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Commit Lozenges Stop Smoking  Reviews

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Throughout the 12-week period, Commit Lozenges slowly wean you from cigarettes until you no longer have the urge to smoke. It's a simple program that walks you step-by-step through the quitting process.

  • Fight cravings with immediate relief
  • Gradually weans you from smoking
  • Stop smoking completely in just 12 weeks
  • Recommended by health care professionals
  • Includes a FREE stop smoking program

commit lozenges stop smoking



Commit Lozenges User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.5 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 218

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review program
Try Chantix March 22, 2012
Reviewer: Suzie from Mid atlantic east coast

Im off Commit and cigarettes. I tried the commit for 1 year. Too expensive. Now Im on the Chantix. 1/2 tab twice a day. I took them for 3 months. I was off as I ran out for exactly 1 week. During this week I started falling apart. Mentally I was noticing I was eating more and chewing gum. Even the gambling was out of control. By the end of week 1, I was hopelessly depressed AGAIN. I could not shower, make dinner or the normal routine. I called my Doc and told him, he gave me another prescription for chantix and told me to keep taking them but this time I had to pay cash. My insurance wouldnt pay without a prior authorization and he wouldnt do that>>>> I just got a 60 pills prescription and took my usual 1/2 pill, one hour later I am back to my normal happy self. this medicine is an antidepressant. I cant believe how well I feel on Chantix. But beware I have no heart condition or any BP problems. Chantix is the NEW Miracle drug for those who feel better on it. Dont give up. I now have to figure out how to keep taking it as my 1 prescription of 60 tabs cost $199 dollars. Yes expensive. Im going to do whatever I can even if it means calling Pfizer and to try a trial or explain to them the way the drug works for me.

If you are reading this and have had a similar experience please contact Pfizer and let them know. NO ONE can pay cash for this. But maybe Pfizer will allow us to get the medication for an adjunct to my other meds to help combat Depression and Anxiety - Severe type.

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lozenger addiction 8.5 years January 07, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I decided to use the lozenges to help me stop smoking cigs and hashish, i gave away alcohol too,this was 8.5 years ago, i knew i was in for a huge cleansing on all levels, however i'm still on the lozenges, only this week trying to stop them, the withdrawel is very uncomfortable,( no different to any physical/emotional loss) looking at what others have said i will break a lozenger and make it last a day, or i will eat more, as im craving something in my mouth as im so used to sucking these lozengers constantly, these have been good for reducing so much stress but i know its time to look at my addictive personality as to what is this filling this need within me?
over the years my teeth have taken its toll from the over sensitivity i now have, gut problems, as with all addictions there is always a pay-off that we chose not to address until one day we do wake-up ad make a choice to be in control of our mind,body,emotions,
Living in a beautiful part of the world,


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Committing to Stop is the Key July 12, 2011
Reviewer: Geraldino Alfafaro from Houston, TX

I bought ten packs of COMMIT 4mg lozenges. I shared it with my brother. It didnt work for him because he wasn't ready to stop. Quitting to smoke should come from the inside. On one side, we all know smoking is terribly bad, but on the other side, smoking is relieving and makes us feel good. Its really a choice one has to make. If one doesn't want to quit yet, even a million doses of lozenges, gums or patches will have no bearing.
I am now on my 12th week of using Commit lozenges. I have drastically reduce my intake, just 1mg (half a lozenge) a day. As a matter of fact, I take only 1/4 of the lozenge in the morning, and 1/4 in the afternoon. There are days when I am lozenge free.
Committing is the key. Believing is the way.

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IT WORKED FOR ME!!! July 12, 2011
Reviewer: Danny J. from Cebu, Philippines

Hello. My name is Danny J. I am a mainframe consultant from the Philippines. A friend of mine(in the U.S.) sent me 3 vials each containing 24 Commit lozenges with just 2mg nicotine polacrilex. It should have been better if it was 4mg, but I had live with it. He also sent in the package as box containing 170 nicotine gums.
The gums was nothing new to me. I knew that when I take one gum, I would immediately feel the sensation down my throat. This is the effect of the nicotine in each gum. It is important that each patient feel the nicotine roll down the throat. It is a must that the patient should believe that the gum provides the nicotine to our body.
When I tried the Loz, my initial evaluation was "this is very cool". I liked it. It felt much stronger than the gum, though both the Loz and gum had only 2mg of nicotine in it. But I liked the cooling effect the loz gave.
Immediately after breakfast, I take 1 gum. Then after taking a shower, I take another gum. Driving to the office, I take a loz, and so on and so forth.
After 4 weeks, I reduced my intake of the loz and gum. In fact, with only one vial left and confidence level high, I cut each Lozenge in four parts. So the instead of having only 24loz left, I had with me 96 small lozenges. Thus, whenever I felt the urge to smoke, I would only take in just 1/4 loz, and it was just enough to stop the urge.
Now, I'm on my 6th week and still counting. Lesson learned: On every loz taken, one should close their eyes to feel the nicotine traverse down their throat. This is the key. This commit loz is one helluva key.

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Addicted to Loz and trying to quit them forever July 01, 2011
Reviewer: Desperate Randy from Phoenix AZ

I smoked for 27 1/2 years. Primarily a pack a day. Sometimes more. I finally ended up with a great job and it just so happens to deal with fighting cancer. In order to keep my job, I finally quit smoking in Jan 2008. This has been the hardest thing ever. Even harder than the drugs and alcohol. (I now have almost 16 years clean and sober.) However, I then became addicted to the various loz.
My mind tells me that they are helping me to cope and stay awake. Or sometimes to relax me. Will continue trying until I get off of those expensive, addicting things. On top of that, within a month of quitting smoking, I was diagnosed with COPD and Gerd. Was told that that the Loz might be making the COPD worse.
If you can avoid it and able to find another way to quit smoking, Don't start using these Loz. There must be a way to cope with the depression and high stress without the use of Nicotine! The best thing is that they did help get me off of the cigs. However now I have another addiction to deal with.

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They want you to become addicted May 24, 2011
Reviewer: Vo johnson from springfield mo

The makers of commit want you to become addicted to there product, I used 2mg then I used 4mg, god awful stuff, I called the company about the 4mg and this smart ass bitch who just had enough brains to answer the phone, said she was vice president, you know how she got that job said"Well you don't eat it like candy and hung up" This goes to show me that when they have air heads like that working for them they could care less about us.

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The facts May 15, 2011
Reviewer: John Terese from New Brunswick

In my experience these lozenges deliver nicotine far better than cigarettes ever have. I remember my first piece. I sat on the couch in complete bliss (2mg). It's so consistent. If you want to stop smoking cigarettes this is a sure bet. Do not use 4mg it's like smoking 4 cigarettes in a 2 hours time frame. While I can see these things becoming highly addictive you need to stick to the plan, follow the instructions and STOP when the time comes. By then your habit is broken and at least you can isolate withdrawal on it's own instead of battling both at the same time.. Oh and don't take them 1.5-2 hours apart.. That's insanely high and you'll feel dopy and sluggish all day. They work almost instantly 3-6 a day keeps the pressure off for sure. I smoked about 10 cigarettes a day. For those that are severely addicted to the lozenge or the gum. You're not cured yet and simply shifted from one addition to another. See a doctor and get proper treatment for your addiction. Moderate smokers up to half a pack a day can easily quit. So do it!

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Do NOT Use as Directed April 21, 2011
Reviewer: Mike from Maryland, USA

I was a pack+ per day smoker for 14 years. I used 4 lozenges a day for 2 weeks and am now nicotine free. The directions say to take one every 1-2 hours for the first 5 weeks. WAY too much nicotine and you probably will become addicted. I did try a few times to quit cold turkey but found it too difficult. Thanks to the lozenges I am now smoke free! Best thing is the amount of energy I have now! I feel 10 years younger and I'm only 30. Stick with it and live a longer and better life. Good luck.

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I quit March 28, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I used a combination of the lozenges and patches. I was off of the patches in 2 weeks and the lozenges in about an additional 4 weeks. I was concerned about getting addicted to the lozenges because of everything that I had heard from other users. My last week I started sucking on sugar free mints or candy, every other time I would use the lozenge. Worked awesome

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I quit the lozenges! March 28, 2011
Reviewer: Adam from New York, NY

I quit chewing tobacco (1.5 tin a day habit) in Nov. of 2008 with the aid of nicotine lozenge. The problem then became my severe addiction to the lozenge from Nov. 2008 until a couple of weeks ago (Mar. 2011). I too could not imagine not having the lozenges anymore. It was a mental block I could not overcome until... I quit out of sheer laziness. It was 10:30pm on a Sat and I realized I was out of lozenges and a feeling of disgust washed over me: I was sick of the lozenges, sick of how much they cost and sick of constantly running around getting them. I decided then and there, come what may, I'm done! I wish I had started on a friday instead of Sat. night but I have to tell you, as bad as the first 3 days were, it got easier every day since. For over 2 years I was injesting around 40 2 mil. lozenges a day, so the withdrawl was horrible. But it's been two weeks since I've had one and the great thing is once you decide you're going to quit and act on it, every passing day of being nicotine free is unpleasant and I got this bunker mentality to the effect that "today sucked, but I'm not ever going to go through this (withdrawl) again! Once is enough. You have to plan it for the first 2-3 days of quitting that you'll have minimal human interaction and that you'll keep busy somehow. I went for a long walk the first day and tried to sleep the first 3 days as much as possible. I wish all of you luck. They are addictive but you can quit. I was going to try the patch to get off the lozenge but the thought of that disgusted me too b/c it's trading one form of nicotine for another. Just quit cold turkey but plan 4-5 days for yourself to be miserable and you'll be okay. I've substituted Tic Tacs for the lozenges and take one everytime I have the urge. Since I've quit, I sleep better, have better sense of taste, have better orgasms- I'm not kidding. I also recommend and excercise routine along with quitting. Even walking for a half hour a day will help.

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Well, I did quit smoking... February 04, 2011
Reviewer: DD from USA

I quit smoking 14 months ago using a combination of patches and commit lozenges. I went from 4 mg to 2 mg mints, but now cannot give up the mints. I am destroying my teeth and stomach, but cannot stand the thought of giving them up. I want something in my mouth all of the time. Please, does someone have an idea of how to quit these things?

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Reviewer: Pat lee from U.S.A.

These will get you addicted and kill you just as easily as cigarettes, or MORE easily because people don't drive you nuts to stop like they do smoking. Instead, you poison yourself with an addiction that's as ferocious as smoking. Good ol' American companies are finding more unique ways to suck money from consumers and could care less about warning us about DEATH from ADDICTION to their product. FDA passively goes along with it.

I can't see a way out of it for myself so I simply warn others that it's SEVERELY addictive -- they pulled the mocha flavor off the market because the taste is great -- DANGER!!!!!!

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1 January 27, 2011
Reviewer: Susan obryan from TX USA

I quit smoking using Commit Lozenges but have become addicted to the lozenges, which have cause Diabetes for me, and now am facing Kidney Failure. Beware!

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Mind Over Matter... January 26, 2011
Reviewer: Quitter from Washington, DC

I thought that title would get you to read this!
I don't mean to pass off the stresses of quitting as a simple "just be strong" concept in practice, because I am not. It's tough!! I used the lozenges WAY more than I should have however, I successfully quit! Thank God!
It was after two years of using the lozenge that I realized something quite profound. Companies like Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds, you know, the Mad Scientists that pay top dollar for the best researchers and chemists to invent ways to keep people hooked; they don't care if you smoke cigarettes or chew nicotine gum or suck on nicotine lozenges all day long! So long as they are selling nicotine to you, they are making money. And yes, do not be fooled, they own the companies that manufacture "stop-smoking" products. They are simply in the nicotine-distribution-business.
Most of you are probably aware of this. My apologies for restating.

If I knew then what I knew now. I would never have picked up a cigarette. And if I knew what i know now when I chose to quit, I would have never chosen any form of nicotine supplement. I would have simply quit cold turkey. Mind over matter as they say.
The father of a friend many many years ago once said to me, "how much do you pay for a pack?" "Two dollars per day", I replied. He leaned forward and yelled to me "you are giving those b@stards over $700.00 a year to help you kill yourself!"
He offered to do it for much less.
The numbers today would be roughly $3000.00 for Cigarettes, $3650.00 for Nicotine Supplements.
I'm not preaching or judging...I'm just saying!

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Helps take the edge off January 22, 2011
Reviewer: X-smoker for good from SLC, UT

I started using the lozenges a few weeks ago to help reduce the urge to smoke. I smoked a half a pack a day, on and off for the past 10 years. The lozenges definitely help take the edge off... but I don't know how anyone could use it as a total replacement for smoking. The instructions say to avoid swallowing and to not use more than 5 lozenges in a 6 hour period. So no wonder some people are experiencing stomach problems, etc. that are using way more than directed. I can't stand spitting out the juice every minute and really couldn't stand swallowing it (if out in a public place). I know it's helping me get over the initial hump of quitting... and I'm only using them when I really need to (like maybe 2 or 3 per day). So I think if you use it as an aid, instead of replacing one bad habit for another, then it's worth a try. The only side effect I think I'm experiencing is some ringing in the ears. Has anyone else had this same symptom? I'm not going to be taking anymore of these to see if that's the culprit. I know I am ready to be a non-smoker... mostly because it has taken it's toll on my looks and I don't want my 2 year old son to be around it. Having those motivations will give me the perserverance to overcome this nasty addiction. I would reccomend the lozenge to anyone that REALLY wants to quit... not just have a quick fix to resolve the problem. I think keeping yourself busy and focused on other goals helps too. Good luck to everyone!

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worked for me January 09, 2011
Reviewer: Judy Noyes from Inchelium WA

I had tried Chantix but couldn't get past the stomach pain. Finally decided to try commit though did not think it would work since Chantix didn't but was surprised. I worried about not smoking and taking something so much that i continued to smoke, though knew this was not advised. I was desperate to quit though mentally i did not want too. So i risked doing both and then noticed after maybe a month i was cutting down on cigarettes, so then intentionally tried quitting slowly. But i suffered after, like many from depression/anxiety. I got an electronic cigarette to help me over this period and am finally cigarette free. Keep the electronic around in case i really need a fix, like notified of someone's death or other horrendous news. Just eases my mind. Wow, my house might not smell wonderful but smells so much better. Added benefit, was so distracted by the whole process, quite drinking also.


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Beware January 07, 2011
Reviewer: Rob from Chicago

After 10 years of smoking I did quit with the generic lozenge. Three years later I finally was able to quit the lozenge. I would have been better off just quitting cold turkey b/c the withdrawal symptoms happened on both occassions. And they were stronger with the lozenge b/c i was using much more of them.

The main problem with the lozenge is that you end up using it soooooo much more than you ever smoked. You want a constant stream of nicotine all day. And unlike smoking, you can do it everywhere... even in your sleep. I didn't have any teeth problems, except for occassional pain, but I did start to shake all of the time due to the high levels of nictone. I didn't notice it most time because it was subtle, but I had been asked about it several times. I also had bad stomach problems.

I would have been better off not to use anything in the first place and bite the bullet then.


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I am also addicted to Commit January 05, 2011
Reviewer: JL from Michigan, USA

Just went to the dentist yesterday and need four, that's FOUR, root canals and crowns. All due to being addicted to Commit for several years now. Find another way. This is not the answer. True, my lungs are healthier but at what cost? I envy those who can only use them a couple weeks or so and are done. I am not sure will power is the only answer to my dilemma.

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Haven't smoked in 6 years December 31, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I wouldn't smoke another cigarette for anything in the world. They do not tempt me at all. However, I am very addicted to my "mints." I started on the 4 mg about 9 a day for 4 years then switched over to the 2 mg. I have to get off these things because they have totally messed my stomach up. Bloating, weight gain, gas, you name it. I had no problems for the first 2 years then whamo!!

I've been in denial.. it's my diet, age etc. I really know it's my little addictive nicotine buddies. Now I am on the 4th day without the lozenges. I am using the patch, sugar free candies, and tums to quit.

Commits are great for quitting smoking. Just be smart and follow the instructions. These are not meant to be on for 6 years!!

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not tried them yet December 28, 2010
Reviewer: Nads from Usa

i am looking at a bottle of commits right now. After reading the reviews I am almost too scared to take the damn things. If they mess up your teeth, i want no part of it. If they help you quit smoking that is good but I hear they are more addictive and that's a shame............

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fair November 26, 2010
Reviewer: Jon fault from san francisco, california, USA

I have used commits off and on for years. I usually quit for a year or six months and then gradually start smoking again. The biggest problem with commits is the fact that a person usually gets less than 1mg of nicotene from one cig. Commits give you such a higher nicotene buzz that if you do start smoking again, you will develop a worse habit. I am going to try this product again only because of its lower health risk potential

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Should require prescription from Dentist/Doctor November 16, 2010
Reviewer: Mark from massachusetts

Commit Lozenges should require a prescription from a Dentist/Doctor.

Follow the instructions to the letter or you will destroy your teeth.

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Nicotine is the addictive drug - what did you expect? October 06, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I spent a good 6 years on lozenges but they did their job - the smoking stopped. Unfortunately however, the lozenges were a way more attractive nicotine vehicle than smoking ever was and so I constantly existed with my secret nicotine high. In the last couple of years I broke them into smaller pieces. This saved a lot of cash.

I got off them by intentionally going to Germany without enough to see me through the holiday. I could not share my secret and Germany has no lozenge market. Distraction in a place where you can't get your hands on them is the answer to getting off.

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Its Helpd Me. September 20, 2010
Reviewer: C.Johnson from Wrens Georgia

I used the 2mg Commit for 2 weeks and im smoke free and I dont need them any more. Thanks Commit. They are much more safer then Chantix.


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Good, Bad and Ugly September 08, 2010
Reviewer: Sorry pup from New York, NY

Finally quit the commits last week after 2 1/2 years. Prior to that I was a light to medium smoker for 15 years (@5-10 cigs a day). By the time I quit the lozenges I was up to 15 x 2mg a day. That's the equivalent of at least a pack and a half of Malboro Lights in terms of nicotine. These things are evil, although I only have myself to blame. In any event, now I am going through the same sort of withdrawal as a smoker, only worse than I would have because my cigarette equivalent now is so much higher now than when I actually smoked. The only upside is I don't have a hacking cough. Downside is that I have all the nicotine withdrawal symptoms you would expect: light headed and foggy, insomnia, mild panic attacks, aches and pains - particularly in the legs, some numbness in extremities, mild stomach bloating which in turn is pressing against my diaphragm causing pain, and dry mouth. Worse aspect is the leg pain - restless, itching, feels as if nerve endings and lymph nodes are in revolt. Biggest blow is to my ego. My press release says: smart, very successful, ivy educated, well traveled, etc.. -- reality is: well, not so smart as I thought and a dime a dozen addict! Get off these as soon as you can and use only for 90 days if at all.

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3 August 16, 2010
Reviewer: Phil N> from Anytown, AT 55555


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Addictive as Cigs August 04, 2010
Reviewer: Diana from ny,ny

I've been taking commit for nearly 2 years, yes it helps you stop smoking, but they are so addictive. I think about it nearly as soon as I wake up, I always have them on me or have to rush out to get them, I hide the habit, spend a lot of money (as much as I did as a smoker). I take them so often that I often feel nausea and/or get headaches. I also think it doesn't help my running.

14 of 17 people found this review helpful
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May 26, 2010
Reviewer: Mel from New York, New York

Please do not use these to quit smoking - I did. Almost 5 years ago I had my last cigarette, but I have been on Commits ever since. They are very expensive and I have had so much stomach trouble and weight gain that it is crazy. I am trying to stop them now and just wish I had used nothing at all. Now I hide my Commit habit from those around me, I feel so weak having another habit. Please not fall into this pit.

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Use your heads people May 08, 2010
Reviewer: Sir Loyne from NH

Nicotine is addictive. It doesn't matter how you get it. But think, just for a second. If your daily intake of nicotine was 10mg (for example) why on Earth would you use 10 or 12 2mg lozenges a day? Or like some people say, using 2 or 3 at once. What's wrong with you? People who blame Commit for being addictive are the same people who think, "This is great, I can get a fix anywhere now. At the movies, in a restaurant, anywhere...", then they try to blame other people for their lack of control. It amazes me how many people think they can just take a pill and they can quit smoking, lose weight, whatever... all without any work or effort on their part. If the magic pill doesn't work, it must be the pills fault. If you really want to quit, (if you're smoking anywhere you can, and using these when you can't, you don't want to quit... just to let you know), these will help, but you need to work at it as well. Take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself smoking won't make your stress or problem won't go away. I strongly suggest you watch "Thank You For Smoking" and watch it often. Know you enemy's. Remember what Yoda said, "Do, or do not. There is no try". Find yourself a menial task that will take a long time. (I ripped all my CD's to an external HHD) Go for a walk. The point is, these aren't magic. It takes work. If you're still using these 6 years later, you're not working hard enough. I smoked for nearly 30 years. I used Commit lozenges for about 2 months. I never used more than 6 a day. I wanted to quit, so I quit. These work if you use your head.

30 of 37 people found this review helpful
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So Addicted April 21, 2010
Reviewer: LJT from Worcester, MA

Happy I found these reviews! I thought I was alone! Now it's time to quit commit!

16 of 16 people found this review helpful
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A Slave to the lozenge April 20, 2010
Reviewer: Rebecca from New Jersey, USA

I am a 24 year old female who smoked a pack a day for 8 years. I quit smoking 2 years ago however I have been addicted to the lozenge since. I had a root canal 1 year ago. Recently I began to feel very ill when my lozenge usage got to an all time high (about 18 a day) and realized my blood pressure had become so dangerously high I can no longer even stay on birth control pills. In two weeks I am having an IUD implanted because this is my only option for birth control due to my rising blood pressure. I have become so concerned about my health that today is my first day without commits (1 this morning). Overall my chest feels less tight and my heart does not feel like it is racing. I am scared that I will "relapse" but I can not go back on these damn lozenges. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find another way to quit. The side effects are not worth it AT ALL.

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Anxiety April 12, 2010
Reviewer: Missy from Minnesota

I have been smoke free for almost seven years and commit free for about six years now. Since quitting both I have had terrible anxiety, have taken ishy anti depressents that I think just make my anixety worse. I've actually thought about going back on the commits becasue they help to give me a calming sensation. I need to find out if my insurence would cover this as they are on the spendy side. Thoughts...??

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Stopped smoking, started sucking... April 06, 2010
Reviewer: Kara from Birmingham, AL

I have been addicted to the 2 mg Commit Losenges for 6 years. I even eat more of them when I'm drinking alcohol, just pop one after another. Had to laugh when I read the other person's review about the half-used losenges all over the house. They could be used as super-glue, they really stick to whatever they touch. If you try to flush them down the toilet, they stick. If you put one in a used cup or glass, they stick. Recently I've been concerned that I might have an ulcer. I'm sure it's from the Commits. Also, now I'm scared about my teeth. I'm going to try to stop taking Commits, starting now. Oh, yeah, my husband's been on them since New Years. They give him awful stomach cramps. And, he still smokes when he's around other smokers. Plus, they are so expensive! The only good thing about them is you aren't exposing people to second-hand smoke. It's funny, even kids have the instinct that the losenges are bad for you, because my daughter's always nagging at me to stop the Commits even though she's glad I don't smoke anymore.

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More addicted to lozenges than cigarettes!! March 31, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Palm Bay, FL USA

Yes, Commit lozenges can help you stop smoking. Problem is, the reason the lozenges are so effective at helping smokers quit are that they satisfy both components of smoking addiction: nicotine and oral fixation. And let's face it, smoking a cigarette is nowhere near as involving as spending 1/2 an hour rolling a lozenge around in your mouth. I wasn't aware until reading other posts that aspertame (another ingredient of the lozenges) is also addictive, but I am certainly not surprised. Lozenges also have the advantage over cigarettes that they can be used anytime, anywhere. The nicotine lozenge companies are getting people more addicted than they were to cigarettes. Anybody else notice that Commit actually has a "rewards" program with rebates when you buy more and more of their product?
I quit smoking 3 years ago, was having a hard time with the craving and irritability, and decided on the 2nd day after I quit to try lozenges. Well, here I am 3 years later still using the lozenges. I have been getting more and more cavities at my gum-line, but didn't put it together until recently, because the lozenges are sugar-free, after all, so I figured my teeth would be safe (didn't realize lozenges changed the pH of your saliva, which can cause cavities + gum disease). I have tried mints and gum, but nothing is as satisfying in the mouth as the lozenges. I'm trying gum with Xylitol in it now, which helps strengthen teeth and is a natural antiseptic (Starbucks peppermint sugar-free gum + mints, and Spry cinnamon gum -avail. at health food stores). Hopefully that will help.
Please, if you are thinking of quitting, try the patch or cold turkey, but NOT lozenges!

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you have to do more than suck the lozenges March 30, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

They are the best in terms of help I have found but I realize I also have to change myself. You need more thasn lozenges too.

For myself, The lozenges keeps the edge off while I think of ways to completely stop the nicotine addiction and put some serious time between me and the behaviors and triggers associated with smoking.

For instance, I cut the lozenges up along with cut up cherry flavored tums. I'm sucking a lot more tums than I am lozenges. I am probably down to 3-4 whole lozenges a day this way.

I keep remembering that I read it only takes nicotine 3 days to completely get out of your system. SO, that said..I think I can beat it.

I smoked over 35 years. I was a heavy smoker..smoked when I took a bath, often kept one lit while eating a meal and would go out in the middle of the night for cigerettes if I ran out.

Good Luck to all who reads this, Don't beat yourself up!

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The have been a blessing for me. March 11, 2010
Reviewer: John from Las Vegas, NV USA

I quit smoking using these mints. I used the mints in combination with the patch. After the first weel I took the mints broke them in half and replaced them after too weeks with atomic fire balls I think that is what they are called basically cinamin gob stoppers. The mints were giving me the most painful stomach cramps and terrible gas. They really took the edge off and work in combination with will power. You can't expect the mints to do all the work for you, you have to fight it too! If my lazy ass can do it so can you! 26 years as a smoker and I am 39 years old I want to live to see 60 and beyond.

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Still on these little suckers March 09, 2010
Reviewer: Michele from New Jersy, USA

I can't believe that so many people are addicted to these lozenges, I've been on them almost 3 years. I am happy that I quit smoking but now I am addicted to these. This Sunday it's going to be my second quit, quitting the lozenges, I am planning my day just like I did when I planned my first quit day but this time with sugar-free altoids and not the lozenges!

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Same addiction, different delivery. March 07, 2010
Reviewer: Chris from Atlanta, GA USA

The problem with the lozenges (and in my opinion all nicotine based stop aids) is that you are not addressing the substance you are addicted to while taking them. If you are an addict it will be painful to ween yourself off the substance no matter how it is delivered.

I've tried the patch, nicotine gum, lozenges, you name it. After great expense the only method I know to work (3 months last year) is cold turkey.

I had one weekend from hell, and 1 month of anxiety. Not a bad price to pay for your life back. Unfortunately I let some life events draw me back into addiction, I WILL do it again. The old fashioned way COLD TURKEY.

Set a goal for a date you will quit, and gradually reduce your consumption up to that date. Then stick to it.

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commits and anxiety February 23, 2010
Reviewer: Billi killebrew from Nevada City, CA

This is the second time I have quit smoking using commits. They got me off 1+ packs a day for 15 years, but they are not a benign product. I wake up in the morning with severe anxiety that remains with me the whole day. I cry, I'm depressed intensely, and often feel suicidal. At first I thought it was just natural anxiety from giving up a 15 year addiction, but I have concluded that nicotine lozenges are the culprit. Maybe the trick is just taking them a couple of weeks to overcome the intense cigarette withdrawls then get off of them. Anyway I felt obligated to inform others what this product has done to me cause surely there are more of you experiencing the same thing from these lozenges.

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Mother-in-law can't stop February 09, 2010
Reviewer: Kelly from Melbourne, Australia

My mother in law has been sucking these things for 6 years now. She used to stop smoking cigarettes after dinner, at about 6pm. Now she often goes to bed with a lozenge in her mouth. She sucks them when she's at work, in the car, at the movies, in restaurants... basically she's getting almost as much nicotine as she used to when she smoked. There are half-sucked lozenges all over the house. God help anyone who tries to suggest that she give them up! I knew they were partly responsible for her ever-worsening teeth, but I didn't realise that her gastritis attacks (which started 6 years ago) could be part of it...

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Hooked, but better than before February 09, 2010
Reviewer: Tom from Chicago, IL

I have to say that reading this series of testimonials is fascinating as I figured I was pretty much alone on being addicted to the lozenges. I have been using them for over a year now regularly, and like many of you my emotions are mixed as they did help me quit using tobacco completely for this time period.

I used to dip Kodiak/Skoal/Copenhagen about an average of once a day or so in the evening and was seeing the effects on my gumline - I had been developing leukoplakia below my bottom teeth and seeing erosion of the gums as well. Since switching to the lozenge (I use the generic brand as I feel that they do not give the same rush that Commit lozenges do and dissolve more slowly) I have not seen these changes. I have had some tooth pain from time to time but as of yet no significant dental problems. On the whole I am very glad to be rid of tobacco, but without question like many of you, I have picked up another little habit in its place. I still believe it to be the lesser of two evils, but as many of you state these things in some ways are just as addictive.

I think part of the problem is that it is hard to find a mint that dissolves as slowly as these things do. I tried to switch for breath savers for example - but was putting one of them in every ten minutes and feeling much sicker than with the lozenge. I have settled on sugar free Werther's as they don't dissolve as fast and are well - delicious, but still have yet to quit the lozenge completely. I'm not sure what the verdict on these is exactly, but I'd guess on the whole they are better than smoking or chewing. I'm with everyone else here though - be careful. Those little buggers can be very addictive.

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Commit must be invented by dentists February 03, 2010
Reviewer: Lori from Gainesville, Fl

I quit smoking 9/1/2007 using the Commit lozenge. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 34 years and tried to quit many times before with limited success. I have to say that this product was the only thing I have had long term success with and for that I am hugely grateful.
What I'm not grateful for is the loss of my teeth, one by one. I finally decided after much debate that I would rather be toothless than a smoker and I had the rest of them pulled. I have dentures now and I'm still sucking on the lozenges 2 years and 5 months later. These are definitely not for long term use and I am planning on trying to use Chantix to get off of them in the very near future.
Please heed the many stories on here about the tooth decay, it is true. I do wonder whether it's the nicotine or the aspartame or something else in it that's making teeth rot so fast.
I am still happy in my decision to use Commit but I wish I would have known about this first.

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I Did It. February 03, 2010
Reviewer: Kim from Prattville, Alabama

I decided in March of 2009 that I was going to quit smoking for good. I used nicorette first and was annoyed with the whole chew and park thing. I used Commit and I have to be honest it took way more than 12 weeks to be completely rid of the habit but I did it and I have no desire to smoke or pop a commit.


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Double Whammy with this product January 30, 2010
Reviewer: Goldenmarble from Tucson, AZ

I used this product in the hopes of quitting smoking - well I did quit smoking all right. I developed a lozenge habit. You see the lozenges are many times more pleasurable than smoking ever was for me - the whole process of putting a lozenge in my mouth, letting it dissolve and the nicotine rush in the brain - what's the difference from cigarettes? Only the mode of transmission is different. The lozenges are highly addictive and almost impossible to take as directed not only that but quitting the lozenges is much, much harder than quitting cigarettes. They are also just as hard as cigarettes at cutting down on. The reason lozenges are so much harder to quit than cigarettes is because with the lozenges you have TWO addicting chemicals to deal with. Yes two. The nicotine is bad enough but these contain aspartame which many people are saying is just as bad to come off of as cigarettes or even alcohol.( The withdrawals from this product are very painful. Then there are the side effects. These are the ones I have experienced: Many cavities around the gumline of my teeth - these appeared very suddenly - also tooth pain. I parked the lozenge on the roof of my mouth so I was shocked by all the cavities. I have also experienced some tooth decay. I had been unable to lose weight at all while using the lozenge and had extremely painful headaches almost every day - the last two are commonly from aspartame. While getting off this product I had extreme nicotine withdrawal as well as withdrawal from aspartame. The aspartame withdrawal was the worst. I had severe anxiety that would wake me up at night, a real nasty depression and mood swings that were unbelievable. It took me two months to feel normal again. I don't believe that this product was developed to help people quit smoking - I believe this product was developed to grab a market share of tobacco users and make money. This product is pure evil and very, very, dangerous for health. A class action lawsuit should be filed to address the tooth decay alone. The only NRT I have ever known to work is the nicotine patch - the rest should be avoided like the plaque.

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Don't swallow! January 28, 2010
Reviewer: Ryan H from Wilmington, DE

The package says "minimize swalowing". After a day of heartburn and sore chest on my first cigarette free day while using 4mg Commit, I decided to try an experiment. The experiment was simple and had great results: don't swallow your Commit spit, treat the product as dip and spit it all out when the juice makes it impossible to talk. My cravings for a cig are gone after I pop a lozenge and now I feel no ill effects. I must say I feel gross spitting all the time while using this, but all the non smokers said the original habit was gross too. My plan is to use Commit to wean myself off of the psychological addiction and in a month or so, deal with the 24 hour nicotine withdrawl. I am on day 4 now, so we'll see!

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keep you coming back to commit January 23, 2010
Reviewer: Theresa a 47 yr old female from Ohio

I tried the commit program five years ago. I got off the cigarettes, but am now addicted to the commits some five years now. I have had raw spots in my mouth and tooth pain. so what have I achived, I just switched from one addiction to another.

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I'm done smoking...... January 21, 2010
Reviewer: John from Los Angeles, Ca

....and these work. Honestly this is my second maybe third attempt at quitting over a few years, but I'm not smoking now! Anyways I just wanted to say that I usually break these lozenges into pieces instead of having a whole one in my mouth. Remember on average these things cost about $.50 per. so take it easy on your wallet and bit them in quarters, cheers

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What is &quot cvs mints? January 21, 2010
Reviewer: Mary from mi

After reading reviews, I noticed the remarks about cvs " mints to replace committ. Is that the correct spelling? I looked at cvs and couldn't fine them. I too am addicted to the commit, or maybe it's the other stuff in them, not the nicotine.

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Tooth decay January 18, 2010
Reviewer: Mhp from Boston, MA USA

I also have experienced a level of tooth decay.

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Like taking the crack out of the pipe! January 17, 2010
Reviewer: Sara from Dallas

Alright, so I did quit using Commit, but it was SO HARD to quit the Commit! Nearly three years and my use was escalating daily - up to twenty lozenges (helloooo, I am an addict!). I had the intense stomach pains, sore throats, tooth pain, and finally one day thought I was having a heart attack. I stopped taking them and tried every mint they make, just to get me through a week of not having one.

I found it.

CVS makes a store brand mint called "Canda Mints". They are larger than the lozenge, but don't disolve like the altoids or lifesavers; literally they last thirty minutes and fit perfectly in the little pocket of my mouth I used for my commits.

Yes, big business found a way to keep you addicted to nicotine all while touting the fact that you didn't smoke anymore. I have slept with these little buggers in my mouth (not on purpose). These were way harder for me to quit than smoking.

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Contolled effort required January 11, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous from Canada

I tried a brand, and I succeeded.
First, ads and claims of how well these work are of course a little hyped. That doesn't help smokers prepare to quit.

With tightly controlled use and pushing the limits of how long before using the next piece or half/quarter piece, I did break away from using any form of nicotine.

The trick is too realize that you're using nicotine for mood management. A smoker over relies on nicotine for this purpose. As you quit smoking you have to find/do other things for mood management as well ... just as non-smokers do.

Quitting smoking is more about managing dopamine levels than anything else. You have to bring other things into your life to manage that when you quit. That's challenging at first because quite a lot of normal things that non-smokers do for enjoyment have a fairly mild dopamine effect. As a smoker or new non-smoker, the dopamine effects (enjoyment) of the everyday stuff isn't sufficient to breach a smokers/recent ex-smokers dopamine levels. Essentially, there's a lot less available to naturally boost dopamine levels. Unfortunately the only cure for that is time, until nicotine is completely removed and your body adjust, you will still suffer the effect.

If you're quitting smoking, with whatever method, it's essential to spend more time, at least initially, doing other things you enjoy until your body recovers.

If you stick with it, eventually your dopamine systems will respond as normal as the need/desire for nicotine will be no longer there. Unfortunately, re-establishing addition to nicotine is quite easy and quick if you start using again, as your dopamine system becomes compromised very quickly.

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Financial "Commit"ment December 21, 2009
Reviewer: Quitcommit from washington, DC

The good news (and the only reason for 1/2 a star) is that Commit lozenges got me free from a 20 year on again, off again relationship with Cigarettes. The bad news is that while Commit is supposed to help phase you off of the dependency, I was more active with these things than I ever was with cigarettes.

I recently went through my credit card statements and calculated that I have spend more on Commit than I ever did on tobacco.

My only way to quit was to make a finanicial decision that I was not going spend money on them any more. It is a bit of mind trick because the temptation is great - sometimes I want one so bad it actually hurts (and this is someone who only was a social smoker and never smoked every day).

I have now been free of commit for 3 weeks and as I type want want right now but I do believe I will hold out because I do not want to spend nearly $100 per month any more.

I have strong contempt for Glaxo - Smithkline who presents this as a way to break a habit and really it is just a redistribution of the habit to another delivery mechanism.

My will power to not give them another dollar is stronger (for now) than my desire to have a lozenge.

This crap will help you quit smoking - But I urge you to find a way to do it without allowing the drug companies to capitalize on your dangerous addition.

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Forbidden Fruit December 14, 2009
Reviewer: Sandy S. from Portland, ME

Yes, like everyone else, I will tell you right out straight. The commits made me a non smoker. The air is fresh, my house is clean, and the plants outside look great. Now. Commits. The problem with these things are I have been using them like a candy! Fun but dangerous. I get a case of "the farts" every now and then, code red stuff. Tummy pains galore. I've been tanning and found some white spots I think are linked to UV exposure attacking cells harder because they can somehow sense nicotine in my cells. Crazy talk right? the point is these are delicious! And that is part of the problem. One person suggested making a replacement commit that has no nicotine. And that is what NEEDS TO BE DONE! For the sake of commit users everywhere. Sugar free mints? That might work but the truth is they invested alot of research and energy into these things and made a sugar free candy that is also a minor brain stimulant. The fact remains, stomach problems, big time. Irritability. I'm trying to quit them today and will keep you posted. Withdrawals are a bitch, reward yourself often. Healthy treats. A new wardrobe. Something!

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How to Get Off of Commit Losenges... December 13, 2009
Reviewer: Michael from Seattle, WA

I was addictied to Commit (or generic) for 3 years after 30 years of smoking. Ruined my teeth also (constant sugar in mouth). I was going out of my mind knowing I had just traded one wildly expensive addiction for another. (Commit & others need to be forced to strongly label their product as addictive, just like cigarette makers, I think.) Anyway, was told by friend that "now that my addiction was to much milder nicotine input AND to sucking/chewing on mints with a big taste, that I could replace the nicotine aspect by switching to something that ratcheted up the chewing/taste aspect but had no nicotine." They told me that ALTOIDS (of all things!) had worked for them. I was desperate, so I tried this silly-sounding solution. Bam! As long as I kept one or two Altoids going at all times for the first 2 or 3 days, I didn't need the Commit (!) Shook the nicotine habit within a week - but was NOW addicted to - you guessed it - Altoids. Had to have that big mint/sugary explosion in my mouth. Altoid addiction went on for a few months, then I started to "cut down", like you're supposed to be able to do for cigarettes (ha!). But you CAN cut Altoids down. From over a full tin a day (regular Altoids in the red & white can, no other kind of Altoid works - I've tried them all) I've worked my way down to a carefully monitored 1/3 can a day (25 Altoids, a little more than 1 per hour). No craving effects, nothing. I'm pretty sure I can grind this down to just a can a week, then FINALLY get off the cigarette/Commit/Altoid merry-go-round. Like I said, it's been hard on the teeth (I should have rinsed my mouth immediately after every losenge or Altoid, hard to keep up) but it has honest-to-heaven WORKED. Commit kills cigs, Altoids kills Commit, ex-smoker kills Altoids.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Follow the Instructions & You will be fine! November 30, 2009
Reviewer: Carey from New Orleans, LA

I have been addicted to Commit (or any knock off brand I could buy on sale) for 1 year. I decided I was quitting them for Thanksgiving & so far, so good. I bought some vitamin C Sugar free lozenges (like cough or throat drops) & that is helping alot, although I read on internet too much Vitamin C orally can be a problem too, so I will be searching for another substitute shortly. Anyway, I too had problems with stomach & gas from the Lozenges. Funny, after 5 days, that's all gone away. I just went back to a Quit Smoking Website & read & thought about all the reasons I quit smoking, then applied it to quitting the lozenges. I am thankful for the lozenges, but use them according to the instructions. I wish you all success with quitting the lozenges too.

Go Saints Go!

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November 28, 2009
Reviewer: Carol Thompson from NYC - usa

I am addicted to Commit Lozenges - Quit smoking by using them 12/13/07. Within two weeks after quitting the cigs., I became depressed and remain so (was not depressed prior to quitting). Do not want to take anti-depressants & have tried just about everything natural to combat this, but still I suffer. Do not want to smoke again as I have mild emphysemia - am 68 yrs. old. But this addiction to Commits is terrible. A friend of mine told me that a friend of her's got depressed from Commits and had to go off them.
Help, can anyone please tell me how to get off this merry-go-round. I bought Dentiva but that hasn't helped me. I use hard candies, gum.
Thank you.

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Agree with Joe from Ohio.... November 27, 2009
Reviewer: Colette from Colorado

I honestly though I had a bowel obstruction or Chrones Disease... I have NEVER had this much gas in my whole life except when I was pregnant! I'm afraid to leave the house! My son thought a whale had died in the basement! I then researched the "inactive" ingredients.... ikes! I switching to Freedent gum! I thought I smelled bad when I smoked!!!!

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Addicted to Commit November 25, 2009
Reviewer: Joe in Ohio from OH, USA

I have been addicted to Commit for almost 4 years. I have constant gas, bad teeth, chest pains, and stomach pains. They are great for getting you off of cigarettes but, they are just as addicting, possibly worse because you they can be taken anytime of day in any place or situation. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am quitting this product. I have wasted soooo much money and physically feel terrible. Be very careful when beginning the Commit lozenge. You could be trading one costly addiction for another, as I did....


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I don't smoke anymore November 23, 2009
Reviewer: Fred from Albany, OR

I am on my second course of commit. The first time I quit smoking I used the lozenges for nearly a year, I finely weaned myself using myntz and stride gum. After another year or so I slipped up and started smoking again. I am now on my 4th week of 4mg commits. I use 3-4 a day and break each in half. I am really working on not having any nicotine until I've been up for at least 4 hours. My coffee intake has doubled though. My intent is to get off of these things as quickly as possible especially since my first attempt using them DESTROYED my teeth on that side of my mouth. It is not the sugar or lack there of but the change in pH combined with the constant contact with your teeth. My dentist was amazed at the rapid deterioration. Mostly gum line sensitivity and marked receding of the gums.

To all those considering using these, know that they work, but are not necessarily the "easy" way out. Be careful and try your hardest to get off of these as soon as possible.

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They contain Aspartame! -Dangerous October 27, 2009
Reviewer: Future Non Smoker from Chicago, Illinois

I'm just another person that is now addicted to these lozenges. One thing I did find out, and I would like to pass on, is that they contain aspartame, as so do the Walgreens or CVS knockoff brands. Aspartame is a proven neurotoxin - Just Google "Aspartame kills". And since you are parking this lozenge in your mouth, guess what, this poison is being absorbed from your gums to your head. If you haven't started on nicotine lozenges, please don't start - because they are just as addictive, if not more so, than good old fashioned cigs. I am going to try the suggestions I read here about using mints instead.

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GREAT to Quit Smoking- BEWARE COMMIT ADDICTION!!!!! October 19, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

My husband & I both became addicted to Commits after we used them to successfully quit smoking. We were addicted for over 5 years- thousands & thousands of dollars spent. I won't go into all the joys of addiction- we all know them. Commits are great because you can get a nicotine "hit" anywhere, anytime- even church, if you need to. Places you would NEVER smoke.... like a constant stream of nicotine into your body. Here's what I want to say to those of you who are also addicted to Commits. You can quit. My husband & I TRIED and TRIED to quit for years- we always broke down in the first 24 hours and bought more. The first 24 hours are brutal. Almost worse than quitting smoking because you are going cold turkey. (When you quit smoking, you used Commits, remember??) But, after the first 24 hours, it got easier and easier. We bought some Breathsavers- same size and sugarfree- so they last a while. We only got through those first 24 hours because we were SO SICK of how much money we were spending on these things! You can do it. I wish someone had told me- all those times we tried to quit Commits before- you really only have to get through one day. The rest of it is habit. Get some breath mints- they are SO much cheaper. So, if you are like I was- addicted, broke from spending $200-$300 a MONTH on these things- you can do it! I did it. My husband did it. Just think- 24 hours. 24 hours..... Good luck. We are FREE!!

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Another form of dependency September 29, 2009
Reviewer: Sheryl from New York City

I used the lozenges for a long time as I became dependent on the nicotine in them just as I was to cigarettes. Their easy to use in enclosed places and easy to hide from people so you have to be careful when using them and only use them as directed. They may work under those guidlines ONLY

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They do work... September 10, 2009
Reviewer: Derek from Missouri

Hello. I have been smoke-free for 6 months because of using the Commits. I read the reviews before trying them and was scared that I would become addicted or have teeth or other health problems due to them. After starting the Commit plan I did feel myself becoming dependent on them a little (much like needing a cigarette.) I also had the gas and heart burn. I used the 4mg on the schedule they recommended at first but soon decided to use fewer and fewer as the days went on and after about three weeks I was done with them.
Also, you can break them in half so you still have one in but are getting less nicotine. Another tip that helped me was to start sucking on Tums because they are similar in taste and slightly gave me the feeling of having a Commit in.
I can totally see how one could become dependent on them and I suggest following the program and then stopping as instructed. There is no way to quit that is completely easy and we just have to have some willpower and feel the feelings and side-effects for a while. There is no need to use them years and years. You just have to be determined and go through some withdrawals and soon they will be gone. Best of luck!

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So much healthier than smoking September 07, 2009
Reviewer: Tara from CA

I've been quit smoking for 9 months now. I'm still using Commit, but I don't mind. I consider them to be a nicotine replacement product rather than a cessession product. Tooth decay? How? They don't contain sugar. Maybe they do contain a mild acid - I don't know, but so do oranges, ya know - you can't worry about stuff too much. Just about anything is dangerous in excess - just use 'em correctly and brush you teeth and you'll probably be fine. Anyhow, nicotine isn't the best thing in the world, but it is not as bad as some misinformed people say (google and research for yourself if you don't believe me) - tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogens are the things in cigarettes that cause cancer, lung disease, etc - not nicotine. Sure, it pervents your body from destroying cells that are already cancerous, but it does not actually CAUSE cancer. It's not good for your heart or blood pressure, though - I can't deny that... Then again, neither are greasy yummy burgers or caffine - you can't give all the goodies up - well, I wouldn't want to at least. You're a hell of a lot healthier addicted to commit than cigarettes, so don't sweat it so much. The expense is really the only drawback to a commit addiction - I'd like to see more generic alternatives. They need some market competition. It's a great product, but it is over priced!

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addicted but smoke free September 01, 2009
Reviewer: Eliza from Michigan

I BELIEVE I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED TO COMMIT (4 MG) FOR ABOUT 1 1/2 YEARS NOW. I recently was put in the hospital for about 4 days and now I am going on 9 days without a lozenge. I feel very lightheaded and dizzy at times. I am trying to find out from someone how long does this stay in your system. I was not put in the hospital due to Commit Lozenges.

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It is addictive! August 19, 2009
Reviewer: Tims Wife from New Hampshire

I am so glad I found these reviews. Thought I was the only person on earth to be addicted to commit. And the gas..........enough said.
I find that using your first lozenge is equal to that 1 cigarette you try to sneak when you quit cigarettes. Now to quit the lozenges. BUT, I have no desire to smoke!!!

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I'm addicted to these lozenges now too! August 04, 2009
Reviewer: Kara from USA

I finally quit smoking and started on the 2 mg lozenges. Now I've moved up to the 4 mg. This is so annoying...and expensive. What a mess! Can they cause cancer? They can't be too healthy for you. But at least I'm not smoking, right? I never even thought about the tooth decay side effects. I need to do something about this!

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Reviewer: Karla from Fort Smith, AR

THESE DO WORK FOR SURE, but they have a price not only monitary but, also, with some side effects as read with most thinning of teeth only if you chew on them like I do when they get very small I use my front teeth to break them down. Which in return has made my front teeth break down too. I have the gas also. Not totaly convienced that the lozengers are the cause of that but, feel that they could be as build up of acid from them???
I have been on them for 9 years and counting, and smoked for 30+ years.
I have called the company of these products and wondered why they can not make a even lower doseage then the 2mg. If they can make the 2 and 4mg. MAKE IT GRADE DOWN SO YOU CAN GET OFF THEM. NO...they do not want to do that as what(they make alot of money off of them as they are addicting). I like them but----I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THEM MADE IN A LOWER DOSAGE SO YOU CAN QUIT!!! Hope they will read this and do us all a favor.

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Switched to LifeSavers July 27, 2009
Reviewer: Guido Sarduch from Hartford, Ct. USA

I smoked for 35+ years, tried several times to quit with no luck. I then tried Commit lozenges. I did end up quitting but ended up addicted to the Lozenges. I decided to try LifeSavers, it seemed to work. Now I'm off the Commit Lozenges, but now I'm addicted to the LifeSavers, which is not bad (Definetely cheaper !). In my opinion, the Commit program works, if and only if you follow the program to a tee, otherwise you get hooked on the lozenges.

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too long July 24, 2009
Reviewer: Paul from sydney

these lozenges do work so well been on them 5 years but never have the desire to smoke again and never will.
went cold turkey nicotine free recently for one month no lozenges at all but felt terrible went back on them no side effects ever but just find them to hard to stop for good

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off cigs, still on nicotine... July 23, 2009
Reviewer: Tom from Sacramento, CA USA

Been on nicotine for so long... started with dipping, moved to cigarettes, then was on nicorette gum for awhile until my jaw started hurting from chewing so much of it. Then moved to Commit and been on the lozenges for most of the past four years. I actually buy the walgreens copycat brand, they are cheaper.

My only real concern is that i could have health problems from using the lozenges. I like the 'up' that nicotine gives but it's not worth sacrificing my health for... but if it's no threat to my health I don't see why I should ever stop, any more than I should stop caffeine for example. Had some of the gas here and there, no serious dental problems or chest pains or anything like that thou. Maybe the walgreens ones are less irritative somehow, I use the 4 mg ones.

Bottom line is, does anyone know for sure if these lozenges can cause any serious (life-threatening) health problems or not.

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Still addicted June 23, 2009
Reviewer: Still addicted from Springfield, IL

I had stopped smoking about 10 years ago, but was starting to slide, so I tried Commit. I was using maybe 1-2 a day. Now after 2 years, I'm up to 3-4 a day and sneaking a cig now and then, too. Bottom line is my addiction to nicotine is in full force and gaining on me. I'm grateful that I don't have to light up, but furious that I'm now a slave to something else. Time to go cold turkey!

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extremely addictive June 21, 2009
Reviewer: Maureen from Philadelphia, PA

My husband quit smoking four years ago by starting Commit and has been hooked on them ever since - - he recently just went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed w/glaucoma - I swear it is from the Commit - - he also has had dental problems and has complained about chest pains ever since starting them - - if you ask me, I think the smoking did him less harm physically - he is going to try to quit the Commit finally! I do NOT recommend starting this product !

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Very good, so far! June 18, 2009
Reviewer: Frankie G from Orange, CA

I noticed a lot of long term commit lozenge users complaining about tooth problems. Well I found this blog by searching for the calorie content of Commit Lozenges. I couldn't find it so I contacted the Manufacture and they let me know that it contains 4 calories per Lozenge and that they are Sugar Free. So it is very unlikly that Commit is the reason you are having tooth decay. just thought you should know. Good luck with the dental bills.

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Dental Problems June 03, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

Ive been using Commit Lozenges for over 3 years now - I did quit cigarettes :) but... I am addicted to the commit mint 4mg. not only 1 - I keep 2 parked in my mouth during my waking hours. My teeth are in bad shape - Ive had so many needless and expensive repairs done to my teeth. Cavities at the gum line, rot under caps, teeth breaking and having to be capped - very expensive. Oh and i have a steady stream of bad GAS! and alway have a blotted belly.
My dentist believes that the PH level in my mouth may be effected by these lozenges, and that could be why so much decay. I called the makers of commit - GSK, and rep told me i was the only person who called with dental complaints.
I should call again, cause it has been 2 years since I called to complain and make them aware.

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tooth ache June 01, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Me.USA

I have been taking commit lozenges for one and a half months. I feel their not equivalent to my intake of cigarette's,nicotine,and I now have a tooth ache to boot.

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Works great -- if you want to trade addictions! May 27, 2009
Reviewer: Jk from Usa

I smoked 1 1/2 packs a day until 3 years ago. Tried the wellbutrin WITH the commit. The wellbutrin made me too edgy, but the commits seemed like the perfect solution. Now, 3 yrs later, I know I am still addicted to nicotine (maybe more so!!). I had a dentist appt yesterday and was told that I have a molar who no longer has any bone supporting it and it must come out. I have never had any teeth problems. It is very coincidental that it's the same side that I keep the lozenge on... my dentist is not aware of any correlation between the commit and teeth problems but after reading these reviews I think we the consumer are being misled! If any one has any more dental issues that they think are related to the lozenges, please post them here! I also had not had any cavities in over 20 years, and now have 3... I will be quitting the commit ASAP. This is scary stuff!!

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Cathy from NH addicted to commits May 20, 2009
Reviewer: Cathy from New Hampshire

I have been on these lozengers for about 1 1/2 years, seems it should warn on the box of the possible addiction, or maybe I misse this. I was afraid to stop taking them in fear of picking up smoking again, this is day number 4 with no lozengers, I feel I am done with them, but at the ame time. Mad that I have to suffer through this awful feeling again, first when I stopped smoking, now when I stop taking these things.

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You won't believe this May 01, 2009
Reviewer: Lynn Roberts from Houston, Texas

I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, yet I'm addicted to Commits. Insane, but true. Went to an alcohol rehab center 5 yrs ago and brought some cigars with me as a distraction. The center confiscated the cigars and gave me Commits to try. I wasn't addicted to Cigars because I didn't inhale them, but now I'm addicted to Commits. The rehab center helped me kick alcohol (5 yrs sober) and gave me a new addiction to play with. Ain't life grand?

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Nicotine is nicotine, it's addictive! April 16, 2009
Reviewer: Laura from Detroit, MI

Ugh, I have struggled with these things for too long! I thought I was the only one and want to thank you all for sharing your stories. I ordered Dentiva a week ago and just recieved it- I wanted to share my Dentiva experience:

They are smaller than Commit.

They are a different texture.

They have a similar flavor to the Mint Commit.

They last a VERY long time. If you park it in your cheek like you do with Commit and kind of lick the top occasionally or switch sides, it still takes about 1.5 hours to dissolve.

I feel confident enough that I threw out my lozenges and had my husband take the garbage to the dump so there would be no temptation.

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endless gas April 11, 2009
Reviewer: Andy from Maryland

Thanks to all of you. I am a Commit addict. Have now also had to pay for all the gas remedies (they don't really get rid of it). I am so very happy to know that it is the commit causing it. I am really going to save some money now.

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Key is to get off the Commit ASAP! April 11, 2009
Reviewer: Jocelyn from Portland, OR

I have quit with Commit about 6 times. People get confused when I tell them how great it works to quit and then that I have "quit" 6 times with it- however, for those of you who are addicted to the lozenges, I'm sure you understand. Personally, after taking lozenges and feeling their irresistable pull for months, I either opted to start smoking again, or my irritability and restlessness drove me to smoking.

My most recent quit occurred on Feb. 23, 2009. I quickly weaned myself off the 4 mg after a week and began the 2 mg. It began with 8 a day, but each week I extended the time between lozenges by 15 mins until I was down to 3 per day. Now I am lozenge-free. I use sugar-free lifesavers mints and cinnamon Wrigleys 5 gum. I also drink a ton of tea and take omega 3 oil which has helped my depression tremendously! I feel as though this quit will be successful because after 5 other times failing with the lozenge, I now know that you have to be just as careful not to abuse it as you do not to smoke a cig.

Congrats to all who quit and best of luck!

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Every day without commit is a struggle April 06, 2009
Reviewer: Matthew from Raleigh, NC

I actually chewed tobacco for about 6 years before finding commit lozenges. Nothing else helped me quit but these were good.... way too good. I spent the next two years spending about 100.00 a week on commit lozenges. I needed them for everything. Getting on a conference call... get a commit first. Getting ready to take the kids to the park..... get a commit first. They are the most addicting drug on earth because they offer the "positive" effects of nicotine while allowing you to cheat all of the negatives of your previous habit such as wreaking of smoke or carrying around a spit cup. I have been off of commits for about three months now and I still think about them every day. My demeanor went from calm and collected to nervous and anxious with a very short temper. I have constant chest pains from gas and constant heartburn. For weeks My heart raced each night and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. It was the most awful 6 weeks of my life.

It will be very hard to quit this drug but you HAVE to. It WILL ruin your health and your finances.

Everyone is different, but here are some helpful tips that helped me quit. First off I had to quit cold turkey. I tried for months to ween myself off of these damn things but I kept reasoning why I needed more. Finally I decided one day I was NOT going to be a SLAVE to these little bastards anymore. It sounds crazy but every time I wanted a commit, I just tore off a piece of paper and put it in my mouth and chewed on it. I also exercised a lot because you feel like you just want to explode all the time. I bragged about my progress to my wife every day because it made my little bit of progress seem monumental. Every time I wanted to buy a box of commits I would get 40.00 out of the ATM and put the money in a jar. I just used the jar to buy a new computer and I have only been off of them for 90 days

This will be the hardest thing you have ever done but it CAN be done.

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They work, just don't abuse them April 05, 2009
Reviewer: Shelley from USA

These lozenges made it easy for me to quit smoking. I just took one whenever my cravings got strong (especially while driving). Only use these if you are very serious about quitting smoking and becoming nicotine free. Many other reviewers are addicted to them because they abused them and still need the nicotine.

These take 30 minutes to dissolve in your mouth, making it hard not to swallow some of the juices. I for sure would not want to become addicted to these because they cut the insides of my mouth, are abrasive to my teeth, and make me kind of drowsy. They also give me really bad smelly gas! Good luck!

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Seriously Concerned March 28, 2009
Reviewer: KenEx-Smoker from Millbrae CA USA

I stopped smoking one month and a week ago, by using the 4mg nicotine gum. It worked like a charm. I really have not been monitoring my usage of the medicine. I simply used gum whenever I had the urge to smoke. After the first week or so I started using the lozenges which, for me are more enjoyable than the gum. The gum seems to loose its flavor and the nicotine quickly. Especially when I am consentrating on work or other things. I catch myself chewing on the gum continually not remembering to park the gum after a few chews. I have not been keeping track of how many lozenges I use daily. I am using them in place of cigarettes. And, now I am concerned that my possible abuse and unmonitored usage of these products might be adversely effecting my health, due to the following. The other day, after a little over one month of possibly too many lozenges per day. I noticed some blood discharge previous to making a bowel movement. And subsequently I have experienced some pain in my kidney area. I am going to pay very close attention to how much I am using from now on. I have already scheduled a physical and blood work to see if there is really something to be concerned about. I will post again after I know more. Take care. Good luck. Don't be stupid like I have been. And use the drug with caution always following directions.

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I can't stop March 25, 2009
Reviewer: J dog from usa CA

So I guess i am with friends in this room. I have been on these things for now more then 2 years. My teeth are all tore up and my stomach makes gas that if it was harnessed could kill quite a few people in a room. This has been a long ordeal i am a totally off the cigs which is great. I think the problem with this company is though they totally need to fix there product. They are not outlining the tooth decay which is going to cost me thousands of dollars. This is BS and I am not happy. I gave it a 4 because yes it works but the pain and misery of what it puts you though is not worth the agony. I did however find something interesting Trader Joes makes a Mint. These mints are strong and very similar to the commit flavor so I am going to try this and see if it works. I am not sure if it will and I will probably be one moody bastard but it's worth a shot will be mixing them with my commits. I am so frustrated I just want to quit and anyone saying they followed the program um yeah well if your a real addict you would be addicted to these easy. I think the manufactures have some explaining to do or creating a solution for those of us who are totally hooked because whether it works or not is not the issue it's about the agony were all going through with the other issues and making others suffer with our well GAS issues. If you are on these for a long time they will cause issues. Also the Aspertime is not good times that stuff is deadly they should be making this with naturals no with this crap. Anyhow i will let you know my progress.

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Now you have to quit Commit's! March 25, 2009
Reviewer: Annie from California

Add oral problems to the list - sore throat, inner mouth tissue breakdown and gums losen around teeth, promotes tooth problems. CAN A PERSON GET CANCER FROM THESE LOZENGES??

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It's a lot better than tobacco!!! March 21, 2009
Reviewer: Jeff S from Charleston, SC

I too have been using Commit for a few years now. I would MUCH rather be using these than tobacco. I was a dipper and smoker for while, then just dip(smokless tobacco). Commit has helped me to quit both. However, I have accidentaly swallowed them a couple of times and they get stuck in my esophagus(sp?) for a while until they get dislodged. But then I worry about what harm might come from a lozenge in my stomache or intestines! Anyway, that is my own fault for accidentaly swallowing a whole lozenge. The packaging says you are supposed to minimize swallowing the juice that forms from them, so I am sure it's not good to swallow the whole thing! Other than that I love using them, now I just need to actually STOP using them and I'll be nicotine free!

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quiting smoking was easy March 15, 2009
Reviewer: PC from Seattle

I quit smoking over a year ago after using patches for 2 days. Then to prevent gaining weight I went on a diet and since I began the diet every thought I have is on food so the thought of a ciggarette never crosses my mind,Quitting snacking and controlling eating is far more difficult. I smoked since I was 13 years old and was 60 when I quit

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Quitter after 31 years March 14, 2009
Reviewer: J. DUE from RAVENDEN, AR

I can't believe some of the reviews! I had no idea people were having so many problems getting hooked on these things. I had smoked for 31 years and tried the patches, nicotine gum and being hypnotized but to no avail. I smoked app. 2 packs a day and really enjoyed smoking. However, I sounded horrible and had not even hit the big 50 yet! A month before i decided to quit i went from smoking menthol to smoking anything non menthol and smoking less than 10 a day. I also took lozenges during this period of time even though i wasn't suppose too. I did this for 30 days and then quit using the lozenges. I did stay on the lozenges probably about 6 months but then just quit taking them. I have been smoke free for almost 2 years and lozenge free for 18 months. They worked for me and I still can't believe I actually quit smoking.

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Commit addict March 12, 2009
Reviewer: Tom from Milwaukee

I quit smoking over 2 years ago and I thought I was the only one addicted to Commits. I thought the gas was due to my healthier diet.

Thanks for the advice on quitting the Commits.

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Twelve weeks! Try forever! March 10, 2009
Reviewer: Mona from Atlanta, GA

I suppose if you use these exactly as they say to they will work.

When you buy a pack of smokes can you limit yourself to how many cigarettes you intend on smoking in a specific amount of time??

Most of us cannot....epsecially if something "hair-raising" is going on in our lives. GET THE PICTURE?? I have been hooked on these for over three years. I have spent an average of $35 per week.

With my portfolio going to Hell I have to stop the insanity, so today I am going through withdrawal from Commit 4m. It ain't fun and yes these ARE EVIL.

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Reviewer: Gf from seattle wa

I quit smoking using these and wished i had gone cold turkey...

they cause

terrible gas

gum and tooth trouble

hand tremors

chest pain

and are

more addictive than cigarettes

very expensive

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Gave up Commit for Lent February 26, 2009
Reviewer: B. from Illinois

It felt good to read all the posts and know I am not alone. I have been taking Commit for years and I keep tapering off but go right back up to where I started. It did help me quit smoking but then I could take commit anywhere and nobody knew. I have had numerous dental issues, abdominal pain, gas, bloating and loss of money.

I am sick of being addicted to things and I feel like I have to stop the cycle. It has only been two days without the lozenges and I swear my GI tract feels better already. Water and hard candy and gum will get me through somehow.

Maybe next I will tackle my caffeine addiction. (Unlikely)

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broke out in major rash February 26, 2009
Reviewer: K.lyons from new york

I started commit on Tuesday Feb 17th. Thursday night the 19th my legs were itching, then Fri night I noticed bumps on my upper arm. On Tuesday the 24th, I had an itchy rash covering my legs, chest and upper arms. I have a feeling, years down the road we will hear horror stories about this product.

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Logenzes and Patch February 16, 2009
Reviewer: RJ from Nebraska

Here is what I am doing and would recommend to anybody interested. I am a tobacco chewer, so the logenzes were a natural fit for me. I can totally understand how people get hooked on these things, it's much like chewing tobacco. What works is this, do the logenges for a month or so, then convert over to the patch. You still get a little nicotine on a consistent level and rid yourself of the daily logenges. Start with the 21 Mg nicotine patch and work your way down. I buy the Equate patches and they work fine and are much cheaper. I also bought the Equate lognzes, much less expensive.

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Describe your lower GI problems, PLEASE! February 15, 2009
Reviewer: Sara from Texas

Commit did help me stop smoking, that much is true. Like most smokers, I "over do" anything I like (smoking 2 packs a day, sucking on a commit every time I realize my mouth is empty). Anyway, about six months after I started taking them, I would just get terrible lower abdominal pain. To the point I felt like I was going to die. I went to the doctors, they looked "high" - upper GI, and "low" -lower GI, and told me basically I was suffering with chronic constipation. My intestines were so full, I could not process food anymore and would vomit as my body would attempt to digest it. I am just wondering if anyone else has had the following symptoms 1) intense stomach pain about two hours after eating 2) vomiting the food eaten about two hours prior 3) Intense lower abdominal pain/pressure. The idiot doctor gave me a BS diagnosis of "celiac disease" (because it seemed worse after eating breads/pasta), but I think it is connected with my little pills.

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quit 3-1/2 years ago February 06, 2009
Reviewer: J.R. from Corona, CA

I quit with commit mint which worked fine for me. I started with 5 lozenges per day (your dosage my vary), and followed the 12-week program; decreasing the dosages with the stickers in my work calender. One MUST be determined to stop smoking and follow the program to a tee. I smoked lite and ultra-lite since Christ was a corporal, about a thousand years I think. 2 mg worked for me and took the edge off. The problem that I had was my break time at work. I didn't know what to do with myself at first then started walking a mile in 15 minutes and have been walking daily since. Good Luck to all! I recommend commit mint or cherry flavored. I have quit years ago (for 9 months) with the patch. It was very, very difficult and I would not try the patch again.

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Unbelievable February 03, 2009
Reviewer: Kath from Missouri

It is so good to hear other people with the same problems. I was a closet chewer/sucker for over 10 years. I am not sure how secret my little secret was since I chewed or sucked practically all day long ... like no one would notice! Yeah! I quit 14 days ago the commit lozenges. I was doing good and then for some reason I just had a bad day, I flipped out, I couldn't take myself ... really bad day. bought a box, sucked four and then I threw the box away ..... Now I am on day three AGAIN trying to fight the urges. Just do Cold Turkey from cigarettes unless you promise yourself to follow the instructions on these NRTs.

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It worked. January 30, 2009
Reviewer: Kim Duggan from Macau

It worked for my husband and he's had absolutely no regrets or need for a smoke. It's awesome. Most people who write on the net write to complain; people who succeed just move on so you don't hear the 'real life' success stories (for most issues not just smoking). It's worth a try.

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Possible Stomach and thyroid disorder January 26, 2009
Reviewer: WPC from Laredo, Texas

I've used Commit twice to sucessfully stop smoking. The first time I was able to stop smoking easily with them but, I developed a problem with my Throat, Thyroid, and Stomach. I'm sure that this product caused it. I contacted the company and they had no comment. I stopped using them and the problems went away. I started playing around with cigars 3 years later and turned to old faithful commit, and sure enough those same problems came back. This product is great if you want to stop smoking but I'm sure they have side effects and the possibility of addiction. The Makers aren't going to disclose this info, just as the tobacco companies held info from the public at one time.

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Traded one addiction for another January 20, 2009
Reviewer: ChckII from Middle Georgia

Needless to say, I'm hooked on Commit lozenges. Traded one crutch for another...after reading all the other rant and raves from users, I'm not the only sucker/user. My only side effect has been the nagging urge to buy more. I stopped smoking during the summer of 2007. Also, I haven't bought any lozenges in about a week. Hopefully I can wean myself off those littler buggers.

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Got me off smoking, but... January 13, 2009
Reviewer: Jack44 from Kentucky, USA

Ok, first off the lozenges WILL get you to quit smoking. At least, they did for me. But I have not quit them yet and it has been about 3 years. I don't have but maybe an average of 3 per day, and usually don't even have one until the afternoon. These lozenges enabled me to stop smoking 7 cigars a day (and yes, inhaling them). I went from a pack a day of cigarettes to the cigars (which were worse I think), to not smoking at all because of the lozenges.

I actually realize I can quit these, I just don't want to. I have had no dental issues because of this product.

My advice, is weigh something like lung cancer to the worst that can happen with these (I think cavities was the worst problem?).

If you are thinking of quitting smoking, these lozenges are definitely an option you should try. In my humble (and non wheezy) opinion of course.

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The cherry lozenge tastes alot better than a cig...... January 08, 2009
Reviewer: Heather from Swanton,OH USA

I have been "practicing quitting smoking" for about 3 years now. I've smoked for a total of 14 years.I tried the gum,but didn't care for it.So I picked up the Commit Lozenges and sort of got hooked on the cherry ones.One time when I ran out of lozenges at work,I found myself searching my whole car for just one loose one I might have dropped.I have to admit,although occasionally,I get hiccups feircly when I first put one in my mouth,I love these lozenges.And yes I thought they would be a hard thing to give up in the end,untill I read an awesome book from cover to cover that I picked up at the library.If nothing else helps you quit,I think that this book will do it for most.Allen Carr's-"Stop smoking the easy way."After I read that book about a year ago on like my 12th try on quitting,I didn't crave nicotine at all, seriously.I quit for a total of 8 monthes.Then fall came around and my 10 year old with ADHD and a MOOD DISORDER really started to bug me and I felt like I needed something to release all of my stresses at the time.I blamed my starting back up on the "change of season"!Now,three and a half monthes later,I'm totally sick of smoking, AGAIN,and I am back on the lozenges.I really can't wait to get that book and read it again.I KNOW that it's gonna help me like it did before.Maybe come next fall I'll try to find a nice rock to hide under untill the new year.Good luck to everyone on putting nicotine away for GOOD!

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Hooked for four years but now EMPOWERED!! January 01, 2009
Reviewer: THANK GOD I'm not alone from Big Wonderful Wyoming

Quit smoking in March 2005 with the patch and gum. I already had lost half my teeth and had a partial denture at the time so I decided to try the Commit since the nicotine gum got hung up on the denture. Good news is I DID quit smoking; bad news is I have every lower gi problem described in these reviews, I had what was left of all the rest of my teeth pulled out last year, I gained 20 lbs, constantly retain water, and use about $3,120 a year on this addiction, which the Dr.'s I go to have all said "isn't hurting me" and that I could probably take them forever. I am 51 and had smoked at least a pack a day for 32 years when I quit, but I am going to start cutting these monsters in half then in fourths and try my hardest to quit. Had to pay smokers rates when I upped my life insurance this summer. These things are the DEVIL!!! because you will still have to quit them once you quit smoking. The fear of needing will power has been my 'reason' to keep using this garbage; I guess it's time to grow up! I'm just glad I'm not alone. I will try every single thing mentioned here to quit Commit.

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It totally worked for me! December 25, 2008
Reviewer: Derek from Chicago, IL USA

I had read many terrible things about the Commit Lozenges before I tried them. Many people seemed to be addicted to them and suffering a range of side effects. However, I decided to try them for myself and found that they worked wonders! I simply did what the instructions said, using the amounts instructed. I have been smoke-free for 10 months and couldn't be happier. It still takes willpower and it is not a cure all pill. So, i recommend them to anyone who believes that he/she has enough self control and really wants to quit.

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HAND TREMORS December 16, 2008
Reviewer: LAN from CALIF

I have to type this with one finget. My hands shake so bad i've given up trying to typ correctlt. Its pathetic. please god help me get ogg these things. nt hand cant hold the mouse in order to correct it with spellcheck. thank you for letting me know i'm noy alone.

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A New Addiction; Serious Consequences December 15, 2008
Reviewer: Joe from highland park from chicago

I smoked for 20 years and, not wanting cancer, tried to quit with commit. I have been addicted for 5 years, and I have ranged from 4mg 15X a day to, at the low end, 2mg 5X a day. They are exorbitantly expensive (tho still a little less than cigs). I thought the only real "cost" was financial -- no side effects -- but I noticed that my teeth are thin (almost transparent) and jagged. After some research, I am certain I have suffered serious "dental erosion" caused by a foreign substance and an abrasive almost constantly in my mouth. There was no warning whatsoever that this would happen. Sure, Commit says that it is a 12 week program, so they they suggest they are not responsible for any problems if one "abuses" them. But they are highly addictive - just like nicotine in cigarette form - and I strongly suspect that an enormous number of users are permanently addicted to them. And I suspect further, that GSK knows and encourages this -- why else would they have all the coupons, deals, promotions, rebates, if you are supposed to be done after 3 boxes. I feel embarrassed, guilty, and betrayed that I have been rotting out my teeth with these stupid things - and paying thousands of dollars in the process. Yes, they DID help me get off cigs. But not without damage. I now have to quit these too and I am terrified of the withdrawal. It is a scandal that there is not some better regulation of these things.

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No such thing as tapering off when addicted. December 14, 2008
Reviewer: Maggie from Salinas, California

Maybe you should write a book:

Don't want to write a book:

"but it is clear from reading some of the stories here, quite a few people are over using NRT. It should only be used to take the edge of cravings, simply to break a few associations and then quickly tapered off."

The reason we are writing about (mostly lozenges) is b/c we can't simply and quickly taper off. This is serious stuff and needs to be addressed in the Medical field and even the court of law. It's as bad, if not worse, than the tobacco industry. In fact they have just repackaged cigarettes. I hear stories about this constantly...the patch, the gum..but it looks like lozenges are the most damaging to the nervous system, teeth and gums, and stomach.

The patch does not cause problems like these. The gum is less severe b/c they are in your mouth for as long as you like...the lozenges melt and being orally addicted you want to replace it. They are just too good. Look at the sales in the past few years. They are quickly catching up with the older two. seems to me that we can't simply taper off. Just read the postings.

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5 year addiction to date December 13, 2008
Reviewer: Cory from Utah

5 years ago I quit smoking and went to the nicotine gum. rotted my teeth. switched to committ lozenges. I cant make it 1 day without going completely crazy. The cost of these lozenges are completely unreasonable. 5 years later and thousands of dollars worth of lozenges I feel I've been taken, scammed and screwed over.

they take the nicatine out of the cigerette, put it in a lozenge and call it good. BS. Scam artist.

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Weight Gain after Commit December 04, 2008
Reviewer: Mike from Jersey

I used commit to quit smoking (huge help with quitting) and like most others posting here I was hooked on the lozenges for about 8-9 months. After a bad dental visit I quit the lozenges cold. It was difficult for the first couple weeks but got better. I have since gained about 15 lbs. I liked having something in my mouth and without paying attention I have recently realized that I have somewhat replaced the lozenges with food. I read the posts about dentiva but at $5 for 12 I don't want to now get addicited to those. If you can manage to stop using the lozenges, pay attention to your food intake.

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These things are EVIL November 24, 2008
Reviewer: Disgusted Wife from New York, NY

My husband quit smoking more than 5 years ago and he continues to use at least a dozen lozenges each day. His teeth are ruined, his dentist won't see him anymore because his account is in collections (how can you pay for massive dental work if you're spending $$$$ on nicotine each week?). He has non-stop gas and diarrhea and even his bowel movements smell like fake mint (which is even more disgusting than it sounds). Truth be told I don't even enjoy hanging out with him in the evening anymore because he sits there and stares into space with his mouth going around and around and around on his lozenge. Oh yeah, he has also started smoking cigars again in addition to the lozenges.

Meanwhile he is in total denial and calls them his "mints", as in "have you seen my mints?" like he is a little old lady getting ready for church. Yes, he is an addict responsible for his own choices but shame, shame, shame on the industry for taking advantage of people like him. Do yourself a big favor and avoid this product like the plague.

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Lozenge Junkie... November 20, 2008
Reviewer: Questa from Memphis, TN

I tried everything to help me quit smoking for almost 25 years until I found these 4 years ago and was finally able to quit. The problem is I went from being a 2 pack a day smoker to a 2.5 boxes a week Commit addict. I've had cold turkery cigarette quits that lasted a few weeks which were far easier than quitting the lozenges. I've now gone through all those things that didn't work in helping me quit smoking again in an effort to stop the lozenges and still I go back to them. Patches, gum, hypnosis, meds, nothing has helped.

The thing is that this form of nicotine seems more physically addicitive to me. I get so extremely edgy I almost feel I may be violent for no reason and I am a pacifist. I get the shakes that are worse than a minor tremble and headaches, insomnia, and a rash. I haven't heard of anyone else ever getting a rash from nicotine withdrawal and I never got one from regular nicotine withdrawal, just with the lozenges.

I wish I'd never started on these things. I'm spending more than 100.00 a week on them and I can't afford them, but I do it anyway.

I even tried to just start smoking again to get off these things and it didn't work. I don't want to smoke, I no longer like the taste or smell or anything about smoking. I'd finish a smoke and open a lozenge because that's what I was craving.

I don't suggest using these things because of my experience. It works to quit, that's for sure, but this addiction is worse.

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Pay attention to use November 14, 2008
Reviewer: Bill from Canada

NRT is not only a different form of nicotine, compared to what is delivered with smoking, but the body reacts differently to NRT than smoking.


In essence you are trading one form of chemical dependence for another form which you are hoping is more tolerable for you, though it may not be, AND you're hoping you will be less addicted, able to break free easier.

Essentially, NRT (nicotine) is simply used to pump up dopamine levels, while withdrawing from smoking. NOTE: doing other dopamine increasing activities while quiting will achieve similar effects.

You will NOT know whether it is an effective treatment for you or not until you try it.

One of the factors in withdrawal from all chemicals is the detox period the body MUST go thru to enter a recovery state. NRT is questionable here because NRT is itself a toxin that the body must also recover from. NET itself will stress the detox process, which can and does make detox harder.

MOST smokers can easily, within reason, get themselves down to 10-12 cigs a day. NRT even when used in minimal doses (7mg patch) 3-5 NRT candies, etc., is pretty much equivalent to the nicotine load of 10-12 cigs. NOTE: most NRTs do not spike adrenaline so whatever NRT is in the body will persist longer ... simply because the blood (heart rate) is filtering thru the kidneys slower.

Smoking is very effective form of nicotine delivery in terms of targeting the effect and minimizing the effect/load on other systems. That is: to get X amount of nicotine to the brain by smoking, requires much less nicotine due to the delivery mechanism. To achieve the same targeted load with NRT, the blood stream has to be loaded to a higher level. This means, for most smokers, NRT has a higher consistent system load over time than nicotine from smoking does, although NRt will have a lower MAX blood level at peak, than smoking, it will have a higher average load. This is NOT what most smokers are used to. The effects of that difference, given the potency of nicotine, can be significant.

Don't want to write a book, but it is clear from reading some of the stories here, quite a few people are over using NRT. It should only be used to take the edge of cravings, simply to break a few associations and then quickly tapered off.

Finally the statistical chance of quitting is doubled from 7-10% to 14-20%, with NRT. The studies for this is questionable with a lot of unknowns. Increasing your odds of quitting by 7-10%, by using NRT, is also a questionable practise.

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Just Quit November 14, 2008
Reviewer: Denise from Gaithersburg, MD USA

Thank you all for posting here. I am on my 4th day of not smoking and I've been using the Commit 4mg, which has been working great. But now I'm going to start cutting them in half thanks to all of your posts. I haven't had any of the problems posted here, except maybe the gas a little...but I also don't swallow when I am using them...I keep spitting into a cup when my mouth gets full. I know thats gross but maybe its good that is grossing me out. I can see now how easy it would be to stay on these...already have several friends getting me the free samples online. LOL Maybe I will just give those away...definitely not using the 12 week plan they suggest.

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Getting off of Commit with Dentiva November 13, 2008
Reviewer: Smiling Cowboy from Casper, WY

Commit worked for me after 30 years of smoking. Yeah! Like Carol I got addicted to the Commit for two years. After reading Graceful's review in May, I went looking for Dentiva. I couldn't find it anywhere. I finally found their website and was able to purchase it there. My dentist tells me that it has also helped my breath and gingavitis. Thanks to Commit, I no longer smoke and thanks to Dentiva, my wife will kiss me again!

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Reviewer: Carol Thompson from USA

Iwas amazed at how the Commit Lozenges allowed me to quit smoking. It is now over 10 mos. since I had a cig. However, I am addicted to the Commits. Also, since one week after quitting smoking I developed depression that is still with me. I have tried natural things, also exercise, but still I am depresed. I was not depressed before quitting, my life is still the same, and the depression is coming from within, a direct result of quitting smoking. I have mild COPD. I smoked over 50 years, heavily. A friend of mine told me that she has a friend who got depressed while on the Commit Lozenges, chucked them out and was not depressed anymore. I am struggling with the depression, low enery, but can never smoke again because of the breathing problems I had when doing so. I just cannot seems to stop the Commits.

Where can I purchase DENITVA? Thanks.


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Cut them up October 25, 2008
Reviewer: JA from Midwest USA

I quit smoking 2 years ago and have been hooked on the lozenges ever since. I took the advice given here and started cutting them into quarters. I didn't think that would work, but it really has. I used to use 10 or so a day, but now I'm down to about 2 a day with the quarters. Soon I hope to be totally off. Thanks a lot to the person that suggested it.

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I am almost through 60 days October 22, 2008
Reviewer: RD from Texas

I am 50 days in and chewing tobacco free. But now I like the commit lozenge. Surely there is a sugar free cherry no nicotine slow dissolve replacement.

Has anybody found one

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commit addict - help! October 18, 2008
Reviewer: Deb from Florida

I'm so glad I found other addicts. I have asked so many doctors and nurses how harmful it is to be addicted for 4 years now to commit. I always get the same answer. There's no studies yet to show all the harmful effects of such long term use. Well in reading all of your stories I have found all these horrible things that I have also been experiencing. I'm afraid to tell my doctor about how messed up my stomach is. I have tried to quit with other sugar free candy and give up after 2 days. I will try again. If anyone else reads these stories and is also addicted please share.

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Thanks for sharing October 16, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous from USA

I guess I'm addicted also and I have gained unexplained weight. At the request of my dentist, I called Commit before I started to verify there is no suger in them and I was told there is not. I have already purchased 2mg as my 4mg are almost gone. I appreciate these reviews and will most likely stop when the 2mg are gone. They have also stopped including coupons in the box. There is a $10 1 time only rebate form now. They tell me my check was mailed 9-30 and it is now 10-16 and I have not received it.

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Better than smoking, but ... October 11, 2008
Reviewer: Frustrated addict from Tucson, AZ USA

I have not had a cigarette for more than 10 years. Sadly, I am still addicted to nicotine, first via gum, and more recently lozenges. Interesting reading about problems with teeth. After not having anything except routine cleaning for over 40 years, I was just told that I need $3000 worth of dental work. What the hell is going on?

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Extreme hair loss!! October 07, 2008
Reviewer: Jamie from Ithaca

Since I started taking these lozenges, I lost over half of my hair. I didn't know what was causing the extreme hair loss until I stopped taking them...then it stopped.

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Panic September 27, 2008
Reviewer: Maggie from Ca. USA

I can't get off of these lozenges. 2mg almost 15 -20 a day. It's making me crazy and I' already suffering from bipolar illness. My teeth are shot. None of the Doctor's know or are alarmed. How bad is this on your health? How do I get off of them. Should I switch to gum, which I hate....I really need help here.

In addition it's messing with cortisol which has a lot to do with depression.

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Free at last September 17, 2008
Reviewer: Paul Duggan from Macau, China

Hi there to all,

This will be my final note to this site as i am done with the smokes and the commits.

May 26, 2008 i stopped the smokes and about a month ago i ran out of commits. Luckily for me, living in Macau, commits are not readily available so the temptation to go to the corner shop and stock up was not there.

In my last review i wrote about cutting the commits in half - this is really a top tip and towards the end i cut them into quarters. You all might think that is a bit extreme but hey what ever works.

Make a plan and stick to it!

Starve that monster!

Thanks again to commit

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Commit addiction September 12, 2008
Reviewer: Charlotte from Idaho Falls, ID USA

I quit a pack-a-day cigarette addiction using Commit lozenges. I had smoked for 48 years and was so happy that something could keep me off the cancer sticks. That was 04/08/08. Can anything now get me off the 14-lozenge-a-day addiction? At 2mg lozenges, that's 28 mg of nicotine a day. Any suggestions?

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Beware the new addiction!!! September 06, 2008
Reviewer: Stillfighting from Roswell, GA

I quit (smoking) first, then told my husband (a closet tobacco chewer) that it was his turn. We quit smoking and chewing 5 years ago. We have looked around and are still paying smoking rates on all of our insurance premiums. We still have addictions and are very dependent on the lozenges. Oh, and did I mention that we are spending $120 per week on lozenges? I had a one box habit and my husband was using 2. Unreal!!! I just decided to quit cold turkey this week. I am on day #4 now. It has been very rough. When I smoked, I only smoked 10 cigarettes a day. With the lozenges, my husband and I were using the 4mg and we were popping them socially most of the time. I was up to over 10 a day. So rather than the 10-15mg of nicotine I was used to with smoking, I had worked my way up to over 40mg with the lozenges. That is scary.

I will never go back to smoking. That does not even tempt me. I sure wish (for many reasons) I had quit the lozenges years ago. I think they harmed my teeth. I suspect that due to the long term use, I have done other damage to myself too. Try finding ANY information on line about the long term risks. There is nothing.

The bottom line is that after you quit have to be prepared to quit another habit again. And for those of us who are comforted with addictions, that can be VERY difficult. So have a plan. And act on it more quickly than I did!!!

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Side affects from long term use of commit September 01, 2008
Reviewer: Carrie from Atlanta, Ga

Was a 50 yr.old female smoker for 30 years, and tried everything out there to stop smoking. Was recommended Chantix...and it worked! Expensive, but highly recommend and did not take long...only refilled one prescription, and didn't finish it. Not a hard time quitting, but to be on the safe side added the commit lozenges toward the end of the prescription to make sure of not failing. Haven't smoked since July 07,and don't have the urge. Can't stop the lozenges. Having major. health issues with intenstinal problems, Have not had an urge for a long time for a cigarette, but giving up the commit is another story. Will be going to look into trying the hard sugar free candies, (MINTS, tums,cinnamon candy, etc.) Have also put on weight that just won't come off. May try breaking them into quarters, too, (taking approx 4-7 per day.) Will NEVER smoke again, but HAVE to get off of these lozenges. Thanks for all the suggestions. Obviously have replaced one addiction with another. Good Luck to everyone! Remember Chantix works.... just don't add commit with it. I didn't have to, or feel the need to, just wanted to make sure this time I was going to succeed. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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Traded one addiction for another August 16, 2008
Reviewer: Charlotte from Virginia

Wow!I glad to see I am not the only one who simply moved from one addiction to another. I have been "hooked" on Commit lozenges for three years. Yes...they really did help me give up a 30+year habit, but I soon found I could not quit using Commit as easily. I am going to try the tips being offered as I am having health issues such as pressure in chest and ringing in ears. There may be no connection, but I want to quit this expensive habit anyway. It is ridiculous to complain about the price of gas for my car when I am spending $37.00 every ten days for lozenges. Thanks!

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Commit Addiction getting worse over 4 years August 10, 2008
Reviewer: Dan from Park City, UT

I remember telling people how great these things were. I felt very clever. I was getting my nicotine whenever I wanted it, wherever I wanted it and with no one knowing about my little habit. I even started shunning the smokers at work, mentally assigning them into a lower class.

I had started on the 2's moved up to the 4's and then even started putting two 4mg in my mouth at once!!!! These things are highly addictive - much more so than any other form of nicotine. WHY?! Because they are the ultimate form of nicotine delivery with no nasty effects like smoke or spit, the bad breath and constant chewing with the gum, the nasty patch ring etc etc etc! - It sounds great until your teeth start falling apart or you have a heart attack.

Someone else pointed out that the main problem is that they leave the addict in control of how much nicotine he or she uses. It's too incremental and casual and thats why people end up addicted to them.

I am Lozenge free for 35 hours... and I feel like popping off one of these keyboard keys and sucking on it.

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You have to quit sometime July 31, 2008
Reviewer: Jeff from New York

I was happy with this product. I would say to be careful how you use it because you can just as easily get addicted to the lozenges, but for me it worked great. The first few days of quitting smoking are going to suck no matter how you slice it. With the lozenges though, you have a crutch to get you through. While they are recommended for use up to 12 to 16 weeks, I stopped after about 4 days. You have to beat the nicotine at some point, and that sucks too, so I just wanted to get it over with. Its been about three weeks now, and I haven't had a smoke. Its to the point where I don't even feel the need for one when I am sober, but on weekends, after a few drinks, I still have the urge.

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Why Commit?? July 30, 2008
Reviewer: Barbara from Connecticut

I have used Commit for the last seven years. I went from smoking to Commit with the same nicotine addiction. I have tried to stop but the withdrawals are the same as trying to quit smoking. The only "benefit" is that Commit is socially more acceptable. The cost is outrageous and I am still in the same boat I was before Commit except I can now pop a commit during meetings, stores, etc.. I am desperate to rid myself of this addiction but mentally I keep saying I'm not ready. Cold turkey probably would have been better in the long run.

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GAS July 02, 2008
Reviewer: RMR from Georgia

I was so glad , like everyone else, to see other people were having the same problems. I've been addicted to lozenges for now atleast 8months! My God! That's too long. After seeing the horrible gas wasn't just me and reading the possible dental problems I decided to throw out a new pack! I just spent 25 bucks on! I think I imight need to take the trash to the dumpster to make sure I don't try to get them tomorrow.

I've overdosed-several times-Usually causes a major headache that last 24-36 hours. The gas is constant and thank God my boyfriend can deal with it.

To sum up: The lozenge can definitely help you stop smoking. It is not safe though-you can lose teeth and lose dignity (gas you can't hide).

On to the store to buy some altoids!

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Lozenge Addiction. July 02, 2008
Reviewer: Sue from Lincolnshire, U.K.

I gave up smoking over 1 year ago and find I am addicted to the lozenges. I certainly wish I had gone cold turkey now, it would have been over and done with by now. I suppose the best way to quit them is cold turkey and do your mental homework before you do, just like you prepare yourself for stopping smoking. I used to go all day at work and not nip out for a crafty cig but it is easy to pop a lozenge in my mouth whereas before I wouldn`t have had a nicotine intake for a few hours.

I had breathing problems so had to quit smoking but pleased to say they are a lot better now and I am so grateful to have been able to stop. I don`t like this new addiction and want to find the courage to stop it.

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It's better then the 2 evils June 30, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous from USA

I am very glad to read all these, I have quit smoking for 2 1/2 years now and have used the committ lozenges. As of lately my chest has been so sore and has felt like heartburn non stop, I do feel this is a side effect of 15 of this commit daily. So as of yesterday I am down to 4 and plan to stop by using hard candies. I don't usually have heartburn except when I was pregnant so I'll update if quiting these helps this issue.

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Its me again from Macau June 25, 2008
Reviewer: Paul Duggan from Macau, China

Just wanted to give you all an update.

Off the smokes for a month now thanks largly to Commit.

After reading the letters on this site, 3 weeks ago, from most of you complaining about your new found struggles with your Commit addiction. I decided to chop all the commits in half and now my intake is way down to 5-6 halfs a day. This is the way to go. Next week i will reduce again. Smoking pangs are all but gone i have even been to the pub several times so all most excellent there.

Set a goal - keep to it - and continue to starve that nicotine monster that is slowly, but surely, dying and leaving your body for good!

For my last packet of Commits i chose the minty ones which taste just like regular strong mints. So the plan is to eventually replace Commits with regular sugar free mints with in a months time.

Will keep you all posted.

Cheers to all.

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Grandpa quits smoking after 50 years!! June 12, 2008
Reviewer: Richard from Oxford, NJ USA

I trisd Commit 2mg Cherry lozenges and it worked. The only problem is that the Commit REPLACES cigarette nicotine... it does NOT eliminate the cravings for nicotine. The Commit satisfyies that craving just like a cigarette would, except you don't get the 100-something poisonous gases that are in a cigarette. I spend $51.54 a week from Amazon for my Commits. I wish I went cold turkey, as hard as that is. Thumbs down to Commit. Try something else.

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Hearing loss as well June 02, 2008
Reviewer: Itsme from NJ

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I am also experiencing hearing loss.

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Transfer of addiction June 02, 2008
Reviewer: Itsme from NJ

I am 63 years old and started smoking at age 18.

I have not smoked a cigarette since Jan. 2006. That's when I started Commit Lozenges. What I have done in reality is to transfer my nicotine addiction to Commit Lozenges instead of cigarettes.

My teeth are in horrible condition. A molar just simply fell out of my mouth a couple of weeks ago. The one next to it is ready to go as well.

I also have shortness of breath and gas. I feel a heaviness in my chest that doesn't go away.

I'm one of those people with no health insurance and no dental insurance so there is nothing I can do. I am hopelessly addicted to nicotine.

I believe GSK is misleading the public into a false sense of security with their stop smoking aids.

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Still off..... May 29, 2008
Reviewer: Ian from MD

I have been off the Commit for months now. I have also stopped alchohol and caffeine. Weight and blood pressure are coming down and I have time to do things again.

I am still on the coolmint icebreakers though. They are the best!!!!

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4 days in and looking very good May 29, 2008
Reviewer: Paul Duggan from Macau, China.

Well its day four - totally smokless, thanks to commit. Its really going very well. Been a pack a day smoker for 20 plus years. I turned 40, 4 days ago and as a present to me, my wife and two little ones decided it was finally time to kick the habbit. Very glad to have read all your letters re the potiential addictive dangers of Commit. So my guard is up and stick to the program is the only plan. Only on 2mg x 6-7 per day. Power to you all. Paul Duggan, Macau, China.

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Work great, but are addictive May 08, 2008
Reviewer: Graceful from Houston, TX

It is certainly healthier than smoking and for that i am thankful. To quit the Commit, I switched to Dentiva - a lozenge that lasts for hours, designed to promoted dental health. It seems Commit can become more habit forming than addictive after a point, so it was great to find something to replace the habit.

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Benefits overshadow side effects April 21, 2008
Reviewer: Zoozy from Pa, USA

I would recommend this product only if the user is well aware of the addiction risks. I'm so glad I found this site and everyones helpful suggestions. I smoked for 16 years. I started Commit 4/2/08. It was scarey how easy it was to replace the cigarette with the lozenge. I tried the 4mg but they gave me a huge lump in my throat before I was halfway through the lozenge and felt like I was going to throw up right then and there. Only a quick gulp of water would push the lump back down. I switched to the 2mg next with much better results. But I was getting worried. I'm due to start the 2nd step and I was thinking I wouldn't be able to cut back on the amount I'm using and depending on. I'll try the suggestions to cut the lozenge into pieces. At step 3 I'll mix in the Tums. I don't think I'm far enough in to have any of the teeth problems people are having but I do have horrible gas problems. It was suggested to me to try Beano. I plan on picking some up next grocery trip. Good luck to everyone out there on quiting smoking and kicking the Commit habit/addiction.

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Addicted almost 4 yrs! April 11, 2008
Reviewer: Susan from Florida

My husband & I both. Can you imagine the money spent? And we are STILL on #4's. Wow! Thank you all. I thought it was just us. I am going to try the above: dried ginger chips. We have tried everything else to quit. My husband was just going to the Dr. because of lower GI tract problems. Thank you all!

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Afraid of commit April 08, 2008
Reviewer: Scared from Texas

I'd rather quit cold turkey and become homicidal than continue to use Commit! I have developed a bump in my mouth after using them sparingly for about a year with no luck quitting. They make me feel so good that I never thought I should quit using them. Now i'm worried that this bump could be mouth cancer and it's worn my tooth down in that area. Do NOT attempt to use the lozenges unless you are determined to quit. I think I just replaced one addiction with another because I didn't *really* want to stop. BEWARE!

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Gas can be worse, try these and see! April 08, 2008
Reviewer: Ian from MD

If you think the gas was bad on Commit, try Icebreaker mints (a good replacement to get you off). I am like a hot air balloon. I have been nicotine free for weeks/months now.

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Stop using Commit April 08, 2008
Reviewer: NICOTINE FREE from Michigan

I had been on Commit for almost 3 years. I finally quit Commit 72 days ago and was ready to go buy a box until I read this site. I cannot beleive how many people are addicted to these. I don't have the tooth decay but was using about 12 a day. I have now decided NOT to buy another box!! I spent a lot of money - now saving for a nice vacation. Thanks for everyone writing in - it gave me great motivation to stay off the Commit! YEAH - NICOTINE FREE!!

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I've been taking commits for over 3 years! April 07, 2008
Reviewer: Heather from Virginia

I've been taking commits for over 3 years! I don't even think about smoking cigarettes anymore but can't seem to give up the commits. I've tried replacing them with cough drops, mints, altoids, etc. Nothing is quite the same as the commits. They last longer than all the other items. They should make a commit with 0 mgs. That would be a dream come true.

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Giving up March 22, 2008
Reviewer: Alicia from Canada

I have been addicted to these types of nicotine products for over 3 and half years after smoking for 18 years, I am now into my second week and still feel ill after going cold turkey for a medical that was needed for insurance,

I only found this site due to looking for the side effects that I am going threw as I have thought I am dieing some times… Its not easy I feel sick, dizzy, depressed and hot/cold and not right all in the last 2 weeks… be advised yes they all work but don’t get addicted to them, follow the plan they give you…its very easy to say, hey I’m ok I don’t smoke now, why bother giving up these (nicotine replacement) gun, pastels ect. Will I ever smoke again??..NEVER... will I take the pastel again? Never.. I AM NICOTINE FREE

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the gas March 21, 2008
Reviewer: James from new york

there is a world war going on in my body!!!!

does this ever end??!!

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If I can Quit ,So can You! March 20, 2008
Reviewer: Rick from Florida

I'm a 51yr old Male and have smoked a pack and a half a day for 20 years. I tried the patch, gum, cold turkey, but nothing worked until I tried Commit.I followed the program and I'm now at the end and smoke free.The temptation is always there, but I feel like I have a secret weapon to fight the cravings. Every day is a victory!

I have not been paid to say any of this. It really Worked.

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Moved from tums onto tic tacs March 07, 2008
Reviewer: Ian from MD, USA

Been off the Commit for three weeks now, with very little withdrawl. I am still eating tonnes of mints though, although I have downgraded from Tums to tic tacs.

For the cherry person, I would recommend trying some of the sour Altoids.

Almost completely free and have given up alcohol and caffeine to boot!!!

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ANOTHER Commit Addict Confession February 29, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

For about 2 1/2 years, I have been addicted to the lozenges, and like any addict, I am ashamed, embarrassed and madly in love with my drug of choice. Until this website, I thought I was particularly deviant, now I know there are many of us. And, I am not looking forward to giving up my little white socially acceptable friends who are delivering a legal, smoke-free, constant flow of nicotine to my sick mind...haven't experienced the tooth problems (yet) and thought the gas was just my healthy organic diet...(lol) Geez I just bought another box...maybe after this one...

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What about the cherry Commit? February 21, 2008
Reviewer: Ouida from Texas

I haven't seen anyone mention the cherry flavor and I wonder if one of you has found a substitute for it. I am using 200 to 300 of the 2mg cherry commit and have been for over a year. yes I quit smoking after 35 years but this is just as bad. This forum has alot of suggestions for substitutes for the mint flavor but does anyone have some for the cherry?

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Quitting Commit February 14, 2008
Reviewer: SUSAN from Portland, OR

After getting off the smokes I found myself popping the commits like breath mints. I was going through 8 or 10 a day. I tried substituting with tums and mints. I am diabetic so everything had to be sugar free. My doc said he preferred my using commits to smoking so I thought they were fine. They were getting quite expensive though. One day, while fixing dinner, I popped a piece of dried ginger into my mouth and found the same sensation I would get from the commits. Since then, I have been slicing ginger root into small pieces and having them around for times when I crave a commit. It works great and will ease any stomach problems you may be having as well. TRY IT. Put a small slice against your gum and occassionally bite into it. It will taste a little hot, but gives you a sensation not unlike the commit.

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Just came off the Commit February 11, 2008
Reviewer: Ian from MD USA

After reading all of the really helpful advice here (thank you), I have just come off the Commit for three days now after developing a 4 year, 12+ a day habit. Signs of rapid tooth decay where I hold the tablet also prompted me to stop.

Giving up the Commit is much easier than going cold turkey from the smokes but still a little bit difficult fot the first few days. The person on here who mentioned Tums to help ease the craving should receive a Nobel Peace Prize. They really do work! But don't take too many as you could develop kidney stones. I am mixing Tums with mints to get me through.

Why did I ever get addicted to these things? I guess I thought it would be as difficult as stopping smoking, but giving up the Commit is much easier. One thing is for sure, I would have never stopped using them unless I read what is here. Cheers!

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Tooth decay and an addict February 08, 2008
Reviewer: I from USA

It's a little sad, that when I look for an internet forum or a help group that I can discuss my problems with, the only thing I find are similar sufferers explaining their problems on a product review page.

But you have all been helpful.

I have been on Commit for two/three years now. They are just so addictive. And, despite regular dental checkups, my dentist has just found a cavity that has developed at lightning speed (he was unable to spot it during my last 6 monthly check up, and my X-rays taken a year ago showed nothing). It is in excatly the same spot where I rest my lozengers.

They really need a 1mg version (available in Boots in the UK) or a placebo.

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I have finally found you! February 08, 2008
Reviewer: Zeake from NC

Yes! I am addicted to Committ, They are great!

3 years now, and I am having gum problems, scratchy throat, and tooth decay. But I don't smoke anymore. I suck about 5 a day, I will try all you guys and gals advise for leaving them. You know the hardest part? The "committment" to stop using lozenges is not as strong, because the health concerns are not as great. Good luck to all!

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I smoked 1 & 1/2 packs a day for 18 years! February 06, 2008
Reviewer: J.M.G from Pittsfield, Mass. USA

On new years eve my fiance' and I rid the house of ashtrays, threw out our remaining cigarettes, and sprayed everything with Febreze. We started taking Commit 4mg the next day. Cravings were minimal (but you really have to WANT to quit!!!) It has been 37 days for us! (between the both of us, we split the box of 108, weaned ourselves off of them after 1 week, because we heard they were addictive.) My sister and her husband watched us do it, and they are now on day 7. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is thinking about using Commit. (Just make sure you have plenty of sugar free gum handy!) Good luck!

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Declare War on February 05, 2008
Reviewer: Pat from CT, USA

I have read alot of the reviews on the Commit Lozenge, and realize you risk trading one addiction for another. Years ago I used the patch to quit and that worked well.I quit for 2.5 years. I picked up smoking again recently and went right back to a pack a day. I want to quit for good and forever and was thinking of Commit, now I'm not so sure. So I will go with Nicoderm CQ again, because I won't have to worry about gas, rotting teeth, and a new addiction. Following the nicoderm 3 step program I feel is very efficient. It steps you down off of Nicotine. I suggest definetly wearing it your sleep like they say, you won't wake up with cravings. 3 problems I noticed with the patch, marks left on skin where patch was, vivid dreams when wearing it to bed, and if you have oily skin or sweat alot they may not stick well. I did notice that when they slipped off, it could have been hours that it fell off in my shirt. The first sign that it had fallen off for some time were cravings all of a sudden, or irritability.I fixed that problem with surgical tape over the patch. I say all this because the patch may be an alternative to quitting Commit. It seems Commit allows you to have your craving and lets you satisfy your craving, where the patch satisfies it all day so that you learn to forget about smoking and or using Commit. I'm not bashing Commit, I noticed more complaints about it than praises. Take my word on it, try the patch if you haven't already. Yes it continues to feed you Nicotine, but promises to free you of it, used as directed. It will free you of your gas, white lips and dental issues. I know quite a few people that have also suceeded with Chantix, but again Chantix allows you to smoke while using it. The idea here is to stop taking in Nicotine. If you smoke on the patch, and I know from experience on this one, get a barf bag ready, and sit down you will feel ill for a little while, and remove the patch. That experience definetly encouraged me to quit for good. I know this review was on Commit not Nicoderm but I feel if I could help one person quit smoking and or Commit, then my time writting about Nicoderm has served well.

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Worried February 04, 2008
Reviewer: TE from LA CA

Now you all have me nervous. I read all the posts below. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and I've been chewing about 20 4mg tabs a day. Crazy gas. Teeth still intact. ???

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cravings January 29, 2008
Reviewer: Robin from Bakersfield, CA

I used the prescription Wellbuterin for 5 months to stop the cravings after smoking for 35 years, and being unsuccessful about 7 attempts previously.

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Still Hooked January 14, 2008
Reviewer: Tom from California

After 48 years, I finally quit smoking using the patch, but I started messing around with Commit 2mg Lozenges just before I was finished with the 7mg patches. I only used Commit for about a month or so, but after 7 full days of "Cold Turkey" off the lozenge, I still have very strong cravings. How long does it take to stop craving nicotine?

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Long-term effects of Commit January 10, 2008
Reviewer: Displaced American from Australia

This site has been a breath of fresh air since I thought I was the only one addicted to Commit (Nicabate here in Australia). I'm one of those people who have been on Commit for about 3 years. Yes, it did help me stop smoking after almost 40 years and I'm now more "socially acceptable."

I have been cutting the 2mg lozenge into quarters for the last six months. You'd be surprised how many 1/4 lozenges you can through in a day -- some days I go through the equivalent of 10 or more full lozenges. This has become a serious addiction.

Side-effects after 3 years: Two teeth pulled (including a front tooth) and another three on their way out. Cavities all over the place. In several places the gums are severely receding from the tooth requiring a fill. It will cost over $20,000 in reconstructive dental surgery before it is over. This is from a person who NEVER had major dental problems (or cavities) before using Commit.

Erratic heartbeats. Although I can't directly attribute that to Commit, I suspect there is a link.

At least for some people this stuff is really addictive and is no free ride in terms of giving up smoking.

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Free at Last January 05, 2008
Reviewer: Jmath from NEPA

Two things every potential Commit user should be made aware of: 1.) These lozenges give you a "socially acceptable" way to feed your nicotine habit....on airplanes, in restaurants, etc etc etc. Sounds wonderful, but makes them even HARDER to quit.

2. GlaxoSmithKline is well aware of how addictive the lozenges are. They will NEVER produce the O mg version you are all wishing for, and they will continue to raise the prices.

I smoked for 40 years, and was finally able to quit using the Commit Lozenge. That was 5 years ago....and unfortunately, it took me until 5 days ago to find the strength to give up the Commits.

One hundred million Wintergreen Life Savers later, I'm finally ok, and free at last

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Great to be off Commit January 05, 2008
Reviewer: Non-"Commit"ted from USA

I was hooked on Commit for over 3 years and spent over $8,000 on the lozenges. Yes, I experienced the gas, the white lips, the sore tongue, the dental problems and the dependency of not leaving the house without knowing I had a handful of lozenges with me. But I was not going back to smoking cigarettes and smelling like an ash tray.

I finally got to the point and said, NO MORE!!! I was fed up with all the side effects, money spent, and sucking on what seemed to be glue in my mouth.

How did I get off Commit? I used Trident White cinnamon tingle chewing gum and sugar free cinnamon hard candy. You know what? I don't have cravings for Commit lozenges any more ... None! And you know what else? Once I stopped using Commit, so many changes took place. No more gas. No more white lips. No more dependency whatsoever! I smile every time I walk through a Walmart store knowing I'm not going to that "special register" line to spend mega bucks on Commit again. What a great feeling that is! Another thing ... after sucking on glue and farting for 3 years, my lower GI track is finally clear of all the glue and gas. I must admit that it took about 3 weeks for all the white goo and stringy waste to leave my body (sorry, I don't mean to gross anyone out). Another thing I've noticed is that my abdomen isn't distended like it was when I was hooked on Commit.

I'll tell ya - it can be done! Just make up your mind - be fed up with what you've become. You deserve better in life!! You're in charge of your body and not Commit.

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The price of gas! December 29, 2007
Reviewer: Diane from Portland, Me

At age 47 and having smoked for 29 years I decided to give the these a try. Since I have been a closet smoker for the past 10 years I was only inhaling 10 cigs a day and now am sucking on four 2mg commit a day. Each lozenge lasts for hours and so does the gas. Being a single woman who has dated a lot in the past this is putting a damper on my personal life. Today at the gym I was having a gas attack and found myself quickly heading for the treadmill in front of the fan and hoping the woman next to me was suffering a cold or perhaps allergies. Thanks to commit I'm turning down offers to get together with friends and sitting home in front of my computer..ALONE (thank god). Still I haven't had a cigarette in 2 weeks and don't have the withdrawal symptoms of past quits. I can deal with the cost but the price I'm paying really stinks!

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My opinion November 21, 2007
Reviewer: Cindy from Texas

I keep seeing all of these people who say they are still on the lozenge after months and years! The program is only suppose to be 12 weeks long. I have been on the lozenge for 3 full days and so far, I've done ok. Today, I only had 3 lozenges instead of my normal 5 or 6 and I can definitely feel myself getting cranky!! I am reading all of these addiction warnings and now I'm getting nervous!

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Addicted to Commit November 19, 2007
Reviewer: Karen from Eldersburg, maryland

I stoped smoking using commit. I have to say they do help you stop the smoking habbit. Problem is , I now buy committ. Three years of smoke free bliss as long as I have a mint flavored commit hiding behind my toung. I am finially going to the doctor to ask for something to help me with my nic. addiction.

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How he quit commits... November 15, 2007
Reviewer: Melanie from Va

My boyfriend was able to quit Commits by bitting them into the size of a tic-tac's. He said it lasted about as long as the whole lozenge except for all the white stuff in the corner of the mouth. eww. After over a year, and he was fed up with commits and being taken advantage of, he stopped taking them for 3 days cold turkey. This was not a very good idea. He became about as easy to piss off as the Hulk. I saw a side of him I've never seen before. We then decided to try and chew gum. Luckily this worked! He's still chewing gum after a week, but everything is looking great so far. Lower the prices of Commits! Stop taking advantage of addicts!

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More for Commit addicts - Stop soon! October 23, 2007
Reviewer: Molly from Chestertown

I have just had a second tooth extracted because of Commit. Two upper molars right below my Commit "spot" where I tucked them away for 2.5 years. I have also had 4 cavities filled since I gave them up. You can give them up with Chantix and the white Tums.

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I quit with commit....but.... October 20, 2007
Reviewer: Committed from NJ

After 30 yrs of smoking I quit in August...I started chewing Nicorette but got sick of the taste. In September I switched to Commit 2mg and I know that I am getting addicted to it. I read reviews recently about teeth rotting and the gas.......yes the gas i noticed (LOL).....but I can't afford to ruin my teeth !!!! I will never smoke again, but I feel I still need a crutch! Tums? Help me someone!

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Commit destroys teeth October 19, 2007
Reviewer: D.Stowers from Tulsa, OK

My partner stopped smoking in May 2004, after 40 years, and is now obviously addicted to Commit lozenges. He began wth the 4 mg size, decreased to the 2 mg size early this year. In early summer of this year, I noticed how terrible his teeth had become. Apparently, the nicotine in the lozenges destroys tooth enamel. He hasn't complained about heartburn or throat irritation, etc. but now needs to spend thousands of dollars on reconstructive dentistry.

He has purchased the Chantix program but says he will not begin it or the reconstructive dentistry until he feels he can put away the lozenges. I guess the lozenges are not much less damaging than the smoking, only move the site of the possible ensuing cancer and destroy teeth in the bargain.

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What a Ride October 03, 2007
Reviewer: Tony from Baltimore

I read every post in this section before quitting smoking and I thank everyone who posted comments here. After 30 years of smoking and so many attempts to stop, I found it surprisingly easy to quit with the Lozenge. On week 7 I began cutting the lozenges in half, and on week 9 I started to cut them into quarters. I quit after 12 weeks, at which point I was using only 4 quarters of one Lozenge per day (1 lozenge total) and I have to say it was very tough to quit the Lozenges. I am now on week 16, lozenge free, and the cravings have subsided to the point where I feel I can cope at last.

If it were not for the advice on this site about cutting the lozenges into smaller pieces, I never would have gotten off them – they are very addictive. Thank you!

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5 weeks September 27, 2007
Reviewer: Mary from Illinois

I have been on this program for 5 weeks and still strong. It has been a great aide in helping me get rid of the physical addiction. Lately smoking hardley ever crosses my mind. I am already down to 3to 4 lozenges a day. Seeing a cigarette or smelling one makes me sick. Thanks commit!!!!

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Committ might as well be cigs September 27, 2007
Reviewer: Pipntisha from mount vernon, wa

As far as I'm concerned - I'm still a nicotine addict. Whether I smoke, chew tobacco, or use committ. I've been hooked for 3 years because I was unable to give up that safety valve. There must be a lot of sugar in Committ because it rots your teeth and I think is part of the addiction.

I'm going through my first 24 hours "Committ-free" and plan on worse withdrawls than from cigarettes.


I wish I had followed the directions.

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Cannot get off the commits! September 19, 2007
Reviewer: Caren Hantz from Fremont,California

When I do not take commits I smoke, this is now my 5th year of playing this game taking the commits..

It's not a game, it's addiction.

Commits are nicotine and very expensive.

So are ciggerettes . Just don't have an answer.

Can anyone out there help?

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Gas September 06, 2007
Reviewer: D from nv

With all the gas, I'm terrified of lighting a cigarette.... so it worked for me!

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hooked on the lozenges September 02, 2007
Reviewer: JoAnn Bell from USA

I quit smoking last Sept. of 2006, I'm still using the lozenges. how do I get off of them?

6 of 6 people found this review helpful
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Reviewer: EmilyB from VA

I am so glad I found this site with all of your reviews. I also thought I was a "Lone Ranger" out there addicted to these things. I have tried to substitute sugar free life saver mints, other types of mints with no good results. I like the Tums idea and plan to try that along with cutting the 2 mg in quarters. I have thought about writing to the makers and suggesting they make a placebo that takes and feels just like the real thing, but releases no nicotine. It could be the last step of the program. I have used these lozenges for about 2-3 yrs now and before that, I kept the nicorette mint gum around for those weak moments when I wanted a cigarette.

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I quit with Commit! August 14, 2007
Reviewer: Val from southern New Mexico, USA

I got on a program through my workplace. They sent me what was supposed to be a four week (I think) supply. That was about four months ago. I've been smoke free for over three months, and my husband also has used the Commit lozenges, and is (knock on wood) smoke free for almost 4 days. I just bought another package of lozenges, to get him through the worst of being totally smoke-free. I have used the lozenges intermittently 'til about two weeks ago, and don't even feel the need for them anymore, altho I do still have an emergency poppac @ work (haven't touched that for almost a month!) good luck to those folks who are having trouble losing the lozenges. Breathe air, Drink water!

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commit with commit August 10, 2007
Reviewer: Juli from Illinois

I am currently on the Commit lozenges, I have been smoke free for 5 days, I have tried other products in the past and failed. I was a 27 year, 1 pack a day smoker, and finaly something that works. The instructions say at least 9 lozenges per day and no more than 20, well I am doing 3 to 4 a day with no problems. Thanks Nicorette you have saved my life and I will be able to watch my grandchildren grow up.

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Getting off the lozenges August 09, 2007
Reviewer: Molly from Chestertown, MD

Help for fellow Commit addicts! I got a prescription for Chantix and bought the white Tums and some mints and I am finally off the lozenges! Been on them for 2.5 years. My mouth feels better, my blood pressure is better, my pocketbook is better.

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Commits stop the smoke-but how do we stop Commits? August 03, 2007
Reviewer: Sandy from Texas-USA

I agree, the Commits work, but I also am addicted to them.

I wonder just what noticeable symptoms this new addiction is causing on others........I know mine.

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Throat Problems August 03, 2007
Reviewer: Linda from OH

I'm having problems with my throat feeling like it's tightening up when I try to use the Commit or the gum. It's almpst to the point where I could throw up if I didn't drink something quick to get it out of my throat. I don't know what to use next? Been smoking for 30 yrs.

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Starting to worry July 27, 2007
Reviewer: Michelle from Ohio

Okay I got on here with the intention of RAVING on Commits - it's been a week without a cig! I know, that doesn't sound long, but for me it is - because I actually enjoyed smoking, I've tried quitting before because family asked me to, but I really missed it. I honestly thought this would be another 'aw shucks, I tried, it didn't work' - but no, these things really do take all cravings away and I'm not b*tchy like I normally am when I cut myself off. However, after reading these posts, I see many people are getting addicted to these - I'm glad I found this site, now I'll know to be careful - I only take about 5 a day. Also, since my stomach can't bear them, I spit, not swallow - yes, I'm a 30 something mom who carries a spit bottle with her! I try to be descreet, but sometimes people pop in at the worst times! Good Luck to you all!

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Commit or be committed July 22, 2007
Reviewer: Tee from CT

Smoked for 44 years, and I've tried everything. The surgical movies, hypnosis, accupuncture (it did help), patches, gum.....but Commit did the job. I also am addicted to the sugurary tablet, and would LOVE to know the calorie content. Gas is UNREAL, just a lot of noise for me. I also feel like a 13 year old kid again. Everyday I find a new pimple on my face or scalp! WHITEHEADS! YUCK!! I know I'm getting ripped off with the price, but I've not smoked in almost 2 years. Honestly, food does not taste any better, but I did gain about 30 lbs., too many snacks, that's what it is. But as someone else said here, (and my doc said it too), it does beat the alternative.

I recently tried to stop buying them, and that's when I knew I really was addicted to them. I've written to them, suggesting they make less then a 2 mg. tab. But do they really care?

And finally, my urge to not smoke has not lessened at all. Not a day goes by that I dont want to smoke, so I pop a tablet! After coffee, after food....same habit as before. But like I said, I am not smoking, and I can BREATHE!!

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Ouch! July 12, 2007
Reviewer: Cindy from Florida

It hurt my mouth too. Burning was out of this world. Perhaps I swallowed too much of it. I guess I was kind of sucking on it, rather than letting it dissolve.

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Another addict July 10, 2007
Reviewer: Molly from Chestertown, MD

I have looked on the web several times to see if anyone else had an addiction to Commit, but I never found an answer until now. I am glad to hear I am not the only one. Been hooked for 2 years. My blood pressure is higher when I take them, it causes hoarseness and heart palpitations. I think they have gotten a lot more expensive lately, too. I am going to try the Tums. Thanks for the advice!

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Happy Farting & Tooth Decay July 10, 2007
Reviewer: Mary S. from PA

Ive been smoke free for 15 mos. now with Commit - It really does work, but now i am addicted to them.

side effects are tooth decay, and really long stinky farts

I need some major work done in my mouth now the ingredient in this product are eating away at my tooth enamal, I hope the dentist doesnt mind the smell of my gas as i will be sitting in his chair for hours getting dental work done

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Gotta want it real bad July 08, 2007
Reviewer: Kevin Hergert from Los Angeles, CA

The 4mg works well, the 2 mg nicotine gums are not doing so well. I used the patches for a month and a few Commits as needed. 8 weeks later, I still get the shakes, so I keep them nearby. Costco or Sam's Club helps keep my stock up.

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Commit with Calcium too! July 05, 2007
Reviewer: Sue from Livermore, CA USA

I just started Commit today so it's difficult to give it a fair rating. I am having a hard time finishing ONE. They really irritate my throat. I am trying to let them dissolve between my cheek and gums but I HAVE to swallow and the effect I'm getting is my throat feeling as if I have smoked too much today. I saw one reveiw where someone had said they heard about TUMS helping people quit. That makes sense because Calcium is known to calm cravings of any kind. I hear they give it to people in rehab to help them cope. I would stick to 1000mg Coral Calcium rather than TUMS because you CANNOT hurt yourself with Calcium alone. The areas of the world that produces the most long lived people are areas where there is an abundance of calcium in the water.(30 to 40 times what we take) They also don't have cancer anywhere near as commonly as us.

I feel like this product is working even if it just makes me feel like I smoked too much. The bottom line is, so far I'm not smoking.

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Congratulate me! It's been a year of no smoking! May 23, 2007
Reviewer: Jacki Sliger from Amarillo, TX USA

I smoked for 38 years. I always joked that it was easy to quit; I've quit a hundred times. I guess it was really my time to get the job done because I went out and bought Commit lozenges one evening and quit the next morning, throwing away a half carton of cigarettes. It was the easiest quitting experience I've ever had and the longest lasting. I know I won't smoke again, and I'm very happy about that. Thank you sincerely, Commit lozenges. You made it work for me. And if I can quit, anyone can!

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I finally quit! May 17, 2007
Reviewer: Wendy from Reno, NV

I feel like I've won the lottery or been granted my greatest wish by a Genie in a bottle! To be free of this demon addiction I would have bargained with the devil, but I had only to try one last time & be lucky enough to choose this wonderful product, Commit Lozenges. I have lost count of the number of times that I've tried to quit --I'm sure it's close to 20 attempts. I have tried everything on the market. I have even tried prescription medication, but nothing worked for me like this wonderful lozenge. With other methods I have suffered debilitating side effects such as loss of balance, problems with concentration & head to toe tingling upon closing my eyes at night. Toss in anxiety & constant thoughts about smoking & I had a recipe for failure every time. I'd be smoking agin within a few days. I am amazed with the results I have with the Commit Lozenge...I feel free! It's as though I never had this demon addiction habit! With Commit I'm calm and have no anxiety or tingling sensations.I'm able to concentrate on my day and very, very seldom think about smoking. I'ts been almost 3 weeks! I can't say enough good things about Commit -Please, if you are struggling or have given up on every ridding yourself of this horrible habit, give Commit the chance to prove you can do it!

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I QUIT May 15, 2007
Reviewer: BECKY from BUFFALO NY


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nicotine truth April 15, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous from Kentucky

Here is some news that might make you all feel a little bit better....Nicotine has NEVER been proven to cause CANCER!! true is, however, addicting. ciggy's don't cause cancer because of the nicotine, but because of the 4,000 carcinogens the ciggys contain. I have the cherry commits and personally think they taste good. don't like the mints. haven't completely quit smoking yet but I tried a cherry one to see what it tasted like. yummy! also on bupropion. wish me luck!

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Cherry "Lifesavers" April 11, 2007
Reviewer: Nikki from Ft. Mitchell, KY USA

The cherry-flavored 4mg lozenges were extremely effective in helping me keep my New-year's resolution and the fact that I did not want to start my 40's as a smoker. I have smoked since I was about 18 years old. I have been smoke-free since 12/31/06 and have finished the lozenges since 3/19/07. I would recommend these lozenges to anyone that seriously wants to quit.

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Stopping Addiction to Commit April 11, 2007
Reviewer: Tilly McTavish from Beaver Dam, Kentucky (where tobacco is grown)

I've been on Commit for one year. I began with the 4 mg,.. advanced to 2 mg for 6 months before I realized I'm addicted to Commit. So now I've begun using sissors to cut each lozenge into 4 pieces. One tiny Tic-Tac sized piece lasts about as long as the whole one did, so I feel that I'm making headway on stopping the use of Commit. I'm going to be patient with myself and dilligently persevere in lessening use of the nicotine replacement. I could never have stopped smoking without it. I'm 74 years old and smoked since I was 30. Now smoke free for one year.

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commit and me April 08, 2007
Reviewer: Sandy from oak creek wisconsin

we all need to get together and find out just what this commit IS doing to our bodies.i just cant get off these darn lozenges either..there expensive.addictive and harmful????? we all dont smoke anymore which is a good thing.but what are we damaging by over using these white pills.i dont know about you but my gums have had it...enough already....... i'm going to try breaking them in quarters or halves which i learn from this web site.......i hope i break away from this yet another annoying habit!!!!

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Alright I Quit Already April 02, 2007
Reviewer: Martin Scanlon from Pa.

I originally bought the Commit Lozenges to quit smoking and after I put the first one in my mouth I did! I did not read the instructions before taking this product and woke up first thing in the morning popped one in my mouth and began chewing. The next thing that happened was immediate heartburn followed by sweating and unbearable nausea. I walked away from my wife unable to talk and curled up on the bed until I could regain some composer. I have smoked for well over twenty years and I really feel I have the motivation to quit now! I’ve had the Commit for a total of 5 days now and have only taken a total of 4 lozenges, 1 chewed, 1 semi-successfully taken and two that I popped rinsed and spit. My motivation to quit smoking used to be health and family, now it’s simply never having to take one of these nasty buggers again. I will keep these Commit Lozenges with me in case I do have an emergency where I need immediate heartburn and nausea, but I think I’m cured! Maybe the next time they come out with a product like this they can just call it gasoline. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of taking a mouthful of gas in a siphoning accident and had the same reaction as Commit: instant heartburn, nausea and the gas was also a deterrent not to smoke.

Stay healthy stay smoke free!

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GOOD v BAD March 18, 2007
Reviewer: Donna from Baltimore, MD

I have not smoked for one and half years. I quit after I was diagnosed with lung cancer (in a very early stage).After an operation I am now cancer free. My problem now is my addiction to Commits and I worry about mouth or tongue cancer. I probably use about 6 or 7 Commit lozenges a day. They did get me off cigarettes and I am more socially acceptable now since I don't smell like smoke. I really have a problem with the cost of Commits. I know cigarettes are $5.00 or more a pack but most of that money is taxes. I would like to know exactly what makes Commits so expensive other than taking advantage of addicts. In one way the price is helping me get off of them because I try to use less. I also use hard candies (Werther's Caramels are the best because they last longer) but I'm not really a candy person. I don't know about the tums idea because you are not suppose to take over a certain amount of them a day but I will probably try that for awhile. Also there is a new prescription medicine out that is suppose to block the nicotine from your brain. My daughter's doctor said she wasn't positive but it would probably work with Commits also since it goes after the nicotine. I know three people who just started taking this medicine and they said it's working great but it has only been a couple of weeks. Good luck to everyone trying to quit and remember-Early detection saves lives! Even if you quit keep having lung cancer prevention tests! I only rated Commits three stars because I really believe they could charge less for their product.

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Luv Commit March 03, 2007
Reviewer: Peggy from Denham Springs, LA USA

I have tried to stop smoking on numerous occasions with absolutely no success, well not more than two or three days tops. With Commit I have been smoke free for 21 days and I don't miss the cigarettes, yes, I still have the cravings periodically, but nothing I can't handle. I'm a little confused because before deciding to write this review I read some that said they were addicted to Commit. I haven't even taken a complete bottle of the 4mg since my quit day. I only used them when the craving was unbearable. In 21 days I have taken a total of 18 lozenges, wondering, am I doing something wrong. Anyway I don't think that I could have done it without Commit, thank you Commit Lozenge, because of you I'm smoke free and I haven't harmed a soul.

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How to Cure Yourself From Commit Addiction March 01, 2007
Reviewer: Jeremy from Philadelphia

I quit smoking about a year ago, and that's how long I was addicted to the Commit pills. My final decision to quit was ultimately because I could no longer afford this addiction. According to Quicken roughly 53% of my overall income was being spent on Commit lozenges. Today is my seventh day of having gone cold turkey off the commit pills.

I will not water this down. This is the most horrible experience of my life. The entire world around me seems "larger" almost like being stoned. This would actually be pleasant if it were not for the feelings of mania which switch on and off every five minutes or so. I will continue to post messages on my progress, because although this is hell, I know I can do this.

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Cmon gang! February 18, 2007
Reviewer: Nick from Texas

Ok, the Commit is better than smoking, hands down. It may be addictive, but I'll stop short of calling big pharm evil (in this case)--they've provided you a way to escape lung cancer, I'd rather see them with my money than big tobacco. Aside from that, the glass is either half empty or half full. That is, you can gripe about how you've replaced one addiction with another OR you can see how leaving one VERY difficult addiction (smoking) has given you the skills to break your crutch addiction. Here's my advice (it worked for me), play a little trick on yourself, buy some Commit, get some generic tums (white), mix em all up in a big jar, and make yourself believe whatever you are popping is Commit. After you finish the bottle, you will see that the "addiction" was a habit and you'll feel silly for believing you could get SO addicted to these things. Be positive, pat yourself on the back, and apply the skills you've learned concerning mind over matter. And on a side note, thank God I'm family would have left me in the process because of the gas!

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I wondered if January 22, 2007
Reviewer: JRM from NYC

I was addicted to these lozengers, Now I see others are or have been. My skin has dried out and may scalp is very dry.I seem to crave these damn things..

I would love to get off these things .


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commit lozenges January 22, 2007
Reviewer: Kim from texas

had a servere allergic reaction to this product

with hives and respitory problems went tothe

emergency room still very sick a week later

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Commit Lozenges Annonymous January 19, 2007
Reviewer: Going on 6 months from USA

The lozenges really helped with the I see that I am in good company with trying to ditch the lozenges.

My advice to anyone starting on the lozenges would be to strictly follow the directions, or else you too could become a pop pack addict.

The advantage is still better than hacking up a my opinion.

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Commit addtion January 16, 2007
Reviewer: T from Dundalk, MD

I too am addicted to the commit. It will be three years in April. I think I will try the tums idea. Now that I think about it, that is the fimilar taste I was wondering about. Good luck to us all.

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Reviewer: Gail Will from Chicago, IL

I am 53..started smoking when I was 12..ended up smoking 2 pks a day...last jan I said enough is enough..I had tried MANY times to quit..finally with COMMIT I was able to..after 40 yrs of smoking I was smoke free but SEVERELY ADDICTED to is a terrific product but I TRUELY believe we need a class action law suit because we r being gipped into trading one nicotine addiction for another!!..ok..we don't get the carbon mono with the COMMIT but we still spend the same amount of money! this time I am trying TUMS and after dinner mints...they seem to be working..r a lot cheaper..the TUMS kinda have the same feel and taste like the COMMIT so I haven't had a COMMIT for 4 days now BUT..I find myself opening up empty containers and inhaling the leftover dust!!..ADDICTED?..oh yes..and going thru withdrawel now!!

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Nicotine is nicotine December 29, 2006
Reviewer: Chris from USA

I smoked for 30 yrs, then transferred my addiction to commit locenges. I breathe better and feel better and a locenge in the mouth is socially acceptable behavior now that smoking no longer is. Regardless, I'm still a nicotine addict. After the tobacco companies raked in my money for 30 years, now the pharmaceutical companies take their share. And by the way... talk about will power all you want, but nicotine is the most physically addictive drug we have around at the moment, more so than heroin. Research it and see. I'm sure the makers of commit are laughing all the way to the bank, just as the tobacco companies have done for decades. Marketing drags us in and addiction keeps us paying.

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Commit is helping me November 29, 2006
Reviewer: Dan from Colorado

For the first time in 10 years I have ceased my pack a day habit. I take about 10 commit 4mg a day and am well into my second week of not smoking at all. I tired it a while ago and it planted the seed in my mind that this method was effective. I set my quit date and haven't looked back. I am starting to not even crave the lozenge. Seriously, get some zinc tablets and mild tasting mints and start slipping those in instead of the commit. I currently am down to about 5 a day and don't really crave anything foodwise. I was prepaired for the food cravings and have been snacking on baby carrots andranch dressing and salad.

Good luck. We can do it!!!!

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Commit Lozenge Addiction November 15, 2006
Reviewer: Happy and Worried from East Coast

I stopped smoking and now can not get off the lozenges. Now they have cherry flavor and they taste great (I liked all their flavors) but now it'll probably be harder for me. I tried to find out if long term use was dangerous and wrote to the company but they referred me to my doc.

Most of my docs said they really didn't know, but one said that it's better than smoking. Still, I do worry that not enough research has been done.


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I Quit Cigarettes... September 20, 2006
Reviewer: MC from Omaha, NE

I don't crave cigarettes any more. However, I do crave and continue to use Commit Lozenges for what has been almost a whole year. I've never overdosed nor have I used more than 4 in one day. My husband uses about 6 per day. We keep saying this is the last box, we are like crackheads.

I like the mintier ones and I especially like the $5 coupon that comes with the lozenges. Commit has been very effective in helping me quit smoking, to be sure. Haven't had even one puff since Nov. 2005.

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Severely addicted to Commit September 12, 2006
Reviewer: Amanda from Nashville, TN, USA

I have been severely addicted to this product ever since it came out (2 years??). It is extremely expensive and just in the past 6 months I think I have been overdosing (taking up to 15 a day!). I have had blurred vision, dizziness, and have nearly passed out while driving a couple of times (I tend to take it more while driving for some reason). Anyway, enough is enough and I have gone 24 hours without a Commit. I feel like some Heroine addict going through withdrawal. This is absolutely terrible. I refuse to buy anymore but actually went to a friend's house tonight seeing if I left any in her car. This is really horrible and I do not recommend this product to anyone. I had only planned on taking it for a month and I think it has been two years now. I wonder why nicotine is still legal when it causes so many deaths and is so addictive. It does not seem fair. I'm determined to wean my body off this horrible crack!

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Yet another Lozenge Addict September 08, 2006
Reviewer: Monvillalon from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Im was 2 pack a day smoker for 6 years. It feels so good to know that i am not the only person who is addicted to commit. I thought that maybe i was too weak, and that I was the only one. Commit really works, and you get used to:

1) the bad flavor (specially with the new mint ones)

2) the white on your lips ( specially anoying and it burns)

3) and the gas, the horrible gas

4) You even get used to paying more for you nicotine just to give your lungs some rest.

I've been 1 1/2 years on the 12 week program and I have no signs of getting out if it. I even had an overdose after a very stressfull day at work.

No i have a new found strength since i know now that it really isn't a flaw in my character.

Wish me luck and be carefull yourselves.

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MORE PILLS PLEASE August 21, 2006
Reviewer: CHUCKFUK from KS


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Addicted to Commit instead !! August 17, 2006
Reviewer: Sally from Central Florida

Now,I'm sorta kidding but not really. At least I'm not smoking ciggys !! 52 yr. female smoked for 35 years and quit last Oct. 25, 2005 with the help of Anne Penman Lasar Therapy first and then tried various nicotine replacements. Gum hurts my jaws cause I chew like a cow, never tried patch, but mentally needed a crutch to fall back on. So, Commit was the one. I only use the Mint flavor and cut down to 2 mg.

However,they are just as expensive as cigarettes if not more so. Walmart has the best price and you get a $5.00 coupon in all packages. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if I suffer from overdose symtoms. Shortness of breath, chest and muscle soreness, and hyperventaltion. I do chew sometimes and take more than recommended. Anyone else out there have same symtoms or taking for long time ? Any thoughts and ideas appreciated. I hate to go to the Doctors ! Thanks !!!

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also addicted to commit lozenges May 05, 2006
Reviewer: Maryfran from Pennsylvania

I was sooo releived to see that others admiited to being addicted to commit. Haven't smoked in 3yrs. but feel like a phony when people say that I've done so well because I'm not smoking. Maybe I have an addictive personality???? Cut down on them and now I'm back to where I was before. When I started them I had awful heartburn and hated the taste but it was better than smoking, so I stuck it out and I'm not bothered at all, except I've noticed hoarseness. Has anyone else had this side effect. So glad I found this site!!

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don't do it April 23, 2006
Reviewer: Darcel from baltimore md

I wasted my money and want it back. I can't even find out if the things work or not because they burn my mouth so bad I had to spit it out. Unless you like to feel like your mouth is being cut to pieces don't try them.

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also addicted March 29, 2006
Reviewer: Finally Quit from Los Angeles, California

Been smoke-free for 6 months but entirely addicted to the lozenges. I was up to 12-14/day, but have dropped back to about 5-6/day. Would also like to know the effects of long-term nicotine addiction. By the way, I never thought I would or could quit. A pulmonary embolism at 43 nearly killed me. That was enough of a scare. I don't even miss it that much anymore, but do depend on the lozenge.

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Would rather smoke! March 03, 2006
Reviewer: Terri from Fremont, CA

I absolutely hated these. At first taste, it was as though I had a ciggerette butt in my mouth. Then it began to burn, followed by hiccups and heartburn. No thanks,TB

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Feel Free to Adjust Dosage for YOU January 24, 2006
Reviewer: KritasimAgain from Vancouver, Washington, USA

There's more than one review below where folks have said they're now addicted to the lozenge. I think that's absolutely a possibility, but one that CAN be avoided as I have avoided it. I used the lozenge for 24 days, sucking anywhere from 1/4 of a lozenge in one day up to three full lozenges per day. I have ALWAYS broken my lozenges into pieces and sucked them 1/4 piece at a time.

I went into this with the mind set that I knew it was possible to become addicted to the lozenge but that if you use it as a medication only, not a crutch, I could avoid the secondary addiction. It is like folks who use Methadone to get off Heroin.

Commit Lozenge is NOT a crutch. It is a MEDICINE. Take the SMALLEST amount needed to AVERT your desire for a cigarette. Yesterday, I didn't suck a piece of lozenge at all. The thought entered my mind..."oh, I haven't had any nicotine today" but I changed my activity and my thoughts and said to myself "I'll get one later." Later never happened.

Today it's 11:00 a.m. and I haven't had any nicotine yet. I feel a few very mild nicotine withdrawal symptoms...the dizziness is most prominent. I could suck a lozenge, or I could chose to lie down for a moment. I think I'll lie down. :-) Also, I'm drinking lots of water.

There's no need to get addicted to the lozenge. Use your strength!

Use your pride. Use your free will and ample ability to CHOOSE. And if that doesn't work, remember, the lozenge is MUCH more healthy for you than cigarettes.

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Feel Free to Adjust Dosage for YOU January 14, 2006
Reviewer: Kritasim from Vancouver, Washington, USA

I tried these once and immediately discovered two things 1) these things hurt! and 2) man, these things really work!!! I actually was scared at how effective they were! So I quit using them and continued to smoke in order to decide if I was TRULY ready to be smoke-free. Once I admitted that, although smoking had been one of my life's pleasures, as we mature and grow up, we sometimes have to say 'good bye' to some of life's pleasures (read this in the Dummies Guide to Quitting Smoking--very helpful!).

The package says they are 'medicine' and yes, they FEEL like a medicine. You get used to the 'foamy action,' and the 'mouth burn,' Plus, when I adjusted the dosage to fit MY comfort level, these negative side-effects became absolutely tolerable. Also, it's not completely true what they say about not being able to drink before or during...I do and I still absorb enough of the medicine to curb my desire to smoke.

The package says to use at least nine per day... HOLY COW that would send me directly into the hospital with an overdose! So I broke them in half, now I break them into quarters. I suck anywhere from 1/2 to 2 full lozenges per day (today I've sucked three 1/4 pieces; yesterday I only sucked on two 1/4 pieces). I am on day 14!!!! I have never gone this long without a cigarette since I began smoking! I started when I was 14, and am now 35; that's 21 years of smoking...GONE POOF OVER FINITO!!! I will probably keep a lozenge in my purse till I die; I've read too many horror stories of people who quit for a few years and then start up again. I know that if I ever have an urge, I can pop a 1/4 lozenge and within 5 minutes I feel great. And I love myself more because of it. This is the proudest thing I've ever done in my entire life. Good luck! These work!!!

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ADDICTED TO COMMIT January 11, 2006
Reviewer: MARY from CALIFORNIA



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Also addicted to Commit December 27, 2005
Reviewer: Julie from Daytona Beach, FL

I have been on the Commit Lozenges for 2 years. I had cut back to only 2 per day, but then started increasing and now am back up to 9-12. I am having an awful time trying to get off of them. One of the reasons I quit smoking was to save money. The cost of the lozenges is actually higher than cigarettes. Has anyone else had this probelm?

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Addicted to Commits October 20, 2005
Reviewer: Caren Hantz from Fremont,California

I now have been on Commits for three years .Yes, My friends 3 years . I cannot smoke ,I have asthma from 34 years of smoking,however smoking never leaves me . I don't want a cigerette anymore , but I sure am having a rough time getting off the commits. Wish me luck!

Anyone have any ideas how to quit the nicotine that commits are providing me ? I know Just quit right ?

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They work! July 25, 2005
Reviewer: Rudy from Lake Balboa, Ca

Honestly they do work, but you have to be totally committed to stop smoking. I honestly tried to quit a few time before trying the patch and the gum, they didn't help me at all. With the patch they irritated my skin and didn't stick too well. The gum was just horrible, as I hate gum when it loses it's flavor and to me it was like gum with no flavor. In all honesty it took me a few tries with the lozenges. My first attempt was about 3 weeks and the second was less then that. Although those attempts failed I didn't smoke at all during those times. After having about a months supply in my medicine cabinet going to waste, I finally got the urge to quit forever. I've been on the program for 5 weeks now and no cravings for a cig. After smelling other people who smoke come into the office after a cig. I just can't imagine me smelling like that anymore. The true test came the other day as I walked into a casino and was overwelmed by the stinch of cig. smoke. I thought I wasn't going to make out without having at least one cig. Luckly commit was with me I just popped one in my mouth and survived the cravings. After 20 plus years of smoking a pack a day I am finally on my way to being smoke free. I honestly liked to smoke and had a hard time for the first week. Not because I craved one, I just liked the way it felt to inhale one. Not anymore, I can't even stand smell....

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Reviewer: Carol from Clearfield PA USA

My name is Carol. I am a 30 year old social worker with two kids. A teen and a young child. Smoking was my best and favorite past time. I tried pills, patches, hypnosis, ect. to try to quit, nothing worked. I even tried the cold turkey method. I work with many people who have gotten cancer from smoking yet that was not enough to quit. One day on the way home from a trip, I decided after many hours of my children complaining about the smell of the smoke that I wass uch an idiot for smoking. I was ruining their health as well as mine. So I stopped, got a box of committ and I have not smoked since. This stuff really helps me through the toughest cravings! Thank you so much for making something to help even me!

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