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Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Protein Powder Reviews

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Optimum Nutrition introduces a Bigger and Better Pro Complex. This advanced formula contains a 55 g multi-protein blend consisting of Whey Protein Isolates, Whey Protein Concentrate, Egg Albumen and Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides. More BCAA's and Glutamine give it an amazing amino acid profile. Now Aspartame Free, Pro Complex provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins and essential minerals and 250 mg of the patented digestive enzyme Aminogen in every serving!

optimum nutrition pro complex protein


Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (4.2 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 19

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review program
Great Protein January 06, 2010
Reviewer: David from USA

For anyone who says it's expensive, I'd say think again: I just found it at Vitamin Shoppe for $48.13. That's not bad considering what's in this protein mix. Mixes well, tastes good, and excellent nutrient profile. I use a shaker and I've been drinking the Vanilla. A little sweet but it'll do.

I've hit a plateau a couple months ago and got on 100% whey which worked very well, I gained 7 pounds in 4 weeks. I just ran out of it, so I got pro complex. A little more expensive, but it has more substance in it. It is a more complete protein. In two weeks I've continued gaining, 2 pounds so far.

No side effects, I haven't had a urinary tract pain or anything that everyone has been talking about. I highly recommend this product.

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Best Stuff I've Tried Yet September 05, 2009
Reviewer: Andy from Midlothian, TX USA

First off I am a hard gainer and have gone through plenty of different proteins before trying pro complex. This stuff works, I have not experienced ant problems with this. In fact my progress seems to be improving much faster than it was when I was taking gold standard whey. You cant go wrong with chocolate.

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causing kidney stone? April 03, 2009
Reviewer: Anthony from Califon, NJ, USA

i decided to check the reviews for this product i bought it yesterday..i noticed a previous review said they had pain in their urethra..strangely enough, i actually noticed the same thing at work a couple of hours after i worked out and took the shake..could the shake be causing kidney stone? or should i just be taking less or drinking more water/taking in more worried because i just took a half a serving about 10 minutes ago because i am going to bed..if anybody else has the problem or a solution please post! thanks in advance!

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Best so Far February 08, 2009
Reviewer: Jhon from Los Angeles, CA USA

This Protein so far is the best Protein I have tried, I take one scoop in the morning with frozen strawberry, bananas,blue berrys,oatmeal,and 8oz of juice and some ice. After working out i have another scoop with butterpecan icecream, banana, almonds, 8oz milk and ice, to compensate. so far this is my favorite but it containes alot of carbs and fat. so just after a heavy work out......

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Complex satisfaction September 07, 2008
Reviewer: Manuele from Birmingham, USA

This is all I am taking & this morning I woke up to really weird pain in my urethra and above the penis.

So...maybe kidney stone, hopefully not.

But, I dont recommend, I ve never had that before so just choose another weight gainer

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acne from the chocolate December 30, 2007
Reviewer: Ez from houston,Tx

i was taking cytogainer ,then switch back to this one because it has different type of proteins. casein,whey,egg. i had stop taking this because i broke out bad. i was taking the chocolate .

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NO FARTS!!! November 27, 2007
Reviewer: Josh from Oxford, CT USA

I saw a lot of reviews that say people got the farts/gassy bloat with ProComplex but, I have been taking it for a while and have had no such problems, granted I also take a good multi with digestive enzymes. I work at GNC too and I get to look a labels all day long. On paper, I can't seem to find a better protein. Low fat/cholesterol low carb, high protein, good BCAA profile (around 6.5g lucine) and 10g glutamine. Not bad to me but I also get a store discount... I did see some muscle gains, even more than when I took GNC Wheybolic Extreme 60.

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Pro Complex in '07 November 19, 2007
Reviewer: Andy from Chicago, IL

I used to use ON's supplements back in 00-02 due mainly to the great prices they had to offer for their proteins. I recently started working out again and needed a protein supplement so I decided to get some of On's Pro complex and 100% again. There were many changes. First off, the price went up a comsidereable amount as it used to be like 35-40 bucks for a 4.4 pounder of Pro, but now you're looking at about 60 bucks for the same thing. It's weird cause I bought a pro complex 4.4 lb in the spring of 07 and it was only 40 dollars then too. I guess the price increase was recent, like over the summer or something.Also, they changed the look of the containers to a simpler and easier to read label. In addition, they also upped the protein to 60 g protein per serving and the bottle i bought 6 months ago had 55g. Also, they made whey isolate their main protein source which is good. It mixes really easily and tastes pretty good. It might even be a little too sweet. I would recommend it if you got the cash(excpect to pay between 55-65 dollars a jug or 28 servings). Here are my basic reviews for this product:

Mixability: 8.5/10

Taste: 8.5/10

Nutrient profile: 9/10

Price: 5/10

Overall value:8/10(mostly due to the high price)

Like I said before it's a great choice to supplement with if you're willing to pay alot of money for it. It would get a 10/10 from me if it was a little cheaper, say 35-45 dollars for 4.4 pounder.

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Pretty good but a word of advice October 19, 2007
Reviewer: Chris from Oklahoma City, OK

This is a fine protein, no question. But I felt the need to explain something. There are a lot of complaints from people who are getting the protein farts...Well the truth is that most proteins will give you this side effect if you take enough. If this is too much of a problem for you then switch to an "isolate". Pro Complex is a concentrate, in other words its blended with other proteins. Its the lactose that makes you fart and an isolate will help considerbly. Just be prepared to spend even more money. Optimum Nutrition doesnt have an isolate as far as I know, I would recommend isopure, but its gonna cost ya!

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good shyt June 17, 2007
Reviewer: Tht1n from chicago, IL

i took ONs gold standard and this stuff absolutly rapes it idk wht some of u guys r talkin about now im not gonna say this stuff made me huge but i am gonna say i added 15 pounds to my bench by the end of this tub and i have ben working out for 3 years so its not some beginner shit

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Give it a few days March 03, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

Made me gassy at first, but after a few days it doesn't make me bloated at all. So if you get bloated and gassy at first, give it some time and hopefully it will stop

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bloated and gassy March 02, 2007
Reviewer: Eric from California

i've been taking ON Gold Standard protein and buying glutamine to take with it on the side. i went into the protein store and they didn't have chocolate(i refuse to drink strawberry or vanilla) so i asked about pro complex, he said "it's the same as gold standard with amino acids like glutamine" great i thought, maybe i can save some money seeing as how it's only about $10 more at the store i go to and i wouldn't need to buy any glutamine... turns out i get bloated and very gassy from the pro complex, but not with the gold standard. i think i'll stick to the gold standard from now on even if it costs me a little more in the end

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Its ok October 02, 2006
Reviewer: Stephen from IL

I work at a GNC in Illinois and I decided to try Pro Complex. I like the taste and it has a lot of protein but its definitely not cheap and It tends to make me fart a lot. I recommend the regular whey protein over this.

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Good protein source but at a cost to your social life October 01, 2006
Reviewer: Joel from San Francisco, CA

I went through two tubs of this product, taking either two or three servings a day. As far as nuitrition, it seems like a top notch product. However, the more my body became saturated with the stuff, the more I developed an unpleasant body odor and bad breath. And no, this wasn't due to bad hygene, because as soon as I gave it up, I went back to my normal sweet smelling self. In short, I recommend this product only if you don't care if your significant-other kicks you out of bed.

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Gas and Blaoting September 13, 2006
Reviewer: Chuck from Chicago

I hate to be a naysayer, but I've used this product twice and it makes me bloat up and gassy. It has everything in it that I want when I'm working out, but for me, it's just not worth it. I even cut the dose down to half. And at 69.00 a tub, I hate that it's going to go unused. Am I the only one who has experienced this?

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Great Product! May 26, 2006
Reviewer: Satisfied customer from Connecticut, USA

I've tried several brands of protein powders, and I must say that I am the most satisfied with Pro Complex. This stuff mixes really well, and is the most digestible protein I've ever tried. I have a sensitive GI system, so I used to experience a lot of bloating and gas after drinking protein shakes. Fortunately, I haven't experienced very much gas at all with this powder! I have vanilla now, and I mix it with half milk and half tastes pretty good. It's a bit more expensive than other powders, but I think it's well worth it.

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MMM MMM Good April 17, 2006
Reviewer: Cross Into The Blue from Ft. Walton Beach, FL USA

This is a great protein product. It combines whey and egg albumen into one great product. They also added splenda to sweeten it up a little. The guy above was complaining about the protein content of 55 grams, but duh!!! Most protein products are 40-60 grams with two scoops, you would have a great protein at one scoop but I haven't seen one except in Germany at 44 grams and 150 calories a scoop.

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Pro Complex is a must! July 06, 2005
Reviewer: Smithson from Colorado, USA

With 55 grams of high quality protein per serving, Pro Complex is a must for anyone looking to build lean muscle. At your local health store, Pro Complex will likely run you 60-65 dollars a tub, but if you purchase Pro Complex on the internet, you can save some money! Pro Complex is a must for any Bodybuilder!

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OK, but money could be better spent June 08, 2005
Reviewer: Kevin S. from Seattle, WA USA

This protein is a little disappointing from ON. They advertise an incredible 55 grams a serving but when you look on the back, you are really just taking twice as much (two scoops). The taste of the Rocky Road is really quite delicious though, for those of you who really care about taste. The multi-protein blend is good for all day consuption, but unlike their natural whey protein, it is rather expensive. Your money would be better spent on another product.

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