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Jarrow Biosil Reviews

Index > Irwin Naturals > Jarrow Biosil Reviews

Only biosil contains a highly potent 2% solution of stabilized, biologically active stabilized, concentrated Orthosilicic Acid. Horsetail, algae and polymerized silicic acid have a relatively poor rate of conversion to stabilized, concentrated Orthosilicic Acid and, thus, are not well absorbed. Human studies indicate that while silicon from horsetail absorbs slightly better than the colloidal form, BioSil absorbs 2.5 times better than horsetail or colloidal gel.

Jarrow Biosil


Jarrow Biosil User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (4.7 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 3

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review program
works for cracking joints March 31, 2010
Reviewer: Jack sparrow from tobago

Been useing this for three weeks and it has reduced the cracking and pain i got from bad joints.Been looking for 15 years for something that works and i feel that this is the one. It does taste like off prawns. It is good for constipation and anal fissure too. Yet to see any hair or nail results.

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Jarrows Bio Sil December 07, 2007
Reviewer: Michelle from hollywood, fl

It does taste like nasty fish, but it is so so amazing.. I cant explain, my hair, skin and nails are amazing.. try it.. you must be consistent though...

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Biosil April 09, 2006
Reviewer: Bill Weinert from Evansville

it tastes like sh** but it really works.

My nails got stronger and the white dots disappeared.

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