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MuscleTech Supplements

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MuscleTech Supplements User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.1 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 12

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review program
CellTech Creatine formula August 07, 2009
Reviewer: Seth from Auburn, WA USA

I gotta admit i was expecting to see my body get massive gains after drinking and pissing this stuff for 2 months straight. But i didnt get the gains i expected besides the slight energy boost and faster muscle recovery. Otherwise this is pretty much a waste of money as your body only can take 3 grams of creatine in one day but this thing tells you to take 20 grams on loading days, and 10 on maintenance. Im sure if you stack this with protein powder and fat burners it could work in unison but don't expect yourself to look like the guy in the photo on the side of the tub. And drink plenty of water otherwise you'll have to take a really nasty crap within hours.

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August 05, 2009
Reviewer: Mohamed Nasr from Egypt

i m using leukic hardcore and gakic hardcore, this is my 1st day it is amazing.. i used to carry 220 kg squat for 6 reps when i used it for the 1st time i carried 240 kg for 8 reps, i m waiting what these stuff will do after my 2nd week of using them, thanks muscletech


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Hydroxycut Weight-Loss Supplement August 05, 2008
Reviewer: Jo from Southern California

I've been taking Hydroxycut rapid release caplets for about 4 weeks now and I'd say it's working for me. I've lost about 10 pounds. When I first started taking the caplets, my heart raced a little (probably because of the caffeine - I don't really drink anything caffeinated) but that went away. It hasn't made me jittery at all. It definitely suppresses my appetite and I have to remind myself to eat.

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Hydroxycut Max! August 02, 2008
Reviewer: Julie from NC

Has anyone tried Hydroxycut Max! ? I was wondering if it works.

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muscletech = moneyshit July 26, 2008
Reviewer: Jorge from newark , NJ- USA

I've tried muscletech products nanox9 hardcore and hydroxycut hardcore . none worked for me and the nanox9 hardcore costed me $80 but they sold it to me for 65 dollars with a gnc card. My intention was to buy superpump 250 not this crap.But the women insisted so much that I bought it and let her get her commission. I took this huge pills hard to swallow as soon a I got home and felt my arms normal,no pump no veins pumping,and in 9 seconds I felt the effects, a big dump was coming out of my ass!and no pump at all. The next morning I took it on an empty stomach and head to da gym! what a big mistake!in less than 5 mins I was killing the toilet!I felt bad for the guys at the locker cause the smell was awful.Just finished my workout and im writing this from my phone on the toilet.Im returning this crap and get my superpump250 or maybe try NO Explode.Used hydroxycut hardcore and nanox9 hardcore and none worked for me!!no more muscletech for me. and btw thanks for the diahrea muscletech. Expensive non working supplemens ever known to humanity .

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muscletech products a waste of money May 29, 2008
Reviewer: Scientist from MA from Boston MA

I've tried muscletech products in the past and none have ever worked for me. I spent alot and got nothing in return. As for the aspatame PJ it is a neurotoxin and should not be injested.

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!!!!! April 15, 2008
Reviewer: Waywardson from WA AUS.

ive personally had decent gains using muscletech. i use a nano vapour anabolic halo and nitro tech. ive gained about 20 pounds of muscle in a month and increased my bench by 60, it took me 4 times as long to make those gains on bsn products.

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MT Ingredients March 18, 2008
Reviewer: PJ from Ca.,USA

I've used MT product for awhile and have had very good results. But lately I have started googling the ingredients, specifically the sweetners of Acefulmane {ACE-K} and aspartame. I called MT to get the mg amount and no dice since they are considered inactive ingredients? I MSDS these two ingredients and wow! im putting that into my body! Anybody else concerned of is it just me?

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NANOX9 and APLODAN May 02, 2007
Reviewer: Pain is just weakness leaving the body from Tucson, Az USA

i took NANOX9 and APLODAN and i never felt a pump. i did gain some definition but only because i killed myself everyday, twice a day in the gym. All I saw was my veins got a little bigger but thats it. I took those products for two months. Wasted money. Now im taking NANO VAPOR but i still havent felt a pump even though ive been increasing the dosage. i think muscletech is bull****. My friend has beeen taking BSN MASS STACK and he feels it so i think im going to switch to his stuff.

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Cell-Tech May 11, 2006
Reviewer: Philip Parisi from Miami,Florida

I started taking Cell-Tech about 2-3 months ago,I noticed resaults within the 1st week or so.When I went 2 the GNC I bought fruit punch,GREAT TASTE,but for the 1st couple of days I had a slight cough & cold,it was nothing,as a boxer I want to gain muscle mass and hit harder,I noticed immediatly it was a killer. I could not get enough.I gained about 20lbs of muscle mass,I started taking Hydroycut along with Cell-Tech,(Bad idea).I got sick fast(Stomach virus).I was in no shape for the Golden Glove Tournament.I stopped taking Hydroycut with the Cell-Tech. To make a long story short DONT MIX THEM TOGATHER!

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pump tech by muscle tech March 08, 2006
Reviewer: Ams33 from Anytown, AT 55555

a complete waste of money

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This is the best product out there thats not a wallet taker June 03, 2005
Reviewer: Steve Jhonson from Selma, Al USA

This is the best product thats not a wallet taker I went up on benchpress a weak 210 to 295 in just 3weeks its amazing I gained 16pounds of pear muscles from 165 now 186 I think you should try it if you have 50$ of spare cause I going to use this for a while so I can compete again you should just try it one time you will love it.

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