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Xenadrine NRG 8 Hour Reviews

Index > Cytodyne Technologies > Xenadrine NRG Reviews

XENADRINE-NRG IS QUICK ACTING and LONG LASTING In less than 30 minutes of taking Xenadrine-NRG, you may feel its amazing thermogenic effects and keep experiencing them for up to 8 full hours! There's never been anything like Xenadrine-NRG. At work, in the gym or on the go, new Xenadrine-NRG can help give you the lift you're looking for and the body everyone else will be looking at.

xenadrine NRG


Xenadrine NRG User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (3.3 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 91

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review program
Ups and Downs August 25, 2011
Reviewer: Chris from Toronto

I may be overly sensitive to the caffeine since not drinking coffee for the last 2 years, but for me NRG is good for the first few hours but then I always have a crash where I'm really frustrated, very aggro and irritable for hours more, and I can only assume it's a reaction to some of these ingredients. And I'm talking about taking just ONE in the morning before exercise. Anyone else find the same thing?

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Scary Side Effects June 04, 2009
Reviewer: Naomi Osorio Walizer from Norcross GA

I am having some scary side effects since I took Xenadrine energy eight hour this morning. The recommended dosage for me was four pills. that is what I took. My face is very itchy,
I cannot concentrate very well at all. Feel really dizzy right now like I am going to pass out. I took this pill around 10:00am and it now 5:22pm. I would never recommend.

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Pretraining tune ups October 15, 2008
Reviewer: Anonymous from Vancouver

I am not one much for diet pills, but have had some succes in the past with a loss of 55 pounds. I have 2 heavy training schedules a year and like to tone up during those time. I am currently 6'4" 100 KG and 39 years old. I have just started and here is my schedule. 2 tablets on non-workout days and 4 on workout days. I do martial arts 3 to 4 times a week at a min 2 hours a class. I also do p90x ab ripper exercises 3 days a week. I also take a multivitamine as recommended by many diet pills. I am taking 2 GNC Mega Men sports a day. My dietary is no carbs after 7 PM and no food after 8. I eat mostly vegetables. My weight loss is not manditory, but lean muscle is at this point. Will let you know how it turns out.

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Please read if you really want to know...` August 04, 2008
Reviewer: Tired of Morrooons not using common sense from Los Angeles

This is a great energy booster tablet system. I don't write these reviews however i thought I should put in my 2 cents. First and foremost no pill will ever help you loose weight if you continue to consume more calories than you burn off. Second, any kind of pill weather good or bad will always be over used. The majority of people who complain about this pill is because they usually "over do it" if you drink 3 cups of coffee a day relax with the coffee and take 1 pill if you take theses pills then you shouldnt be drinking coffee in the first place! I love the taste of coffee in the morning also which is why I take my 1 pill at lunch time and not like they recommend 2 pills in the morning which shouldn't be taken unless you are someone who is constantly in need of energy and in desperate need of energy. And last please don't take more than 2 pills a day, i used to take 2 a day around 3pm and found myself exhausted, and why? Because I was working out! So don't take 2 pills and plan to run a mile because you will tire out after the first lap. Use common sense and use only 1 pill and 2 when you really need that energy or loose that weight (by sweat) by end of the week.

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Read before you take July 24, 2008
Reviewer: Kary from Los Angeles CA USA

I started taking these in high school a few years ago and they definitely gave me an energy boost. It did make me a little shaky/jittery but it didn't bother me very much. I didn't lose any lbs but it did cut out some noticeable fat and made me look thinner. I went off of them after some harassment from friends and started birth control a few months later. Stopped that, then tried NRG again after gaining a few pounds from the OC's and had a MAJOR anxiety attack. I took the recommended dose for someone trying to lose 10 lbs or less. I think it might have been the birth control that changed my anxiety or depression. I wish I could try them again because I liked what they did but now i feel like I have heart or lung problems. i often get sharp pains in my chest and I dont know if its from the diet pills or me being a hypochondriac. Be VERY VERY careful when using these. They could mess you up for life. Really consider other options before taking any kind of diet pill. Also, after you stop taking the pills you will most likely gain any lost weight back.

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it works but July 16, 2008
Reviewer: Dave from Canada

I must say, t works but you have to do something on your own like exercicing and dieting, it'll go faster. I read the reviews and some were complainning about chest pains etc. I'm already a coffee addict, so no pains for me but I noticed a nice boost of energy throughout the day since I take the pills at around noon ( I still need the taste of coffee in the morning).

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good March 29, 2008
Reviewer: M from seattle


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How to make it works November 23, 2007
Reviewer: Amazon from Anytown, AT 55555

Xenadrine nrg is a stimulant just like ephedrine or amphetamine because it contains a significant amount of caffeine. However, it is a mild form of stimulant. When using any kind of stimulants, please consume vitamin b complex, at least 1000mg calcium and 500mg magnesium 3 hours prior to consume the stimulant. This is to avoid jittery, nervousness and heart palpitation due to overstimulating nervous system and adrenal gland cause by the stimulant. 1 hour after consume any type of stimulant, please consume at least 1000mg vitamin c and multi vitamin to detox the body from free radicals. Use this formula and xenadrine nrg before a high intensity can get the natural high, energy boost and burning that stubborn fat. Enjoy!

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Lower the dose and have a coffee October 09, 2007
Reviewer: Michael from Sydney

I've gone through a few diet supplements, so I figured that the full recommended dose would be good for me. However, popping 3 tabs was tripping me out with nausea and feeling shakey, so went down to one tab with a cup of coffee which seems go give me a nice stable energy level...

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Bogus pills or what????????????? August 25, 2007
Reviewer: 8701 from london

I have been using the pills for 3 weeks now and i have seen no change, the first week i did feel like i had more energy i, but maybe i thought i did when i realy didnt, the pills are big pinkish and star shape, i anyone is on the NRG 8hour plz tell me what your one looks like i have convinced myself that i have been taking bogus pills

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Almost killed me August 16, 2007
Reviewer: Joe from Alaska

Used it for 5 months, worked out and lost a lot of weight (gave energy to build muscle too), but developed almost a dependancy. That turned into horrible insomnia (not just trouble sleeping, NO SLEEP, for days, and trust me that MESSES you up ) ended up in the hospital, no appetite, paranoid, chest pain, couldn't concentrate, delusional, couldn't control emotions, thought I was losing my mind, VERY VERY VERY scary experience. This happened in the Caribbean, and the doctors gave me such an extreme dose of narcotics (for my nerves and to help me sleep) it almost poisoned me to death. Doctors couldn't figure out the problem, neither could I, lots of tests, went home to Canada, I stopped using xenadrine by this time, suffered from some kind of withdrawal, more insomnia. Whole ordeal lasted a few months. The Lord gave me the strength to get through it, and I did, I'm totally fine now. But I thought I had lost my mind or had some tropical parasite, I realize now it was those "harmless" diet pills. Maybe I wasn't following the directions or taking too many,regardless, they messed me up for a while.

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8701 August 11, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous from london

i have been taking nrg for 3 days now, i will let keep u informed

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Completely Worthless June 28, 2007
Reviewer: Dissapointed from NW Indiana

Did absolutley nothing for results....watse of money!!!!

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Made me sick! May 16, 2007
Reviewer: Female User from USA

I thought I'd try NRG since I experienced great results with EFX with no side effects.

Within hours of consuming the first NRG pill I felt nauseous and disoriented. The next day I took the pill again with similar results.

I threw away the pills and returned to EFX. I guess my experience just shows that individuals respond differently to supplements.

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just drink coffee April 24, 2007
Reviewer: The truth from San Diego, CA USA

I tried Xenadrine NRG for 2 months. I really stuck to my diet and there was no difference between being on it or not on it other than the fact that it gave me energy in the morning when I took it and throughout the day. I would suggest trying something else because it did not help me to loose the weight. I then went on the HMR diet plan and lost about 1lb every 2 days. So far I have been on it for not even a week and I have already lost 5 lbs. This is something to try, just order them online and pick them up at the nearest store to you. The chocolate shakes are really good and so are the penut butter bars and the chicken soup. I have about 550 calories a day and I feel great! Its a low caloric intake but vitamins come with the packets and you can opt for a higher calorie option as well if needed.

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3 weeks and no result!!!! MAD! April 23, 2007
Reviewer: SHIN from AZ

Have been taking this 2 pills for 3 weeks already –yet no result! Did not lose even a pound. ARGH! I have palpitations.. my heart is running so fast (IT’s CRAZY!). How come it’s working for you, and not for me!!! I’m on the treadmill 30 minutes everyday. I don’t eat dinner anymore since my tummy is full most of the time. What’s up??? What’s wrong???

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Not very effective... April 21, 2007
Reviewer: Walt from Baltimore, Maryland

I tried Xenadrine NRG with poor results. I am a healthy male 6'1" and 230 lbs. My goal was to lose around 25 lbs. Xenadrine NRG is loaded with caffeine, which does provide an energy boost. However, I noticed my appetite INCREASED instead of decreasing. I found myself snacking all day long and well into the night. Needless to say, I didn't lose any weight after finishing the bottle and I won't be buying any more.

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post pregnancy single mother April 18, 2007

I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy and I tried very hard to lose weight after I gave birth to my daugter. I started taking Xenadrine NRG 8-hour because I remembered taking it in high school and it did not give my any negative side effects. I love the 8-hour. I did not lose any weight but I did maintain a very productive, positive, and energetic state throughout the whole day. I was able to participate in interacting with my family instead of watching tv all day/night. I always felt like going and doing stuff, going to the park, walking the block, etc. As far as weight loss I did not lose but I enjoyed the high energy levels. I recently stopped taking it and I am trying Ripped Fuel ephedra free.

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not working April 17, 2007
Reviewer: Tess from dublin. Ireland

Hi. Have been using now for 19 days, I'm taking 4 per day, I need to loose about 14lbs - 20 lbs but absolulty nothing is happening. My eating is not as much and what i am eating is healthy, at first i thought i WAS LOOSING AS I HAD such a buzz but after 6 days tried on my jeans that had gone too small and no difference at all, now today I have tried them on also and still no diff, my sister started same time as me and has lost 8-10 lbs already. Is there something diff I should be doing? Getting desperate, wedding in 3 weeks

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I feel like fainting April 16, 2007
Reviewer: K from Los angeles, CA

This product is horrible. I just took one pill and i'm extremely jittery and feeling incredibly the point where i feel like i'm about to faint from hunger. I ate breakfast and took this..and after only 2 hours i feel like i'm about to collapse! i don't know how people can say this curbs their has an opposite effect on me.

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trying for a week April 10, 2007
Reviewer: Shin from AZ

I've been taking this for a week already (2x a day before breakfast). Just noticed that I'm feeling that my head's kinda spinning a bit, less appetite . I dont eat dinner anymore coz I feel like my tummy is full. I do treadmill for 20minutes a day but haven't lost weight. Argh... will this really work? I hope so.. I'm thinkin positive.

I'm 22 at 118 pounds- and I wish to be 100 or less. Wish me luck!

I'll keep you guys posted.

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Great March 31, 2007
Reviewer: Amr El Desouky from Egypt

i just wanna say that my age is 22 and my weight was 98 KG.. i have been taking this pills 2 tablets at morning and for 2 weeks and i go running 4 days a week ..

i really noticed an excellent enery boost and my weight now after the end of the 2 weeks is 93 KG..

so i think i'm gonna cont. and i will let u know the results after the secong 2 weeks..

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been using about a week March 15, 2007
Reviewer: Wendy from Alabama

I started using this product about a week ago and have noticed somewhat of a difference. I have not lost any weight but also have not exercised and haven't really changed my diet.

I have noticed that I have more energy and am not starving but I still think about food alot.

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This product is GREAT but not for everyone March 07, 2007
Reviewer: LaImagen from Texas

I really like this product. It has given me results that I personally like (toned arms/abs). If taken correctly (and before your work out) it gives you that extra energy boost. The downside is that it will make you "crash" when the effects go away.

Also, in my case, when I decide to have light workouts (walk in the park with the kids) instead of moderate/intense workouts at the gym my heart rate goes crazy and honestly a bit scary.

Possibly it's just me. Just pay attention to your body and know your limits.

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Where is the toilet??? March 03, 2007
Reviewer: Loo-Runner from Hatta

Ok, started this yesterday and chose to take only one tablet in case of bad reactions. It was ok, I felt slightly 'floaty' and much less appetite.

This morning I took 1 tablet again and have had urgent bowel movements through the day (hmmm...lets say watery, without getting gross).

I want to continue, I really do. I feel my appetite has been reduced, and I was hoping to go up to 2 or 3 tablets. Anyone with suggestions, please advise.

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Trail - Error - Success March 01, 2007
Reviewer: Hoostompa from USOFA

True account, no games: I work 2 jobs consecutively 5 1/2 days a week(1 office, 1 physical). Started NRG last year with no results due to failure to read instructions thru. Just major buzz due to coffee mix. Read instructions? 1. no coffee(oh) 2. take 1-4 pills based on weight(double oh! 3. sensible diet(say no!) 4. exersise. 2nd trail I followed steps & notice energy increase, cravings lowered, and weight started dropping. Its was working & worked off aprx 35 - 45lbs over aprx 4months. Put 10 back on to date. My intial weight was 280 something & I wanted around 220ish. Stopped at 240 due to noticable fatigue & dehydration bought on by myself trying to starve to 220 since so close. It worked for me. My diet cut out the sweets, red meat(90%), all diet & regular drinks(except tea), all caffeine drinks, dairy products(unless necessary), bread, fried stuff & as many unhealthy products as found. Baked, boiled, rotisseried & overfried anything were key. Stopped eating food after 7pm daily unless is was veggies or fruits. Ever had a can of string beans mixed with corn in a big bowl at 11 at night? Its great, filling, and non-guilty!! Oh yeah, it had butter salt & pepper!!! I also had 1 day during the week I could enjoy what I wanted respectively. I didnt really have an excersize program due to work schedule but my late job gave me that excersize to burn & earn at the same time. Bottom line is you have to use the pills correct and follow the instutions & stick to you diet plan for ANYTHING to work. By the way, I did notice the pounds coming off slow as I downsized. Not sure if was my doing or not. I started my 3rd trail 3 days ago, 7months later to get to or below my wanna-weight. Good luck to you.

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So far so good January 25, 2007
Reviewer: Buster-Jay from Riversode, ca usa

I just started like 3 days ago.

I weigh 185 and i have tooken other products that have not worked for me.

I drink alot of coffee and i did not think these pills would even give me a boost BOY was i wrong. I have started out with 2 pills in the morning. I get a rush of energy and i have not been so hungry.

Next week I will go to 3 pills a day. Probably 2 in the morning and one before I work out.

I did get some heartburn and It did seem to make me have a breakout of some pipmple but I am hoping this effect will go away. I will report in a week or so.



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Just starting, have tried Xenadrine rfx before December 06, 2006
Reviewer: Tammy from Niles, Ohio

I have tried Xenadrine with the ephedra before, I am now going to give the 8 hour one a try, However I am wondering about the dosage, It says once a day, 1-4 tabs. can I break this up through out the day???? I will come back and let you know how I am doing, I know as I said before the other one did real good, took me from a size 12 down to a size 6 in about 2-3 months, with exercise and dieting. after having m y lastr child I am now about 180 and I am only 5ft tall. keep you up to date..

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These pills were not for me November 16, 2006
Reviewer: Iris Jade from Oklahoma

I stopped taking these pills after two weeks. After reading other user reveiws, I was disappointed because I didn't feel a boost in my energy level at all. More importantly, the main reason I quit taking them was because they would make me insatiably hungry for the rest of the day. I actually ate more while I was taking these pills than before I ever started.

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Finally Something That Works! November 07, 2006
Reviewer: MzB from Tucker, GA

I have been using the product for a week, I have not seen the weight loss yet (but I have also been out of town and not exercising) however I already give this product five stars. I have seen a tremendous boost in my energy & focus, it has helped to suppress my appetite and keep me from snacking. I have tried virtually everything on the market and nothing has achieved these results. I have not had any side effects, making me even more pleased. I will update you on my weight loss as I have used them for a longer period.

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GOING TO TAKE IT ALL THE WAY! October 29, 2006


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Not working for me October 26, 2006
Reviewer: Kay from Dubai

I weigh close to 120 kgs, I started 2 weeks back and have been going to the gym 5 times a week, mostly doing cardio. But this doesnt seem to be working for me. I have been taking one pill an hour before my workout, but I guess I will be increasing my dosage to 2 now, 1 in the morning and one before my workout.

Keen to know what dosage Jackie has been taking to achieve that result.

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It really works! October 22, 2006
Reviewer: Carlo from Philippines

It's already been a week since I've used Xenadrine and I must say that it's really working for me. It didn't have any side effect on me (yet). It really gives an energy boost! The first day I used it, my officemates kinda noticed that I was really hyper. I'd always hear them say "Slow down, Carlo..."

Then that night, I played badminton. Man, that must've been my best badminton games ever. I used to play for like an hour only. But thanks to Xenadrine, I played for like 2 hours and I didn't get tired at all! It also helps me a lot when I go to the gym. It helps me carry more weight, makes me sweat more, makes me lessen my appetite...I really love it!

I'd continue using this. Will give a writeup again after a month. I was 178lbs before I started. I'm now around 175lbs.

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Reviewer: Air from Toronto, ON CANADA

I bought these tonight at the store and plan on taking them starting tomorrow. As most of you here I am at my wits end and hopefully it will work. Xenical did nothing for me, Weight Watchers, Bernstein, Atkins, the list goes on. I workout 3x per week and need something extra to help me along. With a 7 hr desk job at this point I need something to help out. So I will keep you updated.

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Don't bother October 05, 2006
Reviewer: L.R.B. from Bellevue, WA

I started out slow, like the bottle requested and only took one pill for about a week. I definetly noticed that i was awake a lot more than usual. Then i bumped it up to two pills a day. I never saw any weight change. I weighed myself and there was no difference. I drank tons of water as well, since this is a diaretic and that just made me have to pee every 1/2 hour. I work out 4 times a week and that didn't even help. I'm sure i picked up alittle muscle along the way but that really wasn't my goal.

I was on vacation and forgot to bring the pills with me, BIG MISTAKE. I'm not a coffee drinker and i don't drink soda every day so I've never been addicted to caffine. I experienced a terrible caffine headache for the first day and a 1/2 of my vacation :( It subsided after the second day and i vowed never to take the pills again.

Make sure you wean yourself off of these.

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good but with consequences October 02, 2006
Reviewer: Allie from USA

ok so this does work, but it also gives you acne because of all the caffine. If you are trying to look your best in clothes, this works; if you're trying to have your face and chest look good this will not do it. It gives you pimples all over.

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Going To Take It All The Way September 13, 2006
Reviewer: Jackie from Winnipeg Mb, canada

This is my 4th reveiw. I Don't know what to say but wow! I started on June 22,2006 and can not believe the progress. The fat seems to be melting away! I am not exercising but i find myself always doing things like housework, painting,and taking my dog for a walk way more often. I weighed 238lbs.I now weigh 215lbs. that's 23lbs. with not to much effort and in just under 3 months.I feel great! I will keep you posted.

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i just started taking xenadrine nrg September 13, 2006
Reviewer: Kae from philippines

i just started taking xenadrine dis morning.. but i didn't take the pill as said in the bottle.. i had it before breakfast, and an hour after lunch.. and now just an hour before breakfast.. it did boost my energy.. i wasn't able to workout.. will i still lose weight if i dont workout?

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I should not have-but they do work September 11, 2006
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


I am a 16year old with anorexia, and foolishly I took these pills (4 a day- 2 in morning, 2 in afternoon). They definitely worked...I lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks, which was a lot on my 95 lb, 5'5 frame. But I almost had a heart attack, couldn't concentrate, was in total manic-mode, palpitations, sweating, nervousness, etc.

Don't know if an overweight person would have the same effects, though.

Just thought I would share. Don't recommend to anyone underweight (obviously) or normal weight.

Stupid me.

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A quick boost! September 09, 2006
Reviewer: Angela from Rochester,NY USA

This supplement truely does give you a boost in energy that lasts!! It also worked very well to suppress my appetite. I would recommend this product for helping to maintain wt loss.

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LOADS of ENERGY!!! August 28, 2006
Reviewer: Kristin Smith from dallas, Texas

Hi, Kristin form Texas... I would like to say that this pill will give you so much energy. It's been a month since Ive been taking it and every morning I wake up I have to have it...when I take it, I have so much energy and everything on my to do list gets done at work and home. BUT I remember I had ran out of the pills and I was so depressed that day.... it's like Im seriously hooked, I have to have them for my energy to be so high. Oh and yes I did go out and buy more ;)

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Reviewer: Sexy 17 legs from Houston

This XENEDRINE is awesome! I lost the weight with the one that had ephedra, now that I have maintained and have not gained, I have a few more pounds to lose, I must say that I am FITNESS COUNSELOR at a gym, so If that says anything, however, I didnt take it like the bottle said, half the dosage, and it still worked for me, I am definately going to give this one a try and see what it does as sson as I am done with my Ripped fuel, in which i have lost 8 pounds off of.

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i feel really good August 15, 2006
Reviewer: Jorge from guanajuato, mexico

ill benn taking the pill during a week and tomorrow i will increase the dose, i will take 2 pills, i feel really good i take my pill in the mourning 20 minutes before my gym routine, i dont want to go to the scale because i love the surprises mi weight was 90 kilos, the next monday i will tell you my nex weight.

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going to take it all the way August 09, 2006
Reviewer: Jackie from winnipeg canada

I must tell you!this is my 3rd review. I started june 22 weighing in at 238 lbs. i now weigh 220lbs. I feel great and people are noticing already , lost several inches everywhere and my clothes are really getting baggy. the energy is through the roof!iwill keep going .By the way i don't exercise or really watch what i eat but i will start now to see if i get better results .

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Lost 5 lbs after one week July 24, 2006
Reviewer: Cc from California

As a coffee drinker, I was skeptical about taking any energy boosters. I only decided to try this since my wedding is in 2 weeks and I wanted to lose those last five pounds. Since I started a week ago, I've already lost 5 lbs. Even better, I feel totally energized, so no moping around the house feeling lazy. I'm 5'2" and 140 lbs, and I've been taking 6 pills a day.

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......not so good...... July 19, 2006
Reviewer: Spice from Alberta, Canada

well, tomorrow will be a full week since I've taken the pill...... I don't think that this is the magic pill I was hoping for. After taking the 2 pills in the morning, I get a slight headache, have difficulty concentrating at work, upset stomach (some days), and I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings. I took the pill on Saturday afternoon and later had some wine, well.....let me tell you, I could party the night away!!!! This was the only good thing about the pill........

I'm going to keep on taking it for another week, just to see if my mood changes.....I will give you an update then....


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I have hope......... July 13, 2006
Reviewer: Spice from Alberta, Canada

I'm a female, 34 years old, 6 feet and about 140pnds. I've never had a weight problem. I've had a physical last month, everything is fine, but.....I am sooooo tired and feel "blah" in the mornings and when I get home after work. The Doc said that it's because of hormones. I have a choice now, take hormones or try something else.... Don't get me wrong, I do go to the gym 4 times a week and also walk/run daily with my dog, so I do get the exercise, but I'm tired of feeling tired. I went to Walmart today, just to look, and fond this magic pill (I'm hoping that it is) Xenadrine NRG 8 hour, took 2 pills about an hour ago, I thought that I should read up on it on the Internet, so here I am, reading all reviews, and decided to post mine..... In the past I've taken Proenzi99 and it worked like a charm. Since I can't buy it now in Canada, I need to try something else, so here I am....

I will keep you all informed of how I'm doing....

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Actually lost weight July 07, 2006
Reviewer: Ingrid from Liverpool,NY

I started this 2 days ago and have already lost.I went from 150 to 147 pounds as of this morning and I started with 3 pills in the morning and I had energy all day it didn't give me the shakes even after three cups of coffee throughout the day. I have tried A LOT of different diet products and this one started to work a lot faster than the others I only have another 20 lbs to go so I'll have to see how it goes. The only other thing that had worked for a while was Metabolife Ultra a couple of years ago but after a while on that it had stopped working and I was up to 9 pills a day with no effect.

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I am a happy woman July 07, 2006
Reviewer: Karin from Guatemala, C. A.

Hi, I am a 31 year old woman and on Monday, July 3, 2006 my weight was 158 pounds. Today I found out that my weight is 153! I could not believe it! I think it is to fast to loose weight. But honestly, I am happy!!! and I think as my husband says: If I feel great as I do, and I do not have any side effects, I will continue takin Xenadrine NRG 8. I am just going to do a shorter fitness routine cause I am working out 3 hours a day and burning 1500 calories aprox.

Try it, it's great!

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sooo good. July 05, 2006
Reviewer: Ange G from South Africa

I started with Xenadrine NRG when i was 19, id put on about 20 pounds after moving to england. after 2 weeks of taking it id lost 10 pounds and carried on to loose about 3 to 4 pounds every week after that. i did see that my body started getting used to it and weight loss became less and less but i reached my goal weight within 2 months though so was thrilled! the only thing i could complain about was that i got addicted to the pills and ended up anorexic. im not entirely blaming the pills as i had my own issues but they definately made it easier not to eat and gave me energy when i should have been really weak. but for anyone seriously struggling with their weight, and are genuinly overweight, i strongly recommend xenadrine... with caution.

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almost died June 27, 2006
Reviewer: Lolikus from USA

look i am not fat, have few extra pounds. found this at fridge of my roommate.. tried 3 tablets before work the first day. felt great, energized the whole day, ball of stamina... swimmed in ocean till 2 am... was great, slept only few hours, still woke up fresh.. took 3 tablets again before work... worked great before launch... When i ate and got up to continue working- my counciousness almost slipped. fainted. 4 hours was struggling to actually stay councious. friends brought me home.. chest pain, almost impossible to breathe, heart beating like crazy, face turned white, muscle numbness, lost perseption of time and speech... said all my prayers, all returned to normal in 12 hrs. well u decide before u take, but if u take it- start with 1 tablet per day only

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I started this product xenadrine eng about 4 days ago i have already lost 5 pounds and FEEL WONDERFUL

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first day... so so June 21, 2006
Reviewer: Marco from La Paz, Bolivia

i started today, took one pill, at 7:00 am and everything was good at the office, the second i took at 12:00 pm transform myself, i felt like Ronie Coleman, so awake and a little junkie too, but the only serious inconvenient is that i feel a big chest pain until now (10:30 pm) and it puts me nervous, i'll try once more tomorrow but the second pill i'll take at 4:00 pm, i hope still alive.

Good luck for the lose-weight fighters

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Reviewer: TATIANA from NEW YORK, NY


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sick as a dog June 17, 2006
Reviewer: Gregory Jackson from Miami, Fl

I took the pills 5 days ago and had to stop the third day because of stomach problems and a headache.... So fare I've been vomiting, going to the bathroom every 20 minutes, and I can't move.... these pills where poison for me

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No Good June 15, 2006
Reviewer: Ripped Off from Australia

I have been following the instructions to the letter for 3 weeks and taking 4 tablets every day. No changes have occurred whatsoever and I would have put no stars at all in the rating except for the fact that the submission form required me to do so.

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Give it a Try June 07, 2006
Reviewer: Beck from canada

I started it a week ago and already seen results...not too much in weight but i have lost fat and gained muscle. let you know, in a month from today...

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Nausea all day long June 06, 2006
Reviewer: MC from Venezuela

Today is my second day taking the pills. I took only two pills yesterday and two this morning. I've a headache since yesterday and I feel very sick: nausea and upset stomach. On the other hand, and this is very ironic, I was pretty energetic during my workout yesterday. I'll give it one day or two, but if the sickness continues, I'm not taking these pills ever again.

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DANGER, BEWARE!! May 31, 2006
Reviewer: Jason Maceli from Canada

This thing is NUTS!!.

I couldn't sleep for 2 days, i took 2 pills the first day and after 8 hrs i was completly exhausted and unable to work.

I do not recommend this at all to anybody.

Side effects, ACNE, CRAZY PIMPLES...face, back, chest.

Never again.

Not recommended to anyone unless your 500lbs and your about to die anyways.

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Works really fast!!! May 16, 2006
Reviewer: Singer from Japan

I started taking xenadrine nrg 4days ago, and I am a fireball of energy. At first I was skeptic and took 3 pills, now I take 4 a day to keep up the energy. I dont weigh myself because its always been my experience that I feel better my

instead seeing how baggy my clothes get!! And wow! That is what keeps me going! I will keep it up and keep you posted! Absolutely recomend to try this product!!!

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The New Guy Thanks to Xenadrine nrg May 15, 2006
Reviewer: Jr. from Chicago Illinois

Well Xenadrine NRG is the first fat burner that i have used and well it works great i was 245 lbs and now i'm at 220 lbs in only 4 weeks of weigth lifting and 30 mins of cardio every day i have not suffered any side effects. i started with 1 pill a day but after a week i went to 2 a day this pills work great along with exercise and not a diet but portion controlled meals along with a lot of water and fruits to have a lot of fiber in the mix ( i eat from burgers to pizza to hot dogs). I have to use the can 30 mins after a meal but thats because of a faster metabolism so you know it works. I am now at my 4th week but i have not lost any weight instead i have gained 2 lbs of muscle i looked at the mirror and i saw my arms more defined my chest is getting more defined and my stomach is getting into 6pack condition but all of that is thanks to working out at home and drinking a lot of water to aid in the fat burning proceses.

also my girl is very pleased with me. With increased blood flow you can perform better and longer.

If your goal is to get into a swim suit this summer start right now with this pills and a good workout along with 30 mins of cardio every day and no matter if you're a guy or a girl you will notice results fast.

I will post 2 weeks from today MAY-15-06 so i can let you know if i lost weight or gained any and to see if my muscles got bigger or not

Good luck to all of you in the fight against FAT


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you wont be dissapointed!!! May 03, 2006
Reviewer: Hector Alarcon from Brooklyn, NY USA

I've tried a couple of fat burners such as hydroxycut hardcore,hot-rox and the list goes on.

A while ago I read an article about xenadrine nrg saying it gives you energy for 8 full hrs.

So I bought it at gnc and damn does pills are good. It gave unlimited energy and fat burning. I drink lots of water and play basketball and do tae-bo and I'm never tired!!!! So if anyone is looking for the ultimate pill look no further!!!!!

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Fat Blaster April 25, 2006
Reviewer: DW from Alaska

I realy like this product. It really controls my appetite. I actually have to remember to eat even after 1hr of weights and 45 min on the teadmill or an hour of spinning. No side effects for me. I lose about about a pound a day. Started at 286 just 3 weeks ago. Just weighed in at 261.4 this morning. The goal is 220. Highly reccommend. I got some Hydroxcut hardcore as a gift. We'll what that does.

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Works, but I feel so sick! April 20, 2006
Reviewer: Lori from Boston, MA

I've been exercising and doing light weights for the past year and hit a weightloss plateau about 5 months ago. Frustrated with my inabilty to drop those last 10 pounds to my ideal weight, I started taking Xenadrine NRG, which is easier to swallow than other weightloss capsules. It has worked miraculously--in a 5 days, I've lost 5 pounds. Now I'm actually a bit scared by how quickly this thing is working. As far as side effects, I have been ravenously hungry all week, and today I am sick to the stomach. I was so dizzy and nauseaous that today I had to cut my usual workout about 20 minutes short. Needless to say, I am discontinuing use, at least until I hit my next plateau. Hopefully, the 5 pounds will stay off, and this will have been just what I need to jumpstart my metabolism.

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The Best Pill Ever Tried!!! March 11, 2006
Reviewer: Nini from Washington, DC

I'm a 21 year old female who just about 4 days ago weighed in at 201. Since starting Xendrine NRG, I now weigh 187 as of this morning! My goal is to get down to 150. In order to not build up tolerance to these pills, I plan on stopping use for 2 weeks and using another brand of pill. I also take a B12 pill each morning. Just 2 weeks ago I had purchased the EFX formula and found that after a few days of using this, I was building up tolerance too fast. So I went to walmart, and this other shopper told me that the NRG formula worked really well for her. Man, the first day I took them, I had so much energy only 20 minutes later. I take 2 in the morning and if I need energy in the evening, I'll take 1 more around 4 pm. It gives me the energy to workout longer and it makes me want to eat better. THESE PILLS WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT YOU PUTTING IN SOME WORK! Meaning, please atleast exercise. You do want the weight to stay off, right?

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what a great product January 16, 2006
Reviewer: Janis from Miami, FL

I started taking Xenadrine NRG, and after the first week I saw a difference. I lost 20 pounds after the first month and I didn't really excercise but I did watch what I ate. As far as side effects goes, I did go to the restroom alot and was a little jittery.

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good extended release formula December 14, 2005
Reviewer: New to the game of diet pills from Los Angeles, CA

Xenadrine NRG delivers what it states- extended release caffiene. That is the best way to get caffiene. Personally I can never sip slowly on my cofee. When taking this pill - DO NOT DRINK CAFFIENATED BEVERAGE. I don't drink any and don't have any major side effects.

The key is to start with just one pill a day (I take mine in the morning). The energy boost is great, the mood change is great and the weight loss is great. I would recommend this to anyone who drinks 1-2 cups of coffee everyday. If you're not you are bound to get sleepless, restless, jittery, stomach upset- ie all the nasty stuff everyone talks about. Another part is tolerance and addiction potential. Like coffee, you wil ldevelop tolerance- ie your body needs more to get the same effect- that's true of coffee when had everyday too. So might need to adjust dosage- take 2 pills instead of one- preferably before 4pm. Make sure you eat right, otherwise you might undermine your weight loss. Eat 4-5 small meals w/ protein as part of meals atlest for 3-4 meals. I count calories and eat lots of fruits, daily mutilvitamin and drink atleast 70 ounces of water. This drug does have diuretic effects but stick with the water- your kidneys need it to detox u.

The only side effect I've had is mild nausea (mostly 1 hrs after taking it in mornings) and upset stomach only on high stress days. Total number of days of nausea = 3 in 5 weeks. I'm sure I'm pretty addicted to it too. Love it for energy, weight loss, mood and sex drive!

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Great Stuff December 07, 2005
Reviewer: Jennifer from Highland , IL

I have been taking NRG for about 2 months now and love it. I love the energy boost and the results. I feel better than I have ever felt with any other weight loss pill. And sent my sex drive sky high. It is definatly a product I recommend my customers!!! It is better than taking ephedrine !!! A+++

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watch out.. December 03, 2005
Reviewer: Anne from Florida

Ok I have to say I did lose about 7 pounds with in the first week of using this, but the side affects were not worth it.. I am a really out going and happy person and this product made me feel more depressed and angry than I have felt in years, to the point that I felt like I couldn't get out of bed.(yet I was restless and amped up from all the caffeine) It does curb your appetite..but through nausea, I felt like I was going to throw up for a week.

My heart is still pounding and I have been off this for a week.

The weightloss just wasn't worth it!

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DAY ONE November 28, 2005
Reviewer: Meeh from oregon

okay. so i just started today and I feel that I may have over did it. I have a medium build but due to heavy bones I am placed in the 3 pill category.. although most would think I should be in the 2. But anyway.. so day one I took 3 pills at one time. BIG MISTAKE!! not even 30 minutes later I was in the gym unable to stop myself from pacing back and forth.. talk about caffeine I literally felt that I had to keep moving. I had all this energy in me that had to be realeased. So i guess, in a work-out sense, that was a good thing.. I just didn't like the feeling of being out of control.

On top of that.. I was soooo HUNGRY. I could not even concentrate on my work-out because my stomach felt so empty, so I ran ustairs and bought me a power bar (that was all they had).. thankfully, the powerbar did not add to my energy and it took the focus off my belly :)>

An hour and a half later I was back to being hungry again.. I took the pill at 4 pm. and within the 8 hour period I ate a total of two full meals, 4 different snacks, and had dessert!! The odd thing about it htough is that I don't feel bad about it. I honestly feel that the hunger is a result of the increase in metabolism. We'll see if this continues throughout the week.

As for bowel movements.. I have no complaints. I would rather get it out of me than keep it in.. and as long as it's coming out in a hea;thy form than it's all good. One thing's for sure though.. your sex drive is pretty high!!

I'll keep you posted if there's any weight loss at the end of the week.

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dose it work for fat lose November 01, 2005
Reviewer: Black from japan milertary

i have problem i saw people taking about nrg but it scerg me for what people saying about it dose it work should i take it or not i will take it back and get my money don't won't to die over this i love my life if anybody know about write to me please

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The bowel movements October 10, 2005
Reviewer: Mike from Memphis Tn

I don't know why you are all complaining about the bowel movements, its actually been proven that 3 bowel movements a day is good for you expecially right after you eat what could be better than eating something and then having it cume right back out. So your actually loosing weight by going to the bathroom. So the more the better I say. I would also sugest a candida and coloin cleansing I lost 20 pounds doing that alone.

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Works..for a while October 10, 2005
Reviewer: Anonymous from WI

I guess everyone reacts to the formula different. I myself never got the bowel movement increase. Caffeine did hit though. Some people say it helped them with workouts, it actually worked against me. I can do a 50min spinning class, then jump on the elyptical for another 30. With NRG, I just could even finish the 50 min class. But...your metabolism is increased through different pathways with NRG, so you burn more fat when not in the gym.

I reccomend it in the morning before going to work (2 pills) then one in the afternoon (to get you to the gym), then take something that increases or regulates thyroid production (guggl for instance).

You will feel burnt in the evening, because increased metabolism just burns you out! The older you are, the less sleep you ned, right? Well, where do you think that comes from? decreased metabolism...increase metabolism enough, you can probably go to sleeping 9-10 hours a night again, like hen you were 15. Specially if you excercise (muscles grow/are repaired at rest).

I reccomend to cycle this product. After a while, your body gecomes used to the caffeine, so it will not work as much. switch between caffeine and synephrine based stimulants. And use a non-stimulant one for later in the day (Xenadrine 40+ contains no caffeine).

I lost 12 lbs the first time I went on this, I am going on NRG again tomorrow, after a 2 month rest on SAN Tight (synephrine based, among others...also contains guggul).

Make sure you increase protein intake! do 5 small meals a day, taking protein on each meal. Dont want to loose your hard-earned muscles, and the ones that actually burn the fat! In other words, dont starve your body. it works against you. Eat healthy, but EAT!

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Sensitive to caffeine? Be careful! October 03, 2005
Reviewer: Msfinance from Minneapolis, MN

Switched 2 this after much success w/Xena EFX (2 per day lost those last 20 lbs with nutrition and exercise). I'm sensitive 2 stimulants so 2 of these was too much! Be careful with your "build up" to the regular dosage - sounds fluffy, but use them as they work best for you. NRG sent me to the hospital

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Boost Of Energy September 20, 2005
Reviewer: Lisa from IN

I have been taking NRG 8 for two days. I know it is not enough time to see the side effects, but the energy boost is great. I take two in the morning before breakfast and one tablet around 2pm. I has kept me alert and motivated at work and when I get home I still feel motivated. I usually go to bed around 10pm and I fall right asleep. I am 5'4 and around 160, so we will see if this is the right supressant for me. I am on a 1400 calorie diet and maybe (fingers crossed) this will boost my weight loss. I will post another review in a couple weeks or so.

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I stopped taking it! September 03, 2005
Reviewer: Filipe from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Here are my comments about Xenadrine NRG. The positive side of taking it is the mass energy boost. Half an hour after taking it I could do my cardio exercise without getting tired, really amazing. I could run really fast for a long time. Despite the positive effects, the side effects were worse than I thought it would be. I felt some shakeness, accelerated heart beat and the worst side effect for me, difficult in breathing. I felt great during the 8 hours after the intake of half the dose (just one pill). But, after these 8 hours, the side effects came up. I started to have difficult in breathing, making me stop what I was doing to have a deep breath. That is an horrible feeling. I really dont know why that happens, I thouht that it was because I got over my limits doing my cardio. I stopped taking it for one day. The next day I took it again but did a normal cardio training without getting over my limits. Unfortunnatly, I felt the same side effects after 8 hours. After taking just 3 pills I ‘ll stop taking it! The side effects make me think in such a problem like a stroke or something. I dont care about the money I spent, a healthy body is more important.

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good and bad August 28, 2005
Reviewer: Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

i tried xenadrine nrg for a couple weeks. when i first took it, the energy boost was awesome. i found the intensity of the energy boost decreased the second day i took it, by a lot. there after it was only a slight increase in energy. i did not notice significant weight lose, but i did not exercise very regularly. other side effects i had (which did not decrease), were: irritability...big time, bowel movements...more often and,um, mushier, cramping, sudden shakey hunger (from the caffeine), i think it also made me have difficulty sleeping, but it's hard to tell that with me. so, overall, the initial buzz rocks, but it doesn't keep. and the other side effects are lousy. but perhaps it will work better for those who use it more efficiently.

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good July 28, 2005
Reviewer: Lynn from Florida

i've noticed by reading all the reviews that most people complain about excessive bowel movements. most diet pills will do that to you because of all the nutrients in the pills. I've also noticed that in order to see good and maybe fast results from any diet pill or patch you need to be considered overweight or very over weight if you only have 20 or so pounds to loose i would reccommend water pills. I have had no complaints about Xenadrine I am about 100 pounds over weight and when i started xenadrine i noticed i was loosing about 4 pounds a week. i never changed my eating habits but i did start walking, and still i'm loosing.. so in my opinion i would rather have a side effect of bowel movements and headaches than to get so fat that i die of a stroke or heart attack.. thank you xenadrine for helping me loose weight and become a better person.

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Xenadrine side effects July 27, 2005
Reviewer: Anonymous from Chicago, IL

Xenadrine NRG is the first diet pill I've used. I've been on it for a few weeks, and I wanted to respond to some of the other reviews I've read on this site. First of all, I don't believe that anything in the product can be considered a laxative. Also, I was a lot more jittery for the first few hours after taking it, but that's a result of the caffeine in the pills. When I started taking one less pill a day, the side effect went away. After working out, I do feel burnt out at the end of the day, but once again, that's a side effect of the caffeine. Caffeine will increase your energy for a few hours, but it's not permanent and it usually causes that burnt out feeling when the effects wear off. Last, the caffeine has also caused my resting heart rate to increase. I honestly can't say that the pill is causing my weight loss, but I've noticed that the few days I was off the pills I didn't lose as much weight as I was on them, even though I was eating and exercising the same.

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Seems to be working June 10, 2005
Reviewer: Darrin from Brentwood, CA

I have been using this product now for about 1 week and I can certainly tell a difference. One thing I noticed is that when I take this product on a non workout day I feel just a little bit jittery. To combat that, I lower my dose for that day. On days that I am going to be physical I take the recommended dose (with no side effects at all) and it really gives me a great boost. I am able to work out longer and burn more calories which we all know is the real way to really achieve weight loss. Taking this product with a good work out should work for most people. Taking this product and sitting on your but, you will not see any results.

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Works for me June 03, 2005
Reviewer: Angelo from Carolina, Puerto Rico

I've been taking NRG and I lost 30 lbs in 3 months, I used to take 2 a day but after 2 days I switched to 1 a day because I noticed that I had a hard time falling asleep. I do feel more energy and sometimes jittery.

I noticed that I have to take the pill in the morning so that I can get some sleep at night (I go to bed around 11pm) I am 42, 6' tall, I used to be 230lbs now I am at 202lbs, Once I lost those pounds I was really motivated and didn't want to do anything to screw it up and gain the weight back. My goal is 190lbs. I did change my eating habits, no more snacks, I eat less sugar, drink more water, and my dinner portions are smaller.

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WOW May 25, 2005
Reviewer: Sexydes from Las Vegas

I took my first dose about a week ago i must say that i do feel a little jittery. I have not noticed any weight lose yet and i exercise everyday. It does not suppress my appetite...One thing that i do say is when you have sex your orgasm is WOW...........I will write agian in a month to track any weight lose

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Just started but... WOW! May 24, 2005
Reviewer: Trf from NE Missouri

I took my first dose of Xenadrine NRG 8-hour this morning... 2 tablets. I think maybe I should have started with one. Anyway, WOW, with the energy I have right now, I could get all kinds of things done. I feel a little jittery and my RHR is about 84, a little high for me. I don't feel sick or nauseous at all. I feel like I could run a marathon! I am mostly looking for appetite suppression but any extra energy is great. Maybe now I'll get motivated to start exercising. So far, I like it.

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Great Fat Burner! May 18, 2005
Reviewer: Nikki from CA, USA

I've used Xenadrine RFA-1 - Which I loved but it cause anxiety, heart palpitations, then was later banned etc. I've used EFX- which I hated, and now I'm trying NRG. All I can say is I am seeing great results with minimum side effects and I am loving it, I've been taking 2 pills a day for about 2 weeks now and have lost 7 pounds! Yes, I have been working out and watching my diet - there is no easy way around this, but if you are willing to make a little effort it goes a loooong way, longer than if you weren't taking the suppliment. Going to the bathroom- I have noticed that I go a little more frequently, but nothing major - better to flush it out then to keep it in!! This is my 2 cents & I hope it helps!

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It really works May 17, 2005
Reviewer: Shlomi from Israel


I had started to used the Xenadrine NRG 8 (3 weeks now) and I must say that it works

I have loss 2 kilo in about 2 weeks and my fat rat was decreased

It gave me energy on the workout and must say it make me horny here and there

But now for the "not good stuff"

First it make the heart rat to increase , and after about 5 or 6 hours it feels like a big energy lost

And exhaustion , and very hungry .

About 5 minute I have taken the pill , I need to ran to the bathroom…

But in the bottom line I likes it and it really work ,


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Many side effects but it works May 09, 2005
Reviewer: Landa from chicago, IL

> I like to be an informed consumer and so I like to have feedback from


> who have used products I am interested in. Therefore, I think it important

> to share with you my feedback from using this diet pill.


> The directions say you can use 2-4 pills once a day. I am a college


> and when I first used the pills back in November, I saw almost immediate

> results. I couldn't believe...a diet pill that works. I had no side


> and loved it. I did notice that the pill didn't work without excercise. It

> is a dietary SUPPLEMENT not a dietary replacement. Anyway, so it's

> effective. Umm, I lost about 3 pounds a week using it. I also excercised


> I did eat horribly. So, as long as you excercise and use this pill, you'll

> probably be okay.


> That was November, this is May. I tried the pills again expecting the same

> results and instead I got a whole lieu of side effects: nausea, headaches,

> diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. I was completely bed-ridden. I couldn't

> believe my magic pills had turned against me (this was yesterday). I


> to try them again today just to make sure it was actually the pills and

> again I am suffereing from the same symptoms. It's horrible. I will be

> honest though, after all this I did lose about five pounds in the last two

> days.


> I don't know what this means for other consumers but I'll tell you one

> thing, I flushed those things down the toilet as fast as I could. I felt

> like I was going to die. I went to the hospital and everything. I'll never

> use those things again or any other diet pill for that matter. I feel like


> almost lost my body and now I am more motivated than ever to lose weight


> get my six-pack the hard and sweaty way: in the gym.


> I hope this helps. Best.

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Don't like Xenadrine March 10, 2005
Reviewer: Elliot from Virginia Beach, VA, USA

I don't like this product. I'll start off by saying that I am not able to rate its effectiveness as a fat burner, because I discontinued use after 15 days, but I think there are other concerns which make its effectiveness irrelevant:

#1 It's a laxative. Taking this junk, I usually have 3 or 4 bowl movements per day. That's just a pain in the ass.

#2 It causes a high-low. When experiencing the effects of this medication, you definitely feel warmer and more "up". My heart rate is elevated from about 65bpm to 75bpm resting. HOWEVER, similar to the effects of marijuana, while raising your resting heart rate, it also makes you(me, at least) physically lazy. I am less inclined to want to do my daily run, which is usually the highlight of my day. When I *am* running, I get tired sooner and tend to feel shorter of breath.

I find that I usually get tired sooner when weight training as well.

#3 It puts me to sleep. This one may sound hard to swallow, considering it has caffeine in it. And certainly, I feel the effects of the caffeine. Once again, though, similar to marijuana, I am occasionally struck by a strange feeling in my stomach accompanied by a distinct desire to lie down. There is no discomfort in my stomach, just a strangeness. If I do lie down, I have trouble getting back up and usually fall asleep. I find that I nap much more frequently when taking this pill. Taking naps is BAD for keeping up that metabolism!

#4 It creates in me a feeling of anxiety similar to Ritalin or any other serotonin- re-uptake inhibitor. This makes sense because L-Tyrosine is the base amino acid in the synthesis of Serotonin (and Dopamine) and so it has similar effects.

I don't recommend this drug to anyone. Healthiness is not merely a matter of weight or fat percentage, but a well being of the body which begins with a natural and impairment-free sense of wellness and naturalness.

However, one thing that definetly works and has no side effects that I take is Tonalin CLA.

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Addictive..... But keeps you moving! January 29, 2005
Reviewer: Doug from Wilmington, NC USA

I have been using the new NRG for about 4 weeks now and I new the side affect included light headaches but I only get the headaches when the dose wears off, just found that out this week! So I went to the Doc. and he told me to stop using it watch my diet and and he put me on a work out plan.(Addictive) The only time I didn't have a headache was when I was dosed up. As a Fat Burner, it works good I guess it keep me running to the bath room and the Caffeine in it keep me moving (I guess cause I don't usually care for any Caffeine products.)

If you don't get the headaches like I did it might be good for you, like I said it worked but the side affect for me were a little overwhelming!

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Its good...if you don't mind hitting the can 25 times a day January 21, 2005
Reviewer: Andrew from Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada energy (not 8 hours but enough for a good workout) but I have to take tons of craps...seriously if you work in a place where its not easy to dip out to go to the can i'd debate taking these pills.

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The Best Fat Burner Yet December 09, 2004
Reviewer: Harold from Manila, Philippines

Thank God I only have to take 1 serving of Xenadrine NRG8 a day unlike Hydroxycut ephedra free. I no longer suffer from irritability due to caffeine as I had with Hydroxycut ephedra free. I have been using Xenadrine for a month now and except for a "gaseous" stomach, which I suppose is good, I don't feel any side effect so far.The power surge serves me well though I can't agree that the "energy" it gives really lasts 8 hours because it doesn't, at least for me.though overall, it's the best I have tried so far and I'm still losing unwanted body fats.

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