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Optimum Nutrition Suppelment Reviews

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Optimum Nutrition User Reviews
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URGENT! PLEASE READ December 29, 2011
Reviewer: George from USA

Please Read, Strange Ingredients. 1. This supplement contains 3 types of flour????? (the process in making whey does not need or require flour so why...?) 2. 10th & 11th ingredients are sugar and palm oil, palm oil is carcinogenic meaning that it assists in causing cancer, oh and we all know how healthy sugar is....) 3. Added salt (why) 4. Contains dextrose (extremely unhealthy unless taken after workout) 5. The 13th ingredient is High fructose corn syrup not only is this corrosive to your liver but it has a G.I of 83 6. Sodium Bicarbonate..... This ingredient is useful for cleaning stains on your teeth and corrosion on pipes.. 7. It contains 3 different gums to bind the protein together while not exactly bad for you their is no need for 3. 8. Artificial Flavours, Artificial flavours are a no. and especially if they don't list what type they are. If you are curious on why a product like this is rated so highly and is awarded so many awards then consider this. Optimum Nutrition spends all their money of advertisement and marketing that they have little to spend on actual products or research thus getting you poor quality products that i can assure you do not contain 24 grams of protein per 30 as they are not tested at all. If you were to ask someone who works at Optimum Nutrition who do you sponsor they would go through a list of a hundred. Then if you asked them why do they spend all their money on the sponsors not the products they would go silent. So if your still not sold on how bad this product is look at the ingredients list.

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Adenergy Stack September 06, 2007
Reviewer: Drewo from CA

I love Adenergy Stack as well. Not only does it contain Creatine, Taurine, and Glutamine, but it has the stabilized ATP, the energy building block of the body. I noticed results immediately, being able to have longer, higher intensity workouts, and my strength gains were pretty great too. Reduced soreness, lean muscle gain, great benefits. Now I mix it with a new superhydration drink called AQUISS and it's insane. The AQUISS has a delivery system that allows you to start absorbing water, electrolytes, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream starting in the mouth, and you absorb more of whatever you mix it with. I found the combo that is unbeatable!

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Adenergy Stack April 05, 2005
Reviewer: Kevin Ball from Calif. USA

I had never used any creatine product before and after a lot of reading

I decided to try Adenergy Stack and BSN's Cellmass. I bought the 2.1 lbs tub of Adenergy first which lasts one month. Right away I noticed the effects of the creatine making my muscles absorb water. They got pumped up fully saturated after about two to three weeks. My workouts were definitely more energized. I'm no expert on how well ATP supplementation works but it could have something to do with that as well. The best part of Adenergy is the two ingredients most people won't even pay attention to. The Citrulline Malate and the Trymethylglycine HCI. I have never been able to workout as hard and long and recover so quickly. You feel the soreness, you know your muscles are completely fatigued the next couple days after your workouts but the sharp pain is not there. It's like these ingredients just neutralize the lactic acid build up before it has a chance to settle in. Adenergy Stack is worth the money just for this alone! In comparison, after I finished the Adenergy I purchased the Cellmass. I was interested in seeing if the effects of the ester creatine would be that much better. Turns out, they weren't. After already getting loaded on the regular creatine in Adenergy I noticed no difference when using Cellmass. I guess once you're loaded, you're loaded. You aren't going to get anymore creatine in your muscles once they're full, no matter what kind it is. The worst part is, after getting used to Adenergy's recovery boosting properties I put myself in some real pain with Cellmass. I did my usual leg workout and normally with Adenergy I would have some soreness for two or three days but it was buffered down like I mentioned earlier. With Cellmass, I was one hurting puppy! I was in excrutiating pain for three days and could still feel soreness after five days! Add all this up and the fact that Cellmass is 40 servings and Adenergy is 60 for about the same price and I'll take Adenergy any day

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