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Ergopharm 1 AD Reviews

Index > Ergopharm > Ergopharm 1 AD Reviews

Without a doubt the single most amazing prohormone to be synthesized and sold as a nutritional supplement. ErgoPharm 1-AD is orally active, has no aromatization, and is 700% more potent than testosterone.

  • Orally active – greatly suppressed liver deactivation
  • Converts directly and efficiently to a hormone over 700% more potent than testosterone
  • Does not aromatize, nor do any of its metabolic products - absolutely no estrogen formation

ergopharm 1 ad prohormone



Ergopharm 1 AD User Reviews
Avg. Customer Review (4.6 Stars):
Number of Reviews: 11

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review program
Dang dude February 09, 2007
Reviewer: Dher from us

a buddy of mine took this when he was 15 yrs old.....he benched 285 and had 15 1/2 inch biceps, could do dumbell press with 85...considering he is only 15 yrs old....yea i think this stuff works...haha im getting some soon

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Great product November 25, 2006
Reviewer: Joe from Toronto

My weight weight from 170-175 but body fat went down to 3%. My bench went from 325 to 400. Incredible product.

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CRAZZY September 27, 2006
Reviewer: Jazzy from boston

lets just say this... i went from 155lbs to 210 after takin three bottles of this stuff along with creatine and tons of protien... this was the best product i have ever taken and no other legal supp. will ever match this.... the only side effect was really bad bloody noses... but that was just me and i always get them anyways...but the increased blood pressure made it worse... and a few fights due to the agression factor haha... PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF!!!PLEASE

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1-AD is the best of the best supplements July 27, 2006
Reviewer: King D from Miami 305

I gained 20lbs of pure muscle and I look BEEEFFFYYY!!! I had no side effects besides having a temper. 400 mg a day stack with 4AD for 6 weeks then do post cycle therapy with ergopharm 6oxo, to produce your own test.... Also take some milk thistle to make the cycle as safe as possible...

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1-AD review January 10, 2006
Reviewer: Keith from Philadelphia, PA USA BABY!

It has been a year Since i have taken 1-AD, and only thing i can say is... It is amazing... im so pissed that its band now thanks to George Bush, becuase it is deff prolly the best product made, and i know thousands who would agree with me.... I took it my Junior year in highschool. i didnt follow that much of a diet i juss wanted to get bigger... i went from 183lb-198lb, over 10 POUNDS of solid muscle from only two bottles... i Probably ate around 150 grams of protein a day which isnt much compared to what i eat now... but it is still great....

I had absolutely no side effects besides simple agression but thats juss becuase i had more Test in my body.. i took about 5-6 a day in morning n before i lifted cause my schedule was weird but it did the job... It states... watch for lowered libdo... but Tell you the TRUTH... i had more sex when i was on it. then i did off... had no effect on my balls... n when i finished it i didnt need anything like 6oxo i was completely fine..


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Holy S$#@ October 12, 2005
Reviewer: Anonymous from Normal, IL

This stuffed rocked. I took 1-Ad for three weeks and my bench went up like crazy. My max was about 405 for 1 rep. After three weeks I got 405 up 4 times and 455 up once. Then I dropped set to 225 and did 19 right after my 455 max. Both personal bests!

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DO NOT TAKE June 19, 2005
Reviewer: Regret from San Fran, CA

I have been taking 1-AD off and on for about 6 months, and have absolutely suffered minor and major side effects. My hair has noticeably thinned and I have no family history of MPB and am only 19! Furthermore, at night I have to piss as often as 6 or more times a night and it occasionally hurts. I stacked it with 4-AD and have had no problems when I only took 4-AD. I do not recomend 1-AD unless you dont mind losing your hair.

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the price is worth it April 18, 2005
Reviewer: Bigboy from newyork, newyork

I have been taking ergopharm 1-ad for about 3 weeks now and i can really feel the stuff working.I have gained about 5 pounds i went from 170 wich i was stuck at for about 2 months to 175. Also i can usually get about 4 or 4 more reps up on every set of just aqbout every lift that i couldent do before. The only effects that i have is sometimes i get a little agressive and a little bit of a upset stomach. The few effects are really worth it.

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great stuff March 27, 2005
Reviewer: Justin from Michigan

I started using it 2 weeks ago 3 pills a day, so far i have gained 10lbs. (not fat) I weigh 165 now and went from benching 205 1-2 reps to 225 1-2 reps and this has only been 2 weeks. I'm not stacking but i am eating as much as possible. I hope to be able to get 225 5-6 reps by the time i am done which doesnt seem like it will be a problem. Everything else I have shot up in at least by 20lbs. The only side effects I have noticed is excessive energy. The energy is great it allows me to get through those last 2-3 reps at the end that i normally couldnt do

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Great but be prepared. December 03, 2004
Reviewer: Trey from Lawrence, KS

I took 3 pills a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and always took them with a meal. It is very important to eat something with the pills. My diet consisted of about 190gm/protein a day and appx. 3000 calories. I started seeing slight gains in strength during week two. I had some small side effects show in week two like a little acne on my chest and shoulders, and a loss in libido, but nothing too serious. My lifts started to increase over the weeks and I just finished my 6th week (final week) and all my lifts have skyrocketed. My bench went from 245 before I started to 275 now. I used to not be able to get 225 more than once and now I consistently get it 6-7 times. All my other lifts saw huge gains as well. I weighed 184lbs right before the cycle and now I weigh 196lbs. I did NOT gain any fat, just about 12lbs. of lean/hard muscle. My arms and chest are much larger and rock hard. I felt very pumped during work outs and whenever I got "irritable" it just helped my lifts. My roommates can't believe my gains. I will not cycle again because of the new law but I am very glad I took it when I did. If you do cycle be prepared to eat eat eat. It is important to eat more than you normally do if you want to see big results. Also make sure you are dedicated and work out on a regular basis otherwise you will be wasting your time and money. I also recommend taking 6OXO when you finish the cycle to get your body producing your natural testosterone again.

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well here goes. November 03, 2004
Reviewer: Shep from USA

i started my stack with 300mg of 1ad 300mg 4ad week1,week2 400mg 1ad 600mg 4ad,week3 500mg 1ad 600mg 4ad,week 4 600mg 1ad 600mg 4ad. i have seen some really good gains off of this stack my weight when from 210 to 225 and my strength was incredible every single body part seemed to benefit. here are a few of my increases bench press went from 240 max to 280 max. military press 135 to 150 workout weight , squats went up from 300 max to 350 max there are just to many to list but you get the point. i didnt have any bad sides at all no shrikage or pain no increase in acne and i was only slightly more irrratable the only thing was an increase in facial hair but it has always grown pretty fast anyway. i would highly recomend this product to anyone that is old enough and dedicated enough. it isnt easy to eat the amount you have to eat and stay focused enough to push yourself hard every time you go to the gym . this isnt for everyone you must have yourself ready to go into this or you are wasting your time and money, but if you are ready you will see some great gains.

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