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EAS 100% Whey Protein Reviews

Index > EAS > 100% Whey Protein (Myopro Protein) Reviews

Each serving of 100% Whey Protein provides your body with 23 grams of muscle-building whey protein with only 2 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates.

See how it stacks up against similar protein powders in the same class.

eas myopro protein


100% Whey Protein User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.2 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 9

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review program
Yuck! May 05, 2010
Reviewer: Juno from CA

Chocolate is horrible! It almost came back up everytime I drank some. This is one whey that I would not recommend, at all. Syntha on the other hand, strawberry and chocolate peanut butter, very delightful, just like a milkshake bought from a restaurant.

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exellent March 14, 2008
Reviewer: JAMES from LONDON

Tastes great, despite other reviews from people stating it doesn`t. I just wonder if they have actually used the product cause it mixes well and is much cheaper than maximuscles product but cant tell you if it has the same effect yet as maximuscle has the best effect out of all of them I have tried but tastes sooo bad !!! THIS ONE TASTES THE BEST OUT OF ALL OF THEM I HAVE TRIED...3 of my friends are using this as well and all agree VERY GOOD VALUE.

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Get the Chocolate December 30, 2007
Reviewer: Jeff from KCMO

Vanilla is "okay", Strawberry is horrible.

Best way to mix is blender - but I find that tedious. Use crushed ice in a water bottle (nalgene, etc...) after a minute or so it's perfectly blended.

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Great taste August 14, 2006
Reviewer: Jamie Hill from London, England

I found this to mix quite easily, a few lumps after a twenty second shake but still taste great. The chocolate version tastes brilliant. I mean you cannot tell you are drinking a health suplement.

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Good Product August 04, 2006
Reviewer: R from LV, NV

The vanilla flavor tastes great. Who stirs? Simply shake and drink.

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Review May 18, 2006
Reviewer: Jay1b from England

Erm, on the tub i have it clearly states "Aspartame Free".

Mixes well with a hand held blender, but dont bother trying this if you stir it in manually.

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MyoPro whey sux March 18, 2006
Reviewer: TGT from Houston, TX

Ok, the strawberry taste is ok... but I have to stir it for friggin 15 minutes before I can drink it, and even than it still clogs which makes it pretty nasty, cuz your just swallowing clogs of powder.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, this is a shitty product!

I recently bought 'Classic whey' and it's much better!

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EAS myopro whey protein ( strawberry ) March 14, 2006
Reviewer: Unhappy bunny from u.k.

This powder tastes awful.

I would not recommend to anyone!!!!

Have used other brands and found o.k. - this one makes me want to throw up ( extreemly sour taste!!!)

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Poison November 17, 2005
Reviewer: Bigmouse from london

this contains aspartame like many of the shelf protein powders. Aspartame is described by some as a toxic chemical.

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