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AST Sports Science Products

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AST Sports Science is the maker for the popular VP2 Whey Protein Isolate powder. In fact, this is probably their most well known and widely used product in their product line. Of course, AST sports science also makes other products including glutamine, micronized creatine, Ny Tro Pro meal replacement, dymetadrine extreme, and other supplements as well. You can leave your feedback about AST Sports Science below.

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AST Sports Science User Reviews
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review program
AST February 27, 2006
Reviewer: Brooks Reynolds from Palm Springs, CA USA

I spent alot of time researching and reading lables and I found AST products to be the highest quality supplements that I have found. VP2 might be a couple dollars more but I found out through research that Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate that isn't blended is very expensive to make. But it is this type of protein that has the highest amount of biologiacally available protein for increased nitrogen retention that you can buy. I started using VP2, thanks to the reviews on this page and researching on the internet, and I have noticed a considerable change in my body. I was really impressed with how well the product mixed with such ease. I highly recommmend their products for those looking to get results from their long hours in the gym.

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Use only AST January 24, 2006
Reviewer: Erik from USA

Like many people I have been all over the board using various supplements over the years. I was never loyal to one particular manufacturer, but mixed and matched various products from a variety of manufacturers. About 8 months ago I slowly started using AST products- Starting with VP2 and Dymetadrine Extreme. I have since converted all of my supplements to AST with great results. Yes, some of their stuff is a little more expensive, but you pay for quality. And actually they are a lot less expensive than some of the overhyped manufacturers out their like Muscletech and BSN. AST only markets top quality products backed by true science, not marketing and fluff. I highly recommend them

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Results with Dymetadrine Xtreme February 12, 2005
Reviewer: Joe Burke from Norton, MA

I started taking Dymetadrine Xtreme in late November of 2004. It is now the first week in February of 2005. I use AST's Max-OT for my lifting program, slightly modified to how I like it. AST's basic philosophy: Lift Big, Get Big. I have been using AST's VP2 for about 10 months now along with AST's Ny-Tro Pro-40 and GL3-Glutamine. After starting AST's lifting program 10 months ago, I started making gains very quickly. Max-OT worked far better than any other program I had tried including static training, high rep lifting, and superset training. Now, although I made gains using AST's VP2 and Ny-Tro, my biggest gains came from using Dymetadrine Xtreme with these protein supplements. In an 8-week period of using Dymetadrine, my bench press has increased 40 pounds, my squat has increased 55 pounds, and my deadlift has increased 45 pounds. These are by far the most gains I have ever made. Now I have had kidney troubles since birth so the supplements I feel safe using is limited. That means you can trust me when I say that I do not use any other supplements besides VP2 protein, Ny-Tro Pro-40, GL3-Glutamine, caffeine, Gatorade (Yes, I consider Gatorade a supplement), and Dymetadrine. With Dymetadrine, I feel as though I can control the release of my adrenaline before each lift. I cannot emphasize how much Dymetadrine has done for me in the weight room. And for less than $20 a bottle, I seriously suggest investing in Dymetadrine. It is by far the best investment I have made for weight training.

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AST December 09, 2004
Reviewer: Anonymous from US

l love AST, their website info and products but they are way too expensive (for average "Joes" like us who want to gain a little muscle) to buy. l know since their products are good it takes a lot of processing which cost more for them but if they can reduce their prices a little bit especially for the HSC and VP2, all the poor people like me will make "them" richer.

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