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San V12 & V12 Turbo Reviews

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With the birth of Fuel Injection V12, faster gains in muscle mass, strength and endurance, become now a reality. Comprised of the latest technological breakthroughs, Fuel Injection V12’s barrier-defying complex is infused with the following revolutionary and result-producing compounds: Tricreatine Malate (Tri-Creatine Salt), N.A.G(N-Acetyl L-Glutamine), Betaine (Trimethylglycine), Glycocyamine, NitroArginine (Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate),Micronized Taurine;

san v12 fuel injection


san v12 User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (4.4 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 18

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review program
Good but NOT a miracle cure June 12, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

I tried this product for the first time after trying many, many previous creatine products which did not work for me. as my profession is personal training having a good amount of strength is a good advertisement. I found this product really enhances muscle pumps with higer range reps, which is slightly contradictory as the CP system is predominantly type II which equates in layman terms low reps heavier weights. so this was rereshing to see, i will cut this in short so i dont bore you but i found strenght gains really improved, also helped obviously with recovery. but as its repeated on here time and time again, make sure your trainings right, your diets right, you consume enough water etc. This and products like this are not miracle workers, they are merely a match, you need to build the fire to get it going.

Side effects did include a little water retention due to the copious amounts of water i was putting back but i have read previously that some people are bothered about "sides", remember people this isnt a steroid, or a test booster, you wont take creatine then all of a sudden have an incurable rage and spots. (some of which i havent even seen on steroid takers themselves)

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Made a small guy massive in the gym December 06, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous from VA, USA

I was 140 when I started V-12. After my first cycle (also took N-Large by Prolab) I was up to 167 lbs. My 1 RM bench went from 145 to 225 in that month. I was initially curling 25s (iso) and moved to 40s in a month. Also pullups went from 15 to 32 in that month. This stuff scared the hell out of me because I improved so quickly. It tastes terrible and sweet, gave me minor stomach cramps. Incredible pump and everyone noticed and made comments about my size after a month. I tried NO-Xplode with disappointing results and have been off supplements since. I will be buying some V-12 very soon.

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excellent product July 03, 2008
Reviewer: Shaka from Canada, MTL

By far, the best creatine ever. Di and tri-creatine malate are the best since the absorbtion is faster. V12 Turbo really rocks and no side-effects (for me).. Recommended !!!

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IT REALLY WORKS- Honestly!!! February 18, 2008
Reviewer: Alok from Bangalore, INDIA

hey guys!! i took V12 a couple of months back..well to be honest V12 will not give u an overnight result.. but ya it does work, provided that u workout consistently..

for the first week it did not show any significant results.. however for the next three weeks it gave a boost to my workout.. with increased power n endurance...

guys rember one thing always that ultemately its ur hardwork that pays off!!!if u r serious and most of all CONSISTENT... then this product is for u..

also as far as i am concerned there was absolutely no side effects... (just keep ur water intake high which is a must with all creatine products)... however i felt drinking a glucose drink while doing ur workout might increase the absorption..

ya it is costly ofcourse but worth a try at least.. for serious minded athlet...

go ahead...

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OK February 13, 2008
Reviewer: PUMP from New York

I took it pretty religiously for about 3 weeks. I gained around 8 pounds and my bench went up about 10 pounds. I had to stay off it for a week after because of anti-biotics and after that, i was right back where i started. This product is Ok. I want to try Viraloid

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great product February 11, 2008
Reviewer: Sourav from India

V12 definitely made a big difference to my workouts...i experienced strength bench, shoulder presses and squats all went up by an average 10-15 pounds in 10 days !!! only thing against this product is that i did not gain much weight but certainly looked bigger than before so i guess it didnt make me put on fat....great product..highly recommended !!

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Pump'd Up Guns September 29, 2007
Reviewer: Jeff from Boston

Used to take Xpand but my store ran out so i bought the v12...3 days after using it iwent to the gym and started with 4 sets of chin the end of the first set my arms felt like ballons..after the 4th could see my veins popiing out of my forearms and was imagine if i actually read the instructions and saw that i should be taking it twice a day. no i am and my biceps and legs are growing.

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Disappointed July 05, 2007
Reviewer: Mt Disappointment from Aussie LAnd

Was very disappointed and expected more from this product. Compared to other NO & creatine products on the market this rates average.

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V12 March 06, 2007
Reviewer: Tony from CAN

I bought a bottle of V12 at my local store of Gnc. The guy told me that it was a good product and all. After i took it, i could notice more pump and i wasnt tired easily. But, after i stop it, the positive effet have all disappear...

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Turbo January 26, 2006
Reviewer: Diesel from usa

This is the best creatine i ever took. This supplement gave me skin bursting pumps at the gym. I went up 10 pounds on every exercise each week. I also gained 15 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. If you want to blast through a plateau and make good gains. Take this supplement.

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THIS STUF REALY WORKS October 20, 2005
Reviewer: Hassan Ali from Mandal,Norway

This is without a shodow the best product i have ever used.The pump i get after using it is phenomenal and my streangth goes up immedietly.Its not so expensive like it counterparts and the best tasting cretine supplement i have ever used.FOUR THUMS WAY UP

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V-12 Turbo Revs you UP! October 20, 2005
Reviewer: Krista - Buff Chick ; ) from The Lone Star State

I started taking V-12 Turbo for S.A.N. 1 month ago. My gains have been astounding. After losing an intial 20#'s of fat(over 4 months) from eating healthy, ie, low fat, good carbs and high protein and working out 4-5 times a week, after 1 month of supplementing with this stuff, I've gained 7#s of muscle mass. My biceps have nice peaks and my legs, chest and back are getting cut up! I'm a believer and I'll buy again. I've been drinking the fruit punch which tastes more like pink lemonade, you really do have to add a few extra ounces of water with this stuff as its SUPER SWEET, but pleasant. My squats are at 250 lbs now and were at 150 when I started. BTW...I'm a female nurse and no nasty male like characterists have appeared while using Turbo V-12, just cut, sexy muscles!

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DIDNT WORK August 20, 2005
Reviewer: Pete from India

After reading all the reviews on this site about SAN V12 TURBO and other sites too i was really keen on trying this product.I took it pretty religiously,twice on workout days and jus once on non workout days.I really DIDNT feel any great pumps as such nor any great energy boost.I was jus surprised cause I jus did not feel like it made any difference.Yeah i did put on 4 pounds but i doubt if thats because of the creatine because i used to take whey twice a day and also had increased my diet.

Well as they say creatine does not work for 30% of its consumers,so propbably im one of them.

Will not buy it again...guess breatine is just not for me.

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v12 turbo comments July 12, 2005
Reviewer: John Q. Public from Union NJ

Holy crap. I had garden hoses hangin off my biceps yesterday within an hour of taking this stuff. I started posing since I am in precon training and omigod-this studd is insane. I used creatine before but never did experience gains like this. WOW.

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As good as the first time June 08, 2005
Reviewer: Vin from Garfield, NJ USA

I remember the early days of creatine, when EAS Phosphagen was the "sh#t", (but unfortunately, also caused it). V12 is very effective if, like the other reviewers have stated, you WORK. I was using Pinnacle's esterfied creatine (which was pretty good) prior to v12, but had no creatine in me for about two weeks when I started. I took it every morning 30 minutes before breakfast and post workout (5 or 6 PM). I trained very consistently and felt my strength increase LITERALLY every workout. I didn't use anything else with it so the effects were definitely from hard work and V12.

The strong taste is actually good because it encourages one to add more water to tame it.

I would rate this higher much than EAS Betagen; I've never felt like this with that product.

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san v-12 June 02, 2005
Reviewer: Dustin from florida

clearly the best creatine supplement ive used great pump!!!! nice strength gains no water retention i will buy this again and again

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it helps May 12, 2005
Reviewer: Jonny from Anytown, AT 55555

I have been on v12 for about 2 months and put on a solid ten pounds so this shit is pretty good but you have to put in the work to see results, it isnt magic

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SAN V12 TURBO March 22, 2005
Reviewer: Robert Branham from Columbia, SC

I did my research on this particular Creatine (San V12 Turbo) for 3 months. After hearing and reading the positive effects of it, I decided to start a cycle on Jan.1,2005.

This product tasted fairly good if you can stand a little sweetness. But you can always add more water to negate the sharp, tangy taste.

Prior to starting this cycle I was on a six month break from lifting weights so I didn't know if the V12 was enabling me to progress quickly or my body's natural instinct. Soon enough I knew it had to be the V12 Turbo. I only took it on days I worked out and I still got the full effects. At the end of my cycle I was stronger than ever. My bench press shot through the roof. My co-workers couldn't believe it! Many thought I was on steroids. My wife even gave me compliments. But most of all, I didn't gain any water weight from this product. And to be honest, I didn't diet like I was suppose to on this cycle, but I gained 7 lbs of muscle.

My buddy saw the effect V12 Turbo had on me and has started a cycle also.



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