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Hydroxycut Max Reviews

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Following in the tradition of Hydroxycut is Hydroxycut Max!, an Extreme Strength Weight Loss Product for Women!

Hydroxycut Max! is designed exclusively for women who want fast results, but want to use a product that’s tailored to them, and one that looks and feels distinctly contemporary and feminine.



Hydroxycut Max User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (2.9 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 12

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review program
Spotting/Early Period May 02, 2012
Reviewer: Elise from VA

Took Hydroxycut Max for a couple of months. Once I was up to the max dose it too gave me spotting 2 weeks before my period. Once I got my period it was the worst pain I had ever felt. Feel x100 better now that I stopped taking it. Not worth the pain...

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Hydroxycut Caused Early Period September 01, 2011
Reviewer: HT from PA

I started taking hydroxycut 3 weeks ago, did not lose any weight, even though I followed the diet and exercise plan. I did not feel jittery. I did feel dizzy and my period started a week early. I have a very regular cycle and this period was awful - bloating, abdominal pain/cramping, heavy bleeding and brown spotting. I am not on any birth control so the only thing that could have affected this was Hydroxycut. I'm switching to hCG Acticator from GNC.

Beware of early/painful/irregular period if using Hydroxycut.

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Would not recommend February 10, 2011
Reviewer: Tina from St. Louis, MO

I was taking Hydroxycut and saw amazing results the first 2 weeks. I lost 10 pounds. I saw an advertisement for Hydroxycut Max for Women and thought this must be even better. WRONG. The side affects of this for me where horrible. I had severe stomach pains, dizziness, shortness of breath and my skin would become extremely warm. At times I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest. Losing weight is not worth the discomfort of these side affects. I'm worried about switching back to Hydroxycut now and will move on to something else.

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Hydroxycut Max caused my period to arrive 1 week early February 04, 2010
Reviewer: Burberry from North Carolina USA

I've taken other diet pills for extended periods of time and after trying Hydroxycut Max I really liked the way it suppressed my appetite. The only bad thing was I couldn't take it before I did any kind of cardio workout because it raised my heart rate too high. I typically ran at speeds that brought my heart rate to a high 180-200 bpm. I didn't need the effects of the pills added onto that, it just would make me feel horrible.

I normally start off taking only one pill a day in the morning AFTER I workout so my system could get used to it. Then after several days I started taking one an hour before lunch. This 2 pill a day routine usually does really well with me. I stepped it up the other week because I noticed I was building a tolerance to it. I started taking two in the morning after I worked out then one before lunch. All was well until I started spotting a week prior to when my period was expected. I've been on birth control pills steadily since 2004 and I didn't miss a pill or was late at all on that month's pack of pills. I was however, under an abnormal amount of stress earlier in the week because of work and I also found out my boyfriend was cheating on me.

Of course the spotting freaked me out so I immediately took an at-home pregnancy test since I thought it might be implantation bleeding, but it was negative. I stopped taking the Hydroxycut in case it was too early to detect pregnancy. Then I went and got tested for every STD under the sun and a blood test for pregnancy and everything came back negative, thank goodness. After a week of what turned into almost a very light period (much more than spotting) it completely stopped. A bit disconcerting being that I was supposed to be STARTING my period that day. So before I started my new pill pack I took another pregnancy test and again, it was negative.

All I can contribute the early period to was the bumping up of the amount of Hydroxycut I was taking. It was the highest consistent dose I had ever taken for a period of time. That, and perhaps coupled with the stress I was going through caused the abnormal bleeding. I talked to a nurse and Physician's Assistant about it and they thought the stress may have been a big factor- EVEN though I've been on birth control pills regularly for 5 years.

One thing to note is that as soon as I came off of the higher dose of Hydroxycut, my appetite was horribly intense and uncontrollable. I've gained almost 10 lbs in three weeks, not good at all.

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HC Max brought on my menstral cycle (period) December 20, 2009
Reviewer: Theresa from Chicago, IL

I have used HC Extreme a couple times over the past year. I use as directed, although I never exceed 4 pills/day for about a month or so. The longest I've stayed on was a month, with no problems. Subsequent times I only used for a week or 2. The reason I stopped, which is really bizarre and it doesn't seem that anyone else has had this problem, is that the pill seems to bring on my period. I do take birth control pills so my cycle should be controlled for but its unsettling enough that I'm done taking these pills.
Indeed I did lose up to 10 lbs, although I was very serious about my diet and exercise during that time. I worked out 6 days a week and kept to a very clean diet, no sugar, lots of lean protein.
Any feedback from others about similar experiences would be welcome!

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Works for me! July 07, 2009
Reviewer: Amanda, 18 from Minnesota

I bought my bottle of HydroMax for Women some several monthes ago because I was fed up with extra flab and wanted some motivation. I used it as directed all the way to 3 pills twice daily- instantly realizing that it was too much for my body to handle. I felt the effects of the pills immediately (even after the first time I took one)- with an obvious increase in sweating, and pooping, and during the first few days slight nausea and occasionally headaches. After several months, I only take hydroxycut pills before workouts, so perhaps 2 pills a day max. I'm energized for the workouts, able to go longer and harder (and sweat a GREAT deal more). If anything, HydroMax has motivated me to workout more- and work harder, but i definetly owe some of my success to the pills. I'm more cut, more muscular and weigh less than i did a few months ago. It's an intensely effective product, but effects ppl differently (a friend of my had no diuretic effects- essentially no results besides motivation) i reccomend trying it- ive been VERY satisfied with it. if only it were cheaper... and dont let the pills explode in your mouth. WOW it's a horrible taste!

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Not sure, but open-minded! February 12, 2009
Reviewer: Kim - Working mom of 3 from Florida

I just started the HC Max 2 days ago. I have tried the HC hardcore with results. It is true, no matter what pills you decide to take, you HAVE to exercise. These pills are not miracle workers,they are meant to assist you. You should do your homework Before purchasing any pills. Most ALL diet pills have some form of caffeine in them. If you have a sensitive stomach or can't handle caffeine well, then don't buy this stuff, because it will make for bad reviews. For those of us that do exercise 3-4 times weekly and try to eat right, and don't have sensitivities, then Hydroxycut does work. I'm not exactly sure how well the MAX works yet, but I'll see. If you feel a little jittery when you up your dose, then just adjust it to what you feel comfortable with. Maybe that is a sign that you don't need that much. Just a suggestion.

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Reviewer: Sherri from bronx, ny

I tried the Hydroxycut Max. I saw results this much is true, but my results came from 2x per day;5 days per week for 2.5 hours at the gym. Not from the pills. I did not feel any increase of anything it was asthough I was popping tic tacs, I finished the bottle because I paid 40 bucks for it and there was no refunds. I'm not complaining because I knew when I purchased the product this may happen to me because I felt no effect from the regular hydroxycut which is why i chose this one. I think I will try to the next one up.....see if i feel something...anything at all...!

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jittery, anxiety, TMJ pain November 12, 2008
Reviewer: Maria from new orleans, LA

The pills go down easy, no heartburn, did feel more energy, however.... side effects are bad so i'm stopping early. I was on this for ~2 wks. First week (1 pill/day) was ok. 2nd week, (2-3 pills/day) was not great. Got very jittery, even a day after stopping taking them altogether. Wasn't having any other caffeine source. Very anxious, panicky, difficulty breathing, some blurry vision. I was only on 1/2 the dosage or even less than that. If you're sensitive to caffeine, or are prone to anxiety, don't take it. Also, my jaw was locking (TMJ pain). Too much caffeine can do that, fatigue the muscles of jaw.

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Very Dangerous!!!! October 21, 2008
Reviewer: Laura Carter from Chilliwack, BC, Canada

I took the product as suggested. At two twice a day I felt jittery, moody and slight nauesa. Yesterday I increased it to the full recommended dose 6 a day 3 pills twice a day. At the gym I could not count to 10 with my reps, I got on the stationary bike to do cardio and felt like I was going to get sick. Managed to drive house. Vomited voilently while the room spinned from 10 pm to 5 am in the morning...very toxic and terrible experience! Nasty Speed in a fancy package.

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Jittery Max! October 15, 2008
Reviewer: KJ from VT, USA

I was only able to take Hydroxy Cut Max for a couple of days because of the caffeine and it' affects on me. I wasn't even able to increase the dose past 2/day. It made me feel very anxious and jittery. I should have expected that, but I could not get past the first 3 days to increase my dose. If you are prone to anxiety I would not recommend this product.

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If you have stomach problems beware! September 30, 2008
Reviewer: Strella from Garden City

I have been taking Hydroxycut Max for about 1 week now. I have been pleased with it so far, I drink the recommended amount of water and I maintain 1200-1500 calories per day. Only I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to caffeine, so I have been having some pain and slight naseua. Because of this, and only this, I don't feel it is appropriate for me to continue taking it. If there is someone looking to try it I would say if you have problems with heart burn, acid reflux or a hiatal hernia (like me)....stay away from this, it will only upset you more. I was thinking to try the Caffeine free.....if not I'm going it's not worth having this much of an uncomfortable feeling.

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