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Twinlab Andro Nitrate Fuel 3 Reviews

Index > Twinlab > Andro Nitrate 3 Fuel Reviews

50g of high grade protein combined with a scientifically advanced anabolic activator that enhances muscle metabolism by supporting the production of testosterone and other androgens. This is a potent pro-hormone transporter formulated with a 24/7 sustained release delivery system to continuously support the anabolic process- and accelerate protein synthesis beyond conventional protein powders.

twinlab andro nitrate fuel 3



Andro Nitrate Fuel User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.2 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 5

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review program
Andro Nitrate 3 pills January 24, 2008
Reviewer: Daniel from Chicago, IL

THese pills were AMAZING! I have a neuromuscular Disease where my body no longer produces muscle. I was slated to be in a wheel chair by my 22nd birthday. I took one pill a day for a week, and I could run again. I had noticable muscle gain, and they were natural fibers! But twin labs pulled it, and now after 4 years off the pills, my legs are giving out. I cant even get the formula for these pills anywhere. The fuel doesnt work, it was something with the pill form that did it. Does anyone know where I can find the formula, or even a bottle?

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La Mancha June 21, 2006
Reviewer: Man 'O from LA, CA

Bush is a great man? I'd disagree with that.

A spoiled little pussy boy whose daddy bought him into office so he can steal our money for big oil. At best. But I digress...

However the andro nitrate fuel is better than nothing. You may achievee the effect with other protein powders and combined supplements but when you add up the combined costs WTF?

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Andro 3 September 27, 2005
Reviewer: Supplement GURO from New York City

The stuff with the real Androstenedione and no other precursor product supplement was a lot better then this stuff with just andro like supplements in it and everything. Like Tribulus for example sure it did raise my test a little bit it gaved me some little pumps and made me feel wired up a little but then again I thought I could of had done the same thing with buying a cheap multi/viti supplement, protein shake, and not waste my money on this stuff. The Real Andro was better. Sometimes just because Bush got rid of it I wish he didn't becamed Pres. I mean think about it everyone. Everythings alotta expensive now. No good supplements. Gas prices changed. Ya get the point, Right? Plus also too add it was mostly kids and young young teens that died from the andro that wasn't even 18 yet. Thinking theyd probably be strong like Arnold or McGuire on the baseball field and get hot muscles from it. But dang I Miss The Real Stuff. Nothing is like it and will never be unless Bush changes his mind and makes Andro and Test supplements legal again, Ya know atleast change the age to 21, and over. Or some sh*t like that. Not our fault us old adults know how to properly use it and can be more mature to follow the <---directions---> on the damn label. I have nothing against Bush. He is a great man. Then again I mean why the supplement ban? Yeah okay so it had to many bad reputations on the shit. But was it from mostly adults or kids? I'm thinking kids. Who agrees with me?

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best "lost" supplement July 23, 2005
Reviewer: Theulti from Florida

That Andro 3 was fantastic stuff, I got steady gains everywhere and post-workout recovery was awesome. If I had a chance to buy 50 bottles of Andro Nitrate 3 today I would. I would find a way to preserve them to use in the 5 years on cycles. I could easily get 100 pounds on all my lifts in the next 16 months and keep most of what I achieved when I finish cycling..... Great Stuff, miss it a lot.....

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Twinlab Andro Nitrate Fuel July 12, 2005
Reviewer: Anonymous from NY,NY,USA

I think its alright but i would just stick to protein shakes because that can't mess your body up like Andro and i feel like you aren't cheating yourself but thats just my opinion.

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