifting and endurance training is how I workout-been doing that for years. This stuff is WAY more hype than it really is. Waste of money.

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Jury still out... March 03, 2010
Reviewer: Paul from New York

I started taking LS7 4 weeks ago. Began with 3 pills a day for the first week, then 6 a day thereafter. When I started I weighed 216. I now fluctuate between 201 & 203 and seem to be stuck here. I work out twice a day, 4 hours total, almost strictly cardio (running, speed walking, Elliptical and Pre-Core). I eat a strict diet of oats, egg whites, veggies, salads and fruits with an occassional piece of chicken, turkey or tuna mixed in. I'm burning 1,200 to 1,400 calories a day and consuming roughly 1,000 to 1,200. I believe most of my weight loss is due to my diet and workout regimen as I lost 40lbs last year in 3.5 months without a fat burner. I have felt a loss in inches though since I started.

I can say this much, since I've been on it, I don't have the jitters, rapid heart beating or other side effects associated with most fat burners. Occassionally I do have trouble sleeping and don't get that pre or post energy burst most people say they're getting from the product. I do feel okay while I'm working out though.

I will continue to use it until my 60 day cycle ends and see where I end up. Will keep you all posted.

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Just recived Not Tryd September 08, 2009
Reviewer: John from india

How many bottles are you suppose to use.

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2 weeks in and already remarkable results June 19, 2009
Reviewer: David from Surrey, UK

I can't believe how much weight I've lost and in such a small space of time. I've combined the tablets with Tonalin Green Tea and the weight has just dropped off. After 2 weeks I'm down from a 36" waist to a 34" which I've found to be quite an achievement as previously my legs and bum had always been the last places to slim. I can now see my first 2 abs with a slight definition round the rest. People have already commented on the amount of weight I've lost and I've only done 2 bits of exercise so far with it starting seriously tomorrow.

I've had 2 downsides from the pills. The first being I'm scared to fart in case I end up following through and the second that my face has blown up to look like that of a spotty 14 year old going through puberty.

My only concern is what will happen once I stop as I'm sure a majority of the loss has been through water retention as my skin feels very dry even though I've added 2 litres of watre a day to my intake, so it isn't really a true loss so my weight should theoretically go up slightly once I stop.

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Good Supplement that Aids in body fat % loss May 11, 2008
Reviewer: Josh from Maryland USA

I bought a bottle of LS7 to aid me in my new workout routine. I go to the gym at least 4 times a week and do an hour of cardio every time and half an hour of lifting every other day. It has been one month and while I have lost 0 lbs, there is a very distinct difference in the way I look. Not only is LS7 helping me look better, but I'v noticed that I have been in a better mood since I started taking it. That could also be attributed to working out though. Overall I would recommend this product, but it isn't going to help you if your not working out regularly.

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Garbage April 15, 2008
Reviewer: Anon from N. America

Make sure you do all your homework before buying these type of supplements. I found a journal article which had 50 people use LS7 on a double blind study. All in all, it worked for them, but gave me terrible stomach pains followed by diarhea. When I contacted the company, they simply stated 'too bad, everybody's body is different'.

Poor company, poor product.

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So far so good December 06, 2007
Reviewer: Abraham C from Riverside, CA

ive tried all kinds of others fat burners and this one is my favorite so far, i haven't gotten any side affects like you do with hydroxycut or hot rox. i am 5ft 7in and i was at 175 before i started, i was stuck on a plateau but when i began taking this it gave me an incredible boost to work out without those nervous shakes. ive been on it for about 3 weeks and i now wiegh in at 166. im going to try for another month and repost in a couple more weeks. but remember this is not a magical pill that works by itself. you need to eat right and exercise.

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Not so happy April 05, 2007
Reviewer: Still searching for a good product... from Troy, MI USA

I maintain a regular workout routine and eat pretty average. I was looking for something to take off the extra pounds that getting older puts on. I took this for 3 months and it did nothing. I was very unhappy with it.

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Works February 18, 2007
Reviewer: Asher from Orlando, FL

It worked just fine for me I dropped 35 pounds in 2 months. Doesnt make you nervous like hydroxycut hardcore. I saw some people said they lost no weight....I think that the nut behind the wheel is loose. Perhaps they need more info. on proper exercise and nutrition. Just my opinion.

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Awesome November 28, 2006
Reviewer: R. Back from United Kingdom

I began using Lean System 7 about 3 monhs ago now. I was about 172lbs and petty fit as I train as an amateur boxer.

As I write this now, I am 148lbs. I feel that I need to lose no more weight and will now stop taking them, fingers crossed its not something that just piles the pounds back on when I do stop.

Im 35, male, 180cm and feel very good at the moment. I never noticed any side effects whilst I was using this product.

I recommend that you exercise and watch your diet also though , as thats still very important.

Good luck everyone

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waste of money. November 18, 2006
Reviewer: Rod from england

i,ve used 2 bottles of lean system7 and hav,nt lost an ounce.i have a very healthy diet but this product has not worked for me.

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Did nothing for me September 11, 2006
Reviewer: Chris from NJ

I completed the cycle of one bottle with no results. Didn't feel any different and any results I did see during the same period was due to my exercise regimen.

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Lean system supplement April 29, 2006
Reviewer: Consumer Q from Washington State

This product does not produce the result it claims after using for about three weeks.

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Brandnew User February 06, 2006
Reviewer: Marie from Canada

I am on day 3 of using LS7. I found that I was as full as if I had just finished eating dinner - 5 hours after eating! I usually have a snack in the evenings while watching t.v. and I couldn't even fathom it! I am so impressed with the apetite suppressant, I am very excited to see more results.

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impressed !!!!!!! December 08, 2005
Reviewer: Robert c from montebello ca

excellent for getting rid of excess

water ...

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WORKS!! FINALLY!! May 18, 2005
Reviewer: Wateloser from Arizona

I started using this product two months ago and have already lost 23 pounds. Before this, I was working out regularly AND doing Atkins.. with no results. Finally I've found a "weight loss pill" that really works. That weight fell right off

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So far so good April 22, 2005
Reviewer: Sebastian from Frankfurt am Main - Germany

I started taking LS7 2 weeks ago. These 3 things came pretty obvious to me:

1) My appetite has been significantly reduced. I read that other users are actually eating more than ever (and also loosing weight), but in my case, i'm just not very hungry. I mean: i have my meals, but i'm not craving for snacks or a second plate of anything.

2) The endurance and energy boosts are evident. Two weeks before starting with LS7 i was doing cardio 6 days a week for 45 mins. And i was finishing each of those 45 mins quite jaded. Not a pinch of energy to spare. And since i started with LS7, i'm on a 60 mins 6 times a week cardio program, plus 40 mins of prior strength training (which i was not doing before) 3 times a week. Rather impressive, i must admit.

3) No side-effects. This one is the most important of all, in my opinion. I really, really don't want to have to cope with any sort of discomfort, quick rushes to the wc or any type of psych side-effect. So in these two weeks, i've noticed nothing, zip, nada as a side-effect. It may not be that important to the hard-liner who's looking to loose 1 million pounds in 2 weeks or something like that, but it goes a long way for me.

I've also, clearly, lost some weight in these two weeks, but to honor the truth: i'm also following an almost fat-free diet and doing a lot of cardio. So i can't tell for a fact the impact or the level of efficiency concerning the burning of fat with this product. I guess more time is needed to formulate a serious call on the matter.

I can only give LS7 a 4 star rating because of what i just mentioned. In the end, this is a fat burner and that happens to be the main goal of the product. But i really wanted to share with you my opinion and experience on the other characteristics and effects of LS7. I hope it helps you.

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Newbie April 14, 2005
Reviewer: Marie from NY, USA

I just today bought a bottle of LS7. I am nervous and excited to start it. I used to take total lean. It worked great for me. I lost about 27 lbs. But after a while I started getting some side effects and stopped using it. I have been very cautious about what I will start to take simply because I dont want any side effects. I am just wondering how anyone really feels about LS7, if its working, any side effects etc.

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WAY TO GO ISOTORI!!! December 10, 2004
Reviewer: JRK from OHIO

Subject: LEAN SYSTEM 7




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INCREDIBLE!!!!!! December 04, 2004
Reviewer: Dina from Houston

I hesitated to post a response for fear that I would sound like someone who was paid to promote this product, but I just wanted to say how wonderful this product has worked for me! :) I started using this product in June. I bought two bottles worth, and I followed the directions word by word. I started off as 135 pounds (I am 5'5). I didn't have that much weight to lose, but I wanted to slim down a bit and get off some of the lazy pounds I gained. Anyway, I noticed, first off, that I didn't feel any differently. My stomach didn't have the nervous flutters, I didn't feel dizzy all the time -- the side effects were none existant for me. YES! :) In the past, I have taken almost any fat burner that had any sort of advertising campaign. You name it, I've tried it.

Anyway, I finished the first bottle, and was halfway through the second when my husband commented how I was "skinnier than ever!" The first thing I thought was, "REALLY?!" because I was eating MORE than ever! The next morning I decided to weigh myself, and lo and behold, I had gone down to 130 pounds. With No Effort.

(Note: Even before taking these pills, I worked out 2-4 times a week, and continued to do so WHILE taking the supplements as well)

I continued to use it (and am still using them now) because I still continue to see weight loss! It is not steady -- sometimes I go a month without losing anything, but suddenly, a week later, I lose 4 pounds. I am now 115 pounds. :) But I eat what I want, when I want, and I exercise whenever I get the chance. I am not saying it is some sort of miracle pill, but it has certainly helped me to meet my goals.

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I STAND CORRECTED !!!! .... November 24, 2004
Reviewer: Joe from Corte Madera

Earlier, at the beginning of my experimental phase with Lean System-7 (right about the middle of my second bottle), I had given the product a negative review ... I STAND CORRECTED !!! I am now one week into my third bottle ... and amazed at what's happening. One week prior to completing my second bottle I started to notice slight changes in my physique, more definition and a four pound loss on the scale. Again, I am a week into my third bottle ... and off came another four pounds, with no changes in physical activities. I feel more energetic, I am enjoying my workouts more, I enjoy what I see in the mirror ... and I am even EATING MORE !!! Now, I am not going to brag about this being some kind of miracle weight loss pill, however, I am impressed ... the weight loss doesn't happen over night, and it sure didn't happen in one bottle ... but the speed in which it does happen once it begins is pretty rapid. I will continue with the program and report back at the end of my three month trial with the final results. By the way, I don't think I had metioned this in my earlier review but, I had tried other popular products with no favorable results ... this is so far the best producer for me since the Ephendrine/coffeine/aspirin stack.

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On the subject of Lean System-7 November 01, 2004
Reviewer: Joe from Corte Madera, CA

To all,

On the subject of Lean System-7, I am currently working on my second bottle with little to no results. Firstly, I am a 38 y.o. male who has been on a healthy lifestyle kick for the last 7 months. My diet is typically composed of low fat, medium carbs, and high protein intake. I workout 5 days a week with all 5 days including some kind of aerobic exercise 20-40 minutes in duration with about an 80% intensity level. I also include resistance training 3 of those days. When I started my workout regimen I was at 260 lbs, I am currently 228 lbs. with a body fat percentage of just under 30% which although high, there is obviously some muscle in my overall weight. I have recently, based on all the hype, incorporated Lean System - 7 to my lifestyle, hoping it would aid me in my fight to the no more then 20% body fat percentage or a total weight of no more then 185 lbs. Currently I am extremely disappointed, after just over two weeks there has been no difference ... at all. No side effects neither negative or positive ... zilch, nada. Well, ok ... slight difference in the mirror ... but then again, I am working out. Anyway I will continue to try Lean System-7 for at least a 3 months period and report back my results. Thanks ... and stay tuned.

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Lean system helped me reach my goal. October 25, 2004
Reviewer: Margaret from USA

Hi there,

I have enjoyed visiting your website, and find the articles very helpful, intelligent and unbiased.

I am 42 years old 5ft 5in and have been struggling with my weight for some 10 years now. I am alergic to salicic acid/silica so could not take most of the fat burners available. I had managed to get my weight down to 130lbs (from 145lbs), but had a body fat % of 30 and was struggling to lose the last 5lbs.

After reading your article about Lean System 7, and Tonalin Cla, I bought both and started taking them (8 weeks now) together with 5 days cardio and 4 days of weights, my weight is now 125lbs, and my body fat is 17%.

I have suffered no side effects what so ever, even on occasions when I took LS7 an hour before going to bed, I slept like a baby. I hope this information is useful.


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